9, Jul 2024
"Before the magic ….." Aside BeiQing god king looked at the front twelve god king some at a loss, this damn god king not only provoked his dignity in front of several gods! What is even more acceptable is that … The God-eating Gun will recognize his Lord!

At the moment, the face of the fiend king did not show any anger. On the contrary, he looked at Huo Xu with a confused face and his face seemed to be thinking something.
Just then, Mr. Huo’s virtual body suddenly flashed a few seconds later, and everything returned to normal. Mr. Huo’s virtual figure once again showed everyone’s sight
For everything just now, Huo Xu seems to feel very puzzled. His face is also full of doubts. At the same time, he looks at the thirteen kings of God in front of him nervously. He naturally knows what the other person is. This is the super master of the whole celestial world! Any God King can wave away hundreds of God Kings. This is the strength of God Kings!
But just now, I actually succeeded in collecting a king artifact, which will inevitably make thirteen God kings angry!
"Dear God King Huo Xu offended" Huo Xu sounded a little shaky and apologized to the thirteen God Kings in front of him. After a short while, Huo Xu has launched the removal operation … He is ready to escape!
Huo Xu is not stupid. Just now, the God-eating robbery was about to be taken by them, but their appearance made them fall short, and the God-eating robbery was also taken by themselves. They will certainly not let themselves go. At this time, Huo Xu has an idea, that is, escape! Although it may be almost impossible for him to escape from the king of God for nothing, he can do so. If he stays here, he will die!
"Hum" BeiQing cold hum a direct chase.
That Huo Xushi’s land was moved, but that of King Baqen was flying! See Bei Qing God King flying rapidly towards the front, but his speed is quite horrible, and he has already flown dozens of planets in an instant, and the direction of Bei Qing God King is Xuanxing’s side.
At this moment, XuanXing was also surprised by the horrible speed of Bei Qing, the king of God. The king of God was so horrible that his flying speed was comparable to that of star domain relocation …
Just then XuanXing suddenly felt a palm on his back and turned to see a familiar face in his sight. The other party turned out to be Huo Xu!
What did he find himself again? Xuanxing thought doubtfully, but he suddenly felt that the scene in front of him kept spinning and his ear kept coming "hoo … hoo …"
"Bastard!" XuanXing heart call scold a way that Mr Xu unexpectedly threw himself into the virtual also don’t know how hard he XuanXing feel virtual flying speed is definitely not slower than the shuttle!
Although Xuanxing is not white, what is going on, but several men of God nearby will see all this clearly. That Huo Xu actually used Xuanxing as an artifact to attack the king of Beiqing God in the rear!
After a short time, Xuanxing has been thrown in front of the king of Beiqing God, and he still keeps a horrible speed to go to Chong Wang, the god of Beiqing.
King Bei Qing paid no attention to the sudden relaxation, but Xuanxing saw that he was cleverly dodged to one side and easily gave up the "flight channel" for Xuanxing, but King Bei Qing’s rapid flight also stopped.
He is not going to fly. Although the speed of the God King is quite scary enough to drive the God King to move, it seems that it will take several breaths to catch up with each other. So he is going to directly launch the move to intercept Huo Xu in front.
It’s not necessary for Shi Bei Qing Shen Wang to chase Huo Xu by flying. He can launch relocation or bind him directly, but that Huo Xu will take away the God-eating gun in front of several gods, which will make himself and others face?
Therefore, it is not provocative for him to show some of his strength and let Huo Xu make all the men of God white with the dignity of the king of God! And the speed of the king of God can definitely shock several gods, so he will intercept Huo Xu with speed.
At this time, it is not difficult to see from the expressions of several gods that their eyes have reached their own speed and they are shocked. King Bei Qing is not going to play with Huo Xu again. He is going to capture or kill him directly!
"Bei Qing" or fiend Wang Yin suddenly rang, blinking or magic, and other twelve gods appeared in front of Bei God King.
"Are we going to let him go?" BeiQing god king asked some discontentedly.
"That God King … seems to be something special." Don’t you think he looks like a person? "