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Jiang Zi’s eyes were faint. He really led the three fairies to the ninth floor of Baihua Pavilion and asked Xiao Er for a street view accord. It happened that Lin Xiao, the accord next door, was decorated with all kinds of forbidden methods to imitate sound leakage. Lin Xiao, the accord, did not launch the forbidden method, but Jiang Zi’s first thing to do when he entered the door was to launch the forbidden method. Lin Xiao, they could never hear the sound next door again.

Lin Xiao and Lin Yao cast a glance at each other at the same time than a middle finger.
Taifang frowned and asked, "Are you enemies?"
Lin Xiao and Lin Yao gnawed their teeth at the same time and whispered, "Kill your father and exterminate your enemies!"
The Taifang people smiled sullenly and lowered their tone. "This is very good ~ just kill him in the back in the next cabinet!" He gently stroked the sword for a cycle.
"That’s right!" Lin Xiao also smiled bitterly. He took out a pill of’ Jiuzhi Yulong Pill’ and handed it to the Taifang people. He said softly, "Dan medicine will work immediately to adjust your breath. Your kiss is highly toxic, and the black fin poison carp secretes highly toxic body fluids. Jiuzhi Yulong Pill can best restrain all aquatic poisons."
While handing over the antidote Dan medicine, Lin Xiao conveniently stuffed a ring with a large number of things to the Taifang people. There are dozens of magic poles, poles, poles and immortals in the ring. Although the level is not high, all the pieces are carefully crafted, and each function is almost fantastic but very real.
Taifang fairy knowledge glanced at the ring. He took the ring very rudely and smiled. "This is even if you are a second-generation apprentice to honor the monk! Hey good thing! "
With a shake of his hand, Taifang took out from the ring a piece of armor that can effectively resist the thunder and fire attack and hit the fairy robe, a pair of armor that can launch the’ Nine-Day Snow Array’ to protect his body, a pair of walking cloud boots engraved with 99′ Thunder and Light Array’ that can improve the running speed and flying speed of immortals, and some fairy-scattering trinkets. After Taifang dressed these things, he suddenly felt faint and radiant all over, and he really had a somewhat pick-up style.
A quarter of an hour later, with the miraculous effect of Jiuzhi Yulong Pill, Taifang dispelled the body poison gas, and his face turned ruddy and bright. He stood up with a light smile and exchanged glances with Lin Xiao and Lin Yao. Lin Xiao gently nodded his head. His hands changed rapidly, and the mysterious robe and armor were broken. At the same time, circles appeared on his own surface, like a real golden halo wrapped around Lin Xiao’s body. Every circle of halo was full of complex runes, which were as dense as termites’ runes randomly combined and changed into amazing defense.
Zhu Rong’s sword and Gong Gong’s sword are exposed. Lin Xiao’s head is suspended. There are two simple swords with no luster. All the forces are condensed into the fairy sword. In the 3,600 offensive fairy array, Lin Xiao’s mind can move two fairy swords and they will burst out with their strongest lethality. Five lines of beads are suspended from Huang Fengxing’s chest. Huge aura keeps pouring into Lin Xiao’s fingertips. It helps Lin Xiaolei’s tactic to condense a powerful forbidden method.
The Taifang people simply hold the sword of reincarnation and don’t spit out Lin Xiao’s breath. He squints and smiles and is ready to make moves.
Lin Yao is even more soul-numbing, and the blood-dissolving magic knife is drawn out. He is trying his best to drum up the immortal aura and constantly inject it into two magic weapons. His mind is condensed by these two magic weapons, which are down and out, neutralizing the blood-dissolving magic knife and gently shaking their quaint modeling and obscure power fluctuation, which has attracted Taifang people to constantly turn their heads to glance at these two magic weapons.
Lin Xiao’s fingertip thunder tactic has condensed to the limit that his body can bear. He Li Xiao’s Zhu Rong sword and Gong Gong’s sword are two blinding bright lights with monstrous wind and fire horror. Xuan Bing exploded and blasted into the Accord wall, which was smashed to pieces in one fell swoop, revealing the stunned wall next door. Jiang Zi and three white fairies, Lin Xiao’s fingers, strangled the past heat wave and cold rush to the seventh floor of Baihua Pavilion like a scissors, and more than 2,000 fairies who were drinking wine were caught off guard.
Heaven and earth suddenly darkened and then brightened. With Lin Xiao spitting out a thunder print mantra, the thickness of nearly a million pure cyan water tanks was thunderous and thunderous. Since the sky fell, it accurately bombarded ginger. After Lin Xiao was promoted to pick Jin Xian Xiu, the power of thunder also changed. It changed directly from monastic red, immortal orange, fairy yellow and Jin Xian green to pick Jin Xian pure cyan thunder. Every thunder hall can attach an extra aura value to reach a shocking 300,000 times! Every thunder is equivalent to 300,000 pick Jin Xian at the same time to have power, which is enough to challenge Xianjun to leapfrog!
Even ordinary immortals face 300,000 pick-gold immortals, but they have to be the top figures in the immortals’ ranks, and they can only be lucky if Lin Xiao is so terrible.
However, even if the top-notch Xianjun faced Lin Xiao’s thunder blow and two extremely fairy swords strangulation, even if he could cope with it, there was a Taifang reincarnation sword next to him who stabbed his body in the abdomen, and Lin Yaohua’s blood knife turned into a blood fog, and the soul clock simply slammed into his head like a weight. Even the closest Xianzun person could join forces to attack, right?
However, Jiang Zi looked at this devastating blow energy, but it was clear that he was angry. "How dare you use force against the immortal mainland?" Really don’t pay attention to the precepts of the fairy court? "
He patted his head and his head rushed out of the 36 roads in Lei Guang. In every Lei Guang, there emerged a figure exactly like Jiang Zi. These figures did not emit suffocating mana fluctuations. They respectively held a glowing fairy, or a flying sword, or a flying knife, or a magic bell, or a orb, or a long streamer, and so on. None of them had the same style, but they were all extremely fairy!
Article 36 Jiang’s busy body whistled softly, and he was greeted by Lin Xiao’s thunder with a loud noise. Nearly one million cyan thunder thundered and blew up less than half of the Baihua room. "Hua La" turned the leaves in the wind, and I don’t know where tens of thousands of people flew. At the same time, they were rushed to fly high, and some of them were weak. Luo Jinxian was already spitting blood and obviously suffered a light injury.
Ginger itself is an understatement with a wave of his hand. In his vertical eyes, he suddenly shoots dozens of extremely fine and bright Lei Guang. After several loud noises, Taifang vomits blood and flies back. His reincarnation sword is dim and the shock flies far away. Lin Yao’s soul clock is smashed by Jiang Zi with one hand, but there is no knife to split dozens of knives around Jiang Zi. Jiang Zi is like a tangible shadow. Every knife splits off his body, and Lei Guang and other knives fly away. His body is condensed again.
Ranging from Lin Xiao and Lin Yao to Jiang Ziqiang’s reaction, the body wobbled and seemed a little dizzy. Jiang Zi was already cold-snorted. He shot three times in the vertical eye. Lei Guang bombarded Lin Xiao, Lin Yao, Taifang’s heart, Lin Xiao’s fairy robe, and Xianjia shot out the harsh golden light. In the golden light, that Lei Guang was abruptly killed by pieces of golden lotus flowers. Lin Yao was a body shaking, and a blood cloud drifted away. Lei Guang shot from his body but failed to hurt a hair. The Taifang was the most embarrassed. Lei Guang hit his body.
Thirty-six statues of Jiang Li Xiao from two places at once. They hit each vertical eye at the same time, and three thunders were shot in each vertical eye. The blow of Jiang Li Xiao was self-sufficient.
Lin Yao blocked the blood knife before Lei Guangnai’s blood knife. Lin Yao was stabbed in the hand and stabbed in the foot and was blown up for nearly a thousand miles. A long gap was pulled out in the sea of flowers. The air was filled with a petal burning into coke. Lin Xiao was a scream. His figure was like blocking the seventy-two Lei Guang in front of the Taifang people. Suddenly, all the thunder shot at him, and his body was sprayed with fairy armor and fairy robe. Jin Xia was blown to pieces. Two fairy bodies were as fine as cobwebs.
Lin Xiao protected his arms. His arms were smashed into pieces, and his arms and sleeves were blown to pieces. Lin Xiao’s hands muscles swelled a little bit. He filled all his arms with fairy aura and tried his best to launch the third transformation method of Xuanwu. A layer of dark and mysterious light was sprayed from Lin Xiao’s arms. His arms formed pieces of fine angular scales. There were sharp streamlined protrusions in the middle of the scales, which had excellent effect of breaking energy flow.
Dozens of LeiJin boom Lin Xiao variation arm Lei Guang was pieces of thin scales torn to pieces, dozens of scales destroyed Lin Xiao body fairy reiki instantaneous consumed thirty percent but Lin Xiao body was not injured! His body has been equivalent to forging the peak level of the immortal king and the third transformation of Xuanwu to push his body to be scary. Since Jiang released Lei Guangzu, he seriously injured the ordinary immortal king, but it hurt Lin Xiao.
Jiang Zi was shocked and opened his mouth. He pointed to Lin Xiao and exclaimed, "You, you ~"
Ranging from ginger to react, Lin Xiao has LiXiao. He dumped his broken fairy armor and robe into a black shadow and directly tore it. He teleported to the front of Jiang Zi and gave Jiang Zi a hard punch. The speed of this punch was so fast that it penetrated the celestial solid virtual! Just a fist punch was several inches away from Jiang Zi’s belly, and Jiang Zi punched a hole the size of a bowl in his lower abdomen.
This ong bak Dao and Wei Meng Quan Jin have a little peculiar smell of wild beasts. It’s not like a fairy punching a fist, but like a blow from behind an archaic beast basalized. Lin Xiao’s muscles, bones and meridians have been completely transformed after he completed the third transformation of basaltic techniques, and the aura of the three has been completely transformed into that of basaltic beasts. At the moment, Lin Xiao is simply a bloodline that is not very pure basaltic! The physical strength of the four-phase beast is the strongest Xuanwu!
Frightened Jiang Zi watched a huge blood hole appear in his lower abdomen, and then Lin Xiao’s fist passed through his body. The arm rolled up and Gangfeng tore his body out, which hurt him even more. Jiang Zi’s body was smashed in two by Lin Xiao’s middle, and his waist was smashed in the fist wind. The violent Gangfeng and gas rubbed against each other and gave off high heat. The flesh and blood were burned into plumes of smoke at extremely high temperature.
Followed by three realms of net fire and nine mysterious gases spewing out from Lin Xiao’s fist, Jiang’s massive body was burned by skyfire and frozen by the mysterious gas. Fire, water, fire and gas Qi Xin cooperated to destroy the physical rules of Jiang’s self-body, which expanded with heat and contracted with cold. Jiang’s self-body showed incisively and vividly. His body was scattered with large pieces of powder and then burned to ashes by skyfire!
Among the three fairies in white, the tallest, most dignified and beautiful fairy finally turned white. What happened! She shouted, "Dare bold fanatics use force against the immortal mainland?"
Three female immortals shot dozens of erratic white flowers at the same time. Every flower was blasted into Lin Xiao with a sharp scream. Every flower was blasted into Lin Xiao’s deadly point. Taifang had already killed his eyes. He was so easily repelled by Jiang Zi. His face was flushed with suppression. His fingers flicked and three long needles were lasered out, which shot into the hearts of three female immortals. The key needles were thinned and invisible. Three rays of light crossed the virtual robe. They released flowers and hurt Lin Xiao, and the long needles appeared throughout their bodies. The dense runes of the three female immortals suddenly became stiff, and then slowly disintegrated into tiny light spots like rocks eroded by hundreds of millions of years, which drifted away with the wind.
Three fairy gods turned into three white lights, and they were waiting to escape. Lin Yao, who had just been beaten to fly, had rushed back with a crazy howl. A roll of blood fog turned into a bloody knife. You are welcome to cut the three fairy gods into two pieces. Greed swallowed the three fairy gods into the body and transformed them into refined The Hunger dollars, which was lost to Lin Yao.
Each of these three female immortals has the same strength as the Taifang people. The transformation of three yuan gods into The Hunger yuan is also equivalent to a pick of Jin Xian’s department. Lin Yao’s strength has steadily increased by a large margin. Lin Yao is so excited that he brandishes a knife and cries out for venting. His changing fingerprints have turned into blood, and a lotus flower has been slashed at Jiang Zi!
Chapter two hundred and fifty-nine Confrontation
Jiang Zi pointed out that he was thirty-six busy at the same time, and he was far away from Lin Xiao. At the same time, he pinched his thirty-six busy at the same time, and his hands condensed the size of the water tank. A purple Lei Guang smashed Lin Xiao with a harsh thunder. He also became crazy. His eyes were red, and even the screaming continued to bombard Jiang Zi with his fists. Jiang Zi’s body abruptly smashed Jiang Zi into pieces, leaving his head intact.
Thirty-six thunderballs hit Lin Xiao’s body. This time, Jiang’s busy body did not hesitate to hurt his vitality. He overdrawn his Jingxue strength. The thunderballs were so powerful that Lin Xiao’s body was blown straight into the ground near Wan Li, and then thirty-six thunderballs were blown up at the same time.
On the ground of Baihua, a large earthen bag with a diameter of more than 300 miles swelled rapidly, which was more than 100 miles high, and then a violent explosion occurred
A bright light rises to the sky and is hundreds of miles thick. I don’t know exactly how high it rushed out. There are many immortals in the virtual world who saw this bright light. One mainland was hit by a blow, and a bright light with several miles thick rushed straight from the mainland to the second mainland, turning dozens of mountains in the second mainland of Fangyuan together with the mountains to cultivate immortals into a wisp of smoke. Hundreds of Wan Li rock layers in Fiona Fang were lifted up and smashed by the strong light.
Lin Yao and Taifang were both thrown out by the explosion, and air billow, Lin Yao, fortunately, he had two treasures, the blood-melting magic knife and the soul clock. Although he was thrown away, he didn’t know how far it was and how much blood he vomited, but at least the immortal body was injured, and Taifang was unlucky. His two thighs were blown to pieces, leaving half of his body thrown hundreds of millions of miles away.
The headquarters of Xianting was also exploded by waves, but Xianting is, after all, the highest institution in the celestial world. There are several forbidden and defensive arrays. A heavy unbreakable glow will burst into the sky, and hundreds of powerful immortal knowledge will disappear one by one. The extremely strong explosive force seems to miraculously disappear here, and the destroyed rocks will be pieced together to fill the holes in the Yuan-Yi continent as usual. Then several figures will be covered by strong and violent fluctuations, and people will be surrounded by ginger.
Jiang was arrogant. He barely earned thirty-six avatars and left a skull to escape. However, several star fields in Fiona Fang, Huixian Mainland were imprisoned by a magical force. Even when this virtual space stopped flowing, how could he escape?