30, Jun 2024
It would be nice if Teacher Su worshipped himself as much as Angelnan.

Hang Yu knows her weakness. If she can accept Su Yunbing, it will definitely be a good supplement.
I’m afraid it’s hard to do this kind of thing. The ambition ability is in direct proportion. Su Yunbing obviously belongs to the kind of woman who doesn’t want to live in a house, even when doing that thing, she has to take the initiative in person.
Not easy to handle.
It’s not easy!
When two people walk into an alley,
Hang Yu glanced at the roof and flashed a figure.
He frowned slightly and had a bad feeling.
"This place is wrong!"
Before and after the alley, the figure gas is filled with some murderous look.
Su Yunbing immediately realized the strangeness "Get out of here!"
One second!
Whoosh whoosh!
Six or seven cuff arrows, throwing knives
Almost at the same time, I rushed to Su Yunbing.
This pendulum will kill Su Yunbing!
Su Yunbing’s agility and continuous flicker avoid most hidden weapons.
Can not wait to lock the enemy
She suddenly stepped into a trap.
The sharp thorn pierces the ankle directly, and the pain calls for action to the limit.
A cuff arrow hit the shoulder, and the numbness spread from the shoulder, making the dressing body numb.
Not good!
Arrows are poisonous!
Another four or five hidden weapons super-bodies come.
Hang Yu also had to make moves when he saw this situation.
His response was simple and rude. He raised his leg and kicked her round and firm ass, so that she could just hide from hidden weapons and quickly wave her pike and spear blade and hit the arrow accurately, which might hit her and shoot down several hidden weapons.
"How dare you kick my ass!"
Su Yunbing some indignation at the moment.
Although this guy is kind to help, it is just that people are not grateful!
Su Yunbing felt that she was still in a state of poisoning. Instead of alleviating it, she became more and more numb. She had never seen such a powerful poison in the spirit world that could control two mermaid hunters to fight back.
Sneakers are all masters!
The fishbone javelin failed to shoot a man.
Hang Yu is going to launch wind walk’s stealth and kill him directly.
Who knows that at this time three skill scrolls were thrown into the alley.
"Look out!"
"The scroll is very powerful!"
Su Yunbing is a spiritual official with a high level of spiritual knowledge.
She can clearly feel the power wrapped around the skill scroll.
At the very least, the level 4 and 5 white skill scrolls are so narrow that there is almost no escape, especially in the case of poisoning and paralysis. If you are hit by the skill scrolls, you will almost die.
Hang Yu frowned.
Killers are not weak.
One by one to reach level 4 is also well prepared.
It’s a trap, a hidden weapons and a skill scroll.
What are their origins? What want to kill Su Yunbing!
Now is not the time to hang Yu quickly pounced on Su Yunbing.
Su Yunbing was thrown down for the first time in my life, but she didn’t have the heart to think that he Hangyu obviously wanted his body to cushion the damage for her, and she was not idle to control the fisherman hunter to go to Hangyu to resist the attack.
Three skill scrolls broke out
Thunder and fire filled the alley in an instant.
The ground and walls are all in a mess
The three killers didn’t stop shooting, throwing and launching spell attacks until there was no movement at all, and then they stopped their fierce long-range offensive.
"Is it dead?"
"It should be dead!"
"She’s no better than level 5."
"Our attack intensity is doubtful!"
"You can’t be careless and you must confirm it yourself, otherwise we will be in big trouble if we don’t die!"
After a short communication, the three killers pulled out their weapons one after another, jumped lightly from the short house and fell into the alley, carefully reversing their positions towards each other.
The smoke is heavy, I can’t see it clearly, I don’t know the specific situation