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It is about two meters high, with a sharp cone-shaped surface and many small holes.

This is the first time I have seen something new after floating for three days and nights, so Lin quickly floated over and tested one.
Lin found that this stone … is a common and normal imaginary material, but that’s it. There is nothing special about it.
After floating for a while, Lin found more similar stones.
They all stand tall. Some stones have their top polished and a small pyramid-shaped stone has been placed.
Obviously, some creatures deliberately put it like this, but where did they get this stone material?
Moving forward for a while, Lin found … it seems to be a stone creature.
These creatures feel like … cloth.
That is, the creature that Lin Qian saw in the thin line world of the bus mirror.
Their overall shape is like a piece of cloth with a length and width of more than two meters. Although it is different from that in the thin line world … Lin thinks it is that.
They feel like extinguishing the phoenix state, that is, the ground keeps moving forward … crawling.
They crawl very slowly, about a second and a half meters, so Lin and she soon drifted to their side.
They seemed to be greatly frightened when they found two fluffy balls floating by, and these’ cloths’ all moved quickly.
"Can you communicate?" While Lin followed them and questioned them.
Most of the cloth didn’t respond, but one piece climbed to the end and responded, "Are you … thoughtful?"
Its response way is to show some’ words’ through the body like the first half of the phoenix.
When it said that, Biebu also stopped.
"What are you doing here?" Lin drifted over and asked the truth. Lin wanted to ask them about their connection with the thin world
But it doesn’t look like anything.
"Our life must be extended" said Lin’s piece of cloth, "If you don’t want to stop us from extending it, then leave. We will continue to extend it."
After that, they all continued to crawl forward slowly.
But Lin didn’t stop asking questions. The pompoms continued to ask them many things.
Include some thin-line world things.
These cloths don’t seem to care, but they answered after asking too many questions.
Chapter two thousand seven hundred midway
"We have been traveling without stopping."
"Not can’t stop must travel …"
This group of creatures looks like cloth … They are light-chasing creatures.
It is said that they have been searching for the light beam from the lighthouse for as long as they can remember, and then this pursuit flows from generation to generation.
They don’t know how long they have been moving, but they know that if they deviate from this light, they will die slowly, so they must move without light.
Lin also noticed that they are so because these cloth-like creatures … they mainly eat light-column debris.
The light column consists of a large number of luminous debris, most of which will remain stable and float all the time, but they are also lost …’ activity’ falls to the ground.
These cloth creatures rely on scattered debris to eat. They have tiny holes to absorb debris, which means they can’t eat anything else, so they can’t deviate from the light.
It’s interesting that they are in this state … and Lynn found that these pieces of cloth were climbing in the direction of the lighthouse.
That is to say, they came from the direction where … Lin was going.
But they don’t know or have long forgotten what it’s like over there, and they generally remember that they have been here for quite a long time.
But how long they don’t know.
They also told Lin that they have a huge group, but after a long time, these are left. The place where they come from is much bigger than here, and a lot of cloth can be raised.
But the reason why their numbers are decreasing is not because those are dead, but because …
They are divorced.
Most pieces of cloth are divorced because of the acceptance of this life by the law.
Cloth pieces have always followed their lifestyle of walking along the light, but occasionally some cloth pieces suddenly wake up.
They will find this way of life quite … boring, so even if they want to starve to death, they should leave the light column and go somewhere else.
This kind of "awakening" cloth has only appeared once in a long time, but after a long time, their huge group has become so few.
Lin always found that they didn’t know anything about the thin world.
However, according to what they say, it may be that some detached pieces have gone to the thin line world for unknown reasons.
And the communication with the cloth is over here
It’s not because there’s nothing to say, but Lin found that they all died suddenly … here, just like the former creatures.