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"What the hell is this weather? It’s autumn these days. Why is it still so hot? Oh, I can’t treat people when I go!"

Complaining about Yu Qiu is even more annoying than going crazy and adding that failed attack just now.
Master …
You didn’t tell me about such a big event. If I hadn’t learned about it from another brother, I think Yier and I would still be in the dark at the moment. But don’t worry, Master, you and Elder Yu Qiu Yuer will personally report it to Yuer, and now swear to heaven that they will personally behead Li Er. If it goes against Yuer, I hope it will strike five thunderbolts every day.
With this sultry heat and this irritability, Yu Qiu dropped his sight, and the handle was thrown aside by her not far away with a sword. At that time, her eyes were full of murder
"Are you okay …"
Stay around has been surrounded by rushed to the trap department after Huixian confirmed that his eyes are in a safe state. This is a push around his side. The soldiers are crowded in the direction of Li Er. After he feels Li Er’s unique breathing again, this is a long breath. It is a drag on Li Er and he asks earnestly.
"Master Huixian, you pulled the wrong person. It’s six cows and two eggs, not General Lee …"
Before the cow finished speaking, she saw that Huixian was a handful, so she loosened her hand and didn’t say a word of sorry.
"You help me find General Lee. Now there are so many people in the eye that I can’t find him."
The tumultuous footsteps in the ear and the loud voice that will come from time to time will really affect Huixian’s listening and judgment. At this time, he has to be kind to this cow and two eggs. After all, he still has demands for Niu and two eggs at the moment.
"Master Huixian, you are a little too small to give you a look …"
Then Huixian could feel that the soldier who claimed to be a cow stood on tiptoe slightly, and even he could feel the breath of the other side when his nostrils were directly pointed at him because of the oxygen neck.
It seems that this cow and egg are not lying.
"I found it, I found Master Huixian, I found it."
Suddenly, Huixian was thinking about what happened just now alone, and suddenly he heard Niu Er-dan’s yelling in such a tone that it really seemed like winning the prize.
"Have you found it? Which direction is it? "
Let your ear is slightly in the direction of the cow two eggs by the by Huixian this just quickly asked.
"Master Hui Xian, General Li has been helped by others now. I don’t know where General Li will end up. If not, Master Hui Xian, please hold me and I will take you there quickly."
Before Huixian refused, he felt that his palm was suddenly clenched by another rough hand full of calluses.
"That … thanks!"
Faintly expressed his gratitude to Niu Erdan, and Huixian didn’t say anything more.
Chapter six hundred and six Clothes
Nightmare …
Will eventually disappear …
My humanity …
"Dad! ! !”
I remember that day, I remember the clothes that people came to call on that day, and I remember the faces that guests showed when they came to mourn that day.
I remember that day, I remember the unspeakable look of passers-by that day, and I remember the panic of Tianfu attendants whispering.
I remember that day that changed the course of my life.
I remember …
I remember! ! !
The moment of pain torments me …
Don’t understand the moment is killing me …
Confusion is eating away at me …
And all I can do is lock myself in place, lock the people coming and going at that time, lock the residual temperature of you when that time passes, and lock my thoughts.
Locking you also locks me.
Only in this way can I make sure that I will not forget you.
Father! ! !
"There are guests!"
With that sharp one, Li Er saw another wave coming in from outside his house. He didn’t know a lot of people, men, women, old and young, at least dozens of them.
As far as family members are concerned, all Li Er could do at that time was to kneel on the ground and nod to the strange people coming slowly.
"Assistant minister liu punishments with his wife and daughter to condolence Li Gongyi bow! ! !”
The shrill voice leaped again and Li Er looked at the people who entered the room with eyes full of wonder and bowed slowly toward the agarwood coffin in the mourning hall.
"Two bows! ! !”
"Three bows! ! !”