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Back to his room, Wang Yueyue was cute and stuck out her tongue.
"Xuan brother Chu dad is too hard today. I remember that we all copied one or part of the book of rites before the penalty. Today, we have to copy it or return it to three days together …"
Looking at his wife’s wrinkled face, Li Wenxuan smiled and stretched out his hand and touched it.
"My dad is mainly trying to grind a elder sister. Don’t you think she jumped a little too much during this period? I think, my dad doesn’t care about losing face. What he means is that after my sister gets married, if she still doesn’t take anything seriously like this, how can she educate a good child when she has a child? "
Wang Yueyue thoughtfully nodded her eyes and said, "Brother Xuan, why don’t we help Sister Hui copy some? Just like when I was a child. "
When they were punished for copying when they were three children, they had to write standards because of the particularity of imitating Song characters. It was almost impossible to tell if everyone wrote them, so the three of them often helped each other.
But this time Li Wenxuan shook his head. "Don’t be clever this time. Let’s help write that thing before. You really don’t know. He didn’t say it. If we dare to help this time, I guess you have nothing to do. I may be in trouble."
Wang Yueyue looked down at her belly and said with a smile, "Then I’ll help Sister Hui alone."
"You still don’t play this idea, because my dad found out that my sister’s punishment became more serious."
"Well … then I used to comfort Sister Hui" and Wang Yueyue got up.
Li Wenxuan quickly grabbed her. "Do you really want to help?"
"Oh, if you don’t help me, you will comfort her in the past."
"Then I’ll stay with you."
"Just at home? I’m not going out. What are you doing with me? Stop that now and be obedient. "Wang Yueyue stood on tiptoe and kissed a husband on the cheek and then walked outside.
Depends on it!
back garden
Ding Qiunan, Li Qin and Ding Ma sat in the gazebo, doing their work and chatting casually.
"Qiu Nan, do you say that Chu and Huihui are copying there now?"
Ding Ma didn’t look up when she was working with her head down. She turned her eyes and looked at her daughter from reading glasses and asked.
"Well, where are you copying it? Don’t hurry for three days!"
"Why don’t you persuade me? Just copy a little less."
"Ding Yi, I think Xiao Chu did the right thing to Hui Hui, and that girl really went a little too far this time. She didn’t care about such a big thing at all, so she didn’t pick a reason today, or let Xiao Chu go out and be a man."
"Elder sister Li Chu didn’t mean this, but she was angry with this girl’s careless attitude. He also felt that he didn’t teach the child well, because he was the father’s responsibility, and he even punished himself."
"Alas, the child is still young. Take your time."
Ding Qiunan didn’t know what to say after hearing her mother’s words.
Still young? I’m in my twenties, and I’m looking forward to getting married and being my own master. What are you so young about?
But the older generation is so strict with their children, but when it comes to Sun’s generation, it seems that they are soft and can tolerate any mistakes.
"Ding Yi, how should we discipline our children when we are old? Let Xiao Chu do it himself."
"You’re right, I’m worried too!" Ding Ma laughed at herself and raised her hand to knit a sweater. "Help me see if my flower is twisted like this?"
"Come to Ding Yi, let me have a look … you have to pick a needle here to do this … how do you understand?"
"Well, I see this."
"What does the Qiu Nan Shen family take for the dowry?" Pass the sweater to Ding Ma after Li Qin some curious asked.
"Just a set of gold jewelry rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and a watch, wedding cakes and four-color candy, and then I gave a pair of scissors, a comb, a round mirror and an abacus."
"Hey, this Shenyang is quite old-fashioned." Ding Ma whispered with his head down.
"Oh, Qiu Nan, you have to prepare a cashbox for Huihui later. Since the abacus has been sent to Shenyang, we have to ration it, or else we don’t want something from other people’s homes."
"I know, mom, Li Chu is already ready, or red sandalwood."
"Well, it’s good to be ready!" Ding Ma satisfied nodded his head.
Li Wenhui’s room, she took the handkerchief handed over by Yueyue, wiped a tear, and then picked up a pen to continue copying.
"Sister Hui, do you want me to copy some for you?"
Wen Yan just prepared a pen and paused, and then she shook her head. "Forget it. It was really my own mistake that asked you to copy it for me."
"It would be nice to recognize the mistake!"
"Come on, Yueyue, this time it’s not like when we were young. We were naughty, but now I’m making a mistake or I’ll do it myself, which just makes me remember."
"Well, that’s all right, but if you feel that you can’t finish copying, tell me earlier!"
"Thank you for letting you follow me before and after running today. Go back and rest quickly."
"Oh dear" Wang Yueyue is very generous and patted Wen Hui on the shoulder. "You are my elder sister and we are a family."
"poof!" Wen Hui laughed at the lovely appearance of Yueyue.
"Don’t tease me, Yueyue, go back and have a rest."
"Ok, then I’ll go, Sister Hui."
Chapter six hundred and seventy-five Responsible for
At nine o’clock in the evening, Ding Qiunan pushed open the door and came in.
Li Chu is prone on his desk and writing hard.
"Honey, I just came in and saw Huihui lying there writing."
"That’s for sure. How can you finish it in three days if you don’t hurry?"
Li Chu said without looking up
"Then can you finish it?"
"Be serious. No problem."
Then Ding Qiunan began to have nothing to talk about.
"I said, wife, it’s not such a way to help your daughter, is it?" Li Chu was reluctant to let go.
Ding Qiunan, who has been sitting at the table, took the opportunity to sneak and sat on his leg without forgetting to raise his arm around his neck.
"Hey hey ~ you found it!"
"Don’t you just want to bother me so that I can’t finish it in three days, so I can’t say anything even if my daughter doesn’t finish it?"
"But you really have too many words in classical Chinese, and you have to draw one stroke at a time. You are a little too nervous after three days."
Ding Qiunan coquetted all over, and then she turned around and said, "I see how much you copied."
A page of white paper on the desk has been written for more than half.
That’s right. White paper can’t be written on paper. Line by line is neat, and the words are the same size.
Ding Qiunan looked behind and found out that her man stopped writing.
She held back her smile and turned around. "So you can make mistakes, too!"