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Wu listened to Duan Tiande’s awkward question and asked, "But you said that there is mystery in my world?" Duan Tiande said, "It’s nothing, but when you get there, everyone has changed their appearance. The monster beast is rampant everywhere, which can be compared with here. Even the monster beast can turn into a human figure and look pleasing to the eye."

Wu asked again, "Have you been there?"
Duan Tiande said, "Naturally, people who have been there are so fierce that I can’t stand on this little fact."
Wu nodded. "Well, I’ll go and see if there’s anything strange."
Duan Tiande said, "There is a mysterious door connecting this door in my world, and you can see the rotten wooden island in the east after Wang Yang."
After realizing his mind, he asked, "What is the name of Xuanmen when he comes back from this world?"
"Virtual Door" Duan Tiande Road
As soon as he answered goodbye, Wu realized that he had gone to the middle and went straight to the east. Duan Tiande touched his heart and took a few breaths. "This ancestor is gone, and I can’t breathe."
On the way to Wudong, Wu also muttered to himself, "Life and death are mysterious … The name of life and death is mysterious, but it also has some flavor. I wonder if these three worlds can explore the mystery of life and death?"
It’s said that it’s an extreme eastern enlightenment, and it’s also a blink of an eye. When he crossed Wang Yang, he saw a gate hanging by the coast and realized the end of the sea. Is this the end of this world, and what is beyond this end?
He didn’t enter the "Xuan door" and still flew all the way to the east to stop a somersault cloud from turning over and then taking a closer look at it was a big surprise.
A somersault cloud claims to be a somersault for thousands of miles, but he still hasn’t moved in place. When Tathagata trapped the Monkey King, even this enlightenment stopped trying and entered the "Xuanmen".
Looking back on that day, when the world of good and evil entered the world of robbery and murder, several people fought for the 365 hills, but there was actually one person around the "Xuanmen" in the world of robbery and murder. It seems that our world is really unpopular.
I feel very different when I enter the Xuan door and die that day. In this door, I don’t feel that time is flowing, and my ears are like the wind rushing and the past is like a dream.
Abrupt enlightenment body nature surged strongly, and his heart was happy. This feeling was familiar to him, but he felt the same way when he passed through the death gate. But when he entered the robbery world, he couldn’t find the trace of the god ape. Only one liu er macaque, like himself, had not yet woken up.
And as this feeling is really very clear, I realized that a joy in my heart ran straight towards this breath.
He came out from the Xuanmen and I don’t know if it is surrounded by the sea and waves rolling in Wang Yang. Occasionally, a huge sea beast probe looks around and sees the enlightenment, and then he quickly goes back to realize that the monsters in the sea are not low in repair. There are many immortals everywhere, and some sea beasts are similar to Duan Tiande. If such beasts reach the robbery world, they will also be independent.
Wu Fei flew and suddenly the waves in front of him surged. He suddenly stopped and saw a high-water wall with dozens of feet suddenly erected in front of him. The end of the water wall rose until three or four hundred feet.
Wu was stunned. It’s not that he hasn’t seen such a big thing use magic to be indomitable, but this monster on the other side turned out to be-the body is not three or four hundred feet long, just showing half a head. God, how old will he be?
Wu Wu was blocked by this monster. He could go around if he wanted to, but he was curious and how could he be willing? He shouted, "What are you stopping me for?"
I don’t see this monster opening his mouth with a very dull sound coming from the bottom of the sea. "Hoo-"is a long sound. It takes a long time for the bottom of the sea to surge, and then dozens of high waves appear on the sea surface, and then the monster slowly sinks.
Wu wants to chase and ask, but he is still thinking about the ape breath, so he keeps this matter in mind and still rushes forward. It’s a smooth moment to see the two figures opposite, and the three of them are also galloping. When they see it, they immediately embrace the sea and cheer and jump together.
These two people are ventilation Wang Yu.
The second volume can way DiYiErJiu chapter.
Wu fortunately, although he was amazed, he was also surprised. He didn’t expect ventilation and Wang Yu to appear in this world. Wang Yu just found Wu with his breath and learned that Wu didn’t die. They were ecstatic and happy for a while before they came back.
Ventilation looked at Wu’s eyes and showed disbelief. Finger Wu stammered, "You … You …" Wang Yu suddenly understood ventilation and asked with surprise, "Why are you like this?"
Wu has not yet understood, "How can I always be like this?" He looked at himself and at the ventilation, and Wang Yu suddenly realized that he was still dressed in white.
At this time, his head was humming …
Ventilation is also thinking hard. The rules of this world have long been well known. Anyone who enters our world is now me, and anyone can exert the magical power of change, even ordinary spells such as separation.
The head of the seven gods ape-the spirit god ape-this is an absolute method to fake the breath of the god ape. The 127 gods apes are connected with each other. There are seven of them in this world, and the same species is born out of nature. This subtlety is that people can fake it. The original image of this white dress is simply different. One is an ape and the other is a person. Where can there be comparison?
Wang Yu squeezed his arm around Wu for a while and touched his head for a while. He naturally wouldn’t say that he had crossed from another world, but he could pretend to be confused and ask ventilation, "What’s going on?"
Ventilation, listening to Wu’s speech, even the tone has changed. It is no longer as sharp as a monkey, and the confused color in the eyes is stronger. This is how Wu changed from the inside out.
Wu suddenly remembered that his fight with nine head worm in the world of robbery and killing turned into an ape fighting for a long time, but he didn’t feel the abnormal service road. "I went into the world of good and evil, and it was convenient to walk in various countries. I also turned around and fought with others several times and looked strange-"
Ventilation, motioning with his hand to stop the enlightenment words connected, "I seem to be a little white."
A shock in Wu’s heart can’t ventilation even guess this? Listen to the ventilation channel. "I once heard my master say,’ I am the heart’. Do you think you are an adult?" Before ventilation, I realized that my words were quite polite, but my face faintly showed anger.
Realizing a face of embarrassment, Wang Yu woke up and said, "You can try and see if you can give a change." Ventilation caught a glimpse of Wang Yu and said, "If he can change back into an ape, I will kneel down to him-"I didn’t finish talking, but I saw Wu Zaohua’s ape smiling at him.
Ventilation is like a fool. Others may not know the mystery of this world, but he knows it like the back of his hand. It is as shocking to him as the collapse of heaven and earth.
Wang Yu said, "You should try something different again." When you think of a peach tree in your heart, you meditate on the formula and want to change it into a peach tree. I don’t know that although he read the formula, he actually gave birth to a suffocation. After a pause, he failed to realize it, but he didn’t believe in evil. After several attempts, it was still not his way. "This is strange to change people but not to change trees."
Ventilation has slowed down at this time, and I looked at Wu’s eyes with admiration. "I figured it out is still the sentence’ I am the heart’. Go and consider it carefully."
Wu smiled. "If you knew, you would have told me that you wanted me to do this."
Ventilation duct "It’s no harm to tell you that you can become an adult, and you must be able to change this appearance. If you don’t believe it, try changing it into another one."
Wu shook his head. "There is no need to try again."
Ventilation way "you must have become this person or a very important person in your life or someone who impressed you deeply. Otherwise, how could you change this appearance at once? You are right or wrong."
Wu nodded and praised the ventilation in his heart, so his mind was fine.
Ventilation and then said, "The so-called’ I am the heart’ has entered this world, not because it can’t be changed but because it can’t be changed against the heart. Since you can define this person, it means that you have been refined into two phases."
Seeing that there was a lot of emotion in the ventilated speech, Wu asked, "Is it a blessing or a curse to look at each other?"
Ventilation took a white enlightenment way "phase is to face this and not? However, I said that the Buddhist method is very different, and his method is a spell to scare people, which is not good; You are born of your heart, you are the change of eyelid bottom, others can’t see the flaw, in other words, no one can recognize you except the ape. "
Wu thinks about it carefully, but on second thought, he is in the three realms. This body has long been seen by many people. Shao Sanqing must know that this white life is Sun Wu of Huaguoshan.
Wu smiled and tried, "I wonder if I can come out that I have two faces and two faces?" Ventilation way "it’s hard to go out of bounds, but it’s not the time."
Nine head worm’s collar is not small, but he is still out of this world, and he is worried about ventilation all day long. I wonder if he can rely on it and dare to say so
Wu Zaidao said, "I haven’t been here long, but I’ve heard Huiyuan’s words. Don’t be careless and end up in perdition." Ventilation laughed. "It’s not that Huiyuan said that it’s true. You can rest assured that you will see it later."
Wu sees that ventilation will eventually sell, and he won’t hurt himself if he doesn’t talk or ask more questions.
The three of them left the sea to climb the cloud and realize that it is natural to ask about the brothers’ situation. "Then I heard that you were thrown into the divination furnace by the old gentleman to support Qi, Dapeng and Fuhai Dumplings, and you will fight in the Heavenly Palace. Thanks to Yuan Sheng’s eldest brother, these talents have not lost their temper. All the children in Huaguoshan are well, and there is Erlang God Yang Jian to take care of them."
Realizing that the audience was well, he turned to ask again, "Is there any movement in the Western Heaven?" Tongtian shook his head. "Dapeng with golden wings went to the Western Heaven and had a fight against being driven out of Lingshan by Maitreya, an ancient Buddha burning lanterns. After that, it was very quiet and abnormal."
Oh, Maitreya has come out to clear the air. It seems that the prestige of the Tathagata Lingshan is really high, and the Golden Wing Dapeng is really too low.
Since the Buddhist paradise has not moved, it is said that the Buddhist and Taoist schools have not yet torn their faces. It seems that such a quiet day will continue to be calculated according to the time. At this time, it is still five or six hundred years before Jiang Liuer was born to learn from the scriptures.
Learn from the scriptures! Learn from the scriptures!