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"Fire and water are two spiritual powers, but fire and water are two opposite spiritual powers, but they are mutually reinforcing! Fire and water together will not only affect the other two but also grow up with each other! " Think of a red youth export said

"Fire and water can live together?" Zhang Xiaotian asked a face of surprise.
"well! The two spiritual forces of fire and water can live together! " Red youth nodded a face of affirmation and said
Zhang Xiaotian said that it was strange enough that the two spiritual powers of fire and water could blend together, but I didn’t expect that the two spirits of fire and water could live together.
"Then what should I do?" After thinking things over, Zhang Xiaotian asked.
"After you are out of this, you will find both parts of the fire, water and spirit, and then preliminarily recognize them! This will save other monks from coming here in the future! You take both parts of the fire, water and spirit ring behind you and repair them when you find a repair method! " Red youth said slowly
"What if we can’t find a way to repair the ring?" Zhang Xiaotian followed by red youth words asked.
"Can’t find a repair method … you can find a place where there are many water spirits and fire spirits, so that the spirit ring can absorb the spirit force there or … keep earning Lingshi inside! Both methods can maintain this in "red youth said with some hesitation.
Zhang Xiaotian nodded his head with a wry smile in his heart and didn’t show it in his face. If such a big one is supported by LingShi, how many LingShi should it take?
"That’s right! You just said that if you want to enter the living things, you will be branded with the soul. Then are we branded with the magic weapon when we come in? " Suddenly Zhang Xiaotian face a change export asked.
"Now the magic weapon is not complete. Naturally, it won’t be branded as a soul! And whether it is branded with soul is also the master’s decision! Not every entering creature will be branded with soul! " Red youth explained in detail
"Oh!" Zhang Xiaotian nodded his head and remembered that he came out of the extremely cold and then entered the fire. If he was really branded by the magic weapon, he could not get out.
"Two parts of the ring are my initial recognition after your life and death is in our hands? Can you go out after my permission? " Suddenly Zhang Xiaotian thought of a problem! If these monsters can help him fight, wouldn’t he worry about Qin Wan? With so many tough hands, I’m afraid even Qin Wen has to care about fire and water, two six-order monks and dozens of five-order monks. Even the predecessors of Minstrel’s master came to trouble him, and he was not afraid.
"Fire, water and spirit ring has been damaged. Unless you finish repairing it, you can’t finish refining them! You can go in and out freely until you finish refining the fire, water and spirit ring! Nothing else can be manipulated! " Red youth a face of wry smile said
"oh! So! " Zhang Xiaotian nodded somewhat disappointed.
"Can I bring other monks in?" Suddenly Zhang Xiaotian looked up and asked.
"Huh?" Red youth face showed a trace of doubt.
"If someone comes after me, can I escape here?" See red youth face doubt Zhang Xiaotian embarrassed asked.
"Some low-level monks we can help you deal with nature! But if you are a sixth-order monk, you should be careful! Brother Six, I can help you with one! Brother Seventh Order, don’t bring it in! And when you come in, be sure to hide the ring in a safe place, or it will be troublesome for other monks to find it and confess the Lord again! " The red youth first smiled and finally said worriedly that Zhang Xiaotian could fuse the spirit of fire and water to repair the spirit of fire and water, but other monks were not sure.
"Seven order monk? Is there really a friar of the seventh order? Have you seen it? " Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes lit up and asked, "You don’t know there are seven monks?" Red youth zheng asked.
"I have heard of it but I have never seen it!" Zhang Xiaotian said slowly.
"My former master was a seventh-order monk!" After hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s words, the red youth said slowly
After hearing the red youth talk, Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help but take a breath of air conditioning and think for a while, then he was relieved. I’m afraid there are also seven-order monks who can have such a magic weapon! Friar Seven … How strong that would be!
"all right! I promise you! Now you can give us the fruit of the flame grass, right? " Thought for a moment Zhang Xiaotian looked up and said with a light smile.
"good!" The red youth gave Zhang Xiaotian a deep look, perhaps to see if Zhang Xiaotian was telling the truth. After a while, he also replied with a smile.
"I saw a flame fruit over there just now!" Has been in silence Zhang Dianfei mouth at this time.
"Ha ha! I have already prepared the flame fruit for you! " The red youth laughed and said that the right hand stretched out a lux fruit and instantly appeared in his hand.
Looking at the fruit that suddenly appeared in front of me, Zhang Dianfei was a little excited and wanted to get her feet and hesitated.
"Here you are!" Perhaps it is to see that Zhang Dianfei is worried that the red youth will smile one by one and throw the lux fruit at Zhang Dianfei.
Cloth in front of a soul force Zhang Dianfei carefully pick up the lux fruit! After carefully examining it, I finally smiled
Hundreds of years of wishes will come true!
"My name is Zhang Xiaotian! What’s your name? " See the red youth gave the flame fruit to Zhang Dianfei Zhang Xiaotian looked at the red youth said with a smile.
"The former owner called me HuoLing! You can call me Huoling, too! That extremely cold king is called Bing Ling! " Red youth light said with a smile
"good! I’ll call you fire spirit! You can call me Xiao Tian! You tell me where the fire and water spirits are outside, and we’ll find them when we get out! " Zhang Xiaotian said with a smile.
"well! In this, you can see the situation in Fiona Fang one mile outside. Remember these two images. Fire, water and spirit are in these two places! " Fire spirit a wave of his hand in front of the three of them give two images!
"good! I remember! " Silently write down these two images Lao Zhang Xiaotian nodded and said
Chapter one hundred and ninety-nine Spirit quit ability
"If you can’t find it, come in and ask us again!" See Zhang Xiaotian nodded after the fire spirit again not trust said.
"Don’t worry! We will definitely find it! " Zhang Xiaotian responded with a look at the fire spirit and said.
Be Zhang Xiaotian so a fire spirit suddenly embarrassed slightly opened his mouth but said nothing.
"We have things outside, so we won’t stay here! Now that the fruits of the flame grass and the ice grass have been found, we will go out! " Zhang Xiaotian see fire spirit light said with a smile.
"That’s good! Go out! " Look a little dazed fire spirit heard Zhang Xiaotian say this and couldn’t help but wake up and say that the words were already with a hint of respect. When Zhang Xiaotian and Zhang Dianfei got out of the fire spirit, they could no longer do anything! Whether to help them or not is also Zhang Xiaotian’s decision.
Zhang Xiaotian nodded his head and didn’t speak again. Zhang Dianfei cast a glance at each other’s body movements and they flew away!
Extremely flying! Scene change!
Zhang Xiaotian and Zhang Dianfei took a deep breath and finally came out!
"Are we going to find the fire and water ring?" After a while, Zhang Dianfei asked, "The dialogue between Zhang Xiaotian and Huoling just now didn’t hide anything from him. He heard it clearly!"! Although Zhang Xiaotian promised the fire spirit thing, it was forced by the situation. Now that there is no fire spirit threatening it, it is natural to think about it. Although the fire spirit said that it did not do any harm to Zhang Xiaotian, who knows if the fire spirit said anything less and whether it was going to frame them?
"Can’t find …" Zhang Xiaotian touched the tone with one hand and hesitated
Zhang Dianfei looked at Zhang Xiaotian with a cool face waiting for his decision, but he couldn’t hide a little excitement in his cool expression.
"Now that we have promised them, let’s find the fire and water ring first!" Suddenly Zhang Xiaotian smiled at Zhong and said that he knew that the fire spirit must be watching them in the forest at this time.
"good!" Think for a Zhang Dianfei nodded and said this matter … He really can’t suggest anything.
"According to the image that the fire spirit showed us, the fire and water spirit ring should be in this place!" Flying around the island, Zhang Xiaotian pointed to a place and said slowly.
"well! It is in this place! " Zhang Dianfei nodded his head should way.
"That’s good! Let’s look here! " Zhang Xiaotian looked at Zhang Dianfei and said
Zhang Dianfei nodded, and they flew to the rock together.