1, Jul 2024
"Lie trough! How is it due in July 2012? "

"This bag of spicy strips is older than me. I have to call it a big brother!"
After the first person made this discovery, others also groped for all kinds of packaging surfaces, and sure enough, they found that all the information printed on the packaging surfaces except fruits was wrong.
Facing the strange eyes of everyone, Zhou Tao and others touched their heads and didn’t know what to say at the moment.
Actually, before they entered the building, the bus had a short meeting.
Zhou Tao thinks that although the organization didn’t ask them to keep it secret, he still thinks it’s best for them not to talk nonsense about mutual aid meetings and peace talks everywhere.
The proposal was approved by everyone, and it was agreed that unless the official mutual aid meeting was announced, they had better keep this secret to themselves.
The old building manager and other talents can’t ask why.
But how to explain this situation now?
Zhou Tao’s face was frozen.
You know, it’s 243 years now, and they brought back a bunch of "dad" products due in 2012 or 21 years. Isn’t that fatal?
In the face of public suspicion, Zhou Tao can crustily skin of head and open a pack of spicy strips and hand them to his children. "Hehe, the information on the packaging surface is printed in garbled code, right …"
Although I am still puzzled, everyone smells the smell of spicy strips, and there is really no mildew feeling. Others also learn from Zhou Tao to unpack and distribute the things they brought back.
The children cheered and immediately occupied the whole building, and the attention of the adults was also diverted.
Zhou Taosong breathed a sigh of relief. This is a muddle.
"Dad, Dad!"
Ears are tender and familiar. Zhou Tao bowed his head. One of his own children was holding spicy strips in one hand and the other was holding his trouser legs.
"What’s the matter?" He bent down and carried the child away.
The child pointed in the direction excitedly, "Go there!"
Zhou Tao turned to signal Xue Liangping to help look at his bag and then walked over with his wife and child in her arms.
Two big ones and one small one will soon arrive in the middle of the building. Here is a small public vegetable garden. If it is daytime, there will be a little sunshine shining through the glass.
Many people will bring their own plastic pots for growing vegetables here during the night shift and wait until the morning shift to take them back so that they can bask in the sun for a little while, whether or not they are a little psychological.
Zhou Tao approached the vegetable garden and saw this scene.
Many vegetable pots and tables are full of sunshine.
The child jumped from Zhou Tao’s arms and skillfully found the position of his own dish basin.
"Dad, come and look here!"
Zhou Tao crouched over and saw that a small piece of green vegetables had been dug up in a pot full of vegetables, and a small green bud was popping up from there in surprise.
Look around his flowerpot. If you look closely, you can find that almost the same green shoots grow on such a small piece of land.
The wife smiled, "The apple seed was planted here before our family was assigned it, and the children looked forward to it every day, and finally waited until it germinated."
Zhou Tao sighed and smiled and touched, pointing to the green shoots jumping and jumping.
He looked at the little green bud in the pot and then looked up as if he saw its future. "This apple tree will grow taller and taller until it takes root in the earth and bears fruit."
The wife put away her happy smile and became a little worried. "That would be difficult. Now I don’t know how to spend the post-glacial period."
"Nothing." Zhou Tao got up and then turned to hug his wife. "Believe me, it will get better and better. Don’t you think I brought a lot of things when I came back this time?"
The wife’s eyes are full of tenderness and she hugs her husband tightly. "Well, I believe you!"
Two people hug to each other tightly suddenly feel their four long legs with a face of Meng circle the one they called bean …
Two days passed suddenly.
Although Zhou Tao and others are tight-lipped about the parallel time, it is impossible for thousands of drivers who are qualified for vacation to want everyone to have this kind of consciousness.
Some buildings and regional mutual aid associations have already started, but due to the limited speed of information broadcasting, they have not made a lot of noise in the city.
It’s too early to put these people back in Tan Lao’s calculation, but it’s also a bit of a leak to the people before.
In these two days, Zhou Tao also got a deeper understanding of the surrounding changes.
Although it has been a while since the announcement of the ice age, many people still have hidden worries, which has become a knot in many people’s hearts like a time bomb around everyone.
The more I feel this depressing atmosphere, the more I feel the necessity of joining the mutual aid association.
When he went to No.1 and went deep into it, the people knew that although it was also facing the threat of disaster, many people remained optimistic, although their work and life had an impact, they were still normal on the whole.
This alone makes them envious.
He doesn’t know if he will start to mobilize the whole time migration after joining the mutual aid meeting at this time, as he did at No.1.
But if it should be, it will be better than the present situation, right?
Before he came back, he had heard about it in the news over there.
Mutual aid can mobilize forces to save almost the whole earth, so nature can also save them at this time, right?
Zhou Tao is always looking forward to and anxious.
He knows that sooner or later, the official will announce the meeting with mutual aid, knowing that all this will happen one day, and he is also looking forward to future changes
But he just doesn’t know when his expectation will be fulfilled. When will the mutual aid be realized and they will really start to act at this time?
Not only he, but also Xue Liangping, all the people who returned from No.1.
This anxiety for a happy future continued until the third night after returning home.
On this day, the canteen has just started to eat rice, dried earthworms and brought back fresh fruit from the 1st, just set the table and watched the news.
"There is an urgent news broadcast, please pay attention to it."
Somehow, Zhou Tao immediately stopped chopsticks and turned to look at Xue Liangping next to him, so did he.
This day just came suddenly? !
No matter what Zhou Tao is thinking.
Tan da old man suddenly appeared in front of the camera and spoke to the camera with a speech.
"Four months ago, we got a certificate that we are not alone in the vast universe, and human beings are not alone.
We have a cross-time organization named’ Parallel Time Mutual Rescue Association’, which belongs to five member countries, and we have had cordial face-to-face exchanges and gained unprecedented results … "
Read here Tan Lao paused for a moment.
However, at this time, Zhou Tao’s heart beat faster and his whole face turned red.
All over the country
People have different reactions. Most people feel that this statement is a bit confusing, and it seems that they understand it and don’t understand it.
Only a few people who know the news of the mutual aid association through various channels can fully understand what Tan Lao said-
"Mutual aid will originate from the earth. To be exact, they come from the parallel earth. They are different from us. They have the same roots and are different from each other.
We are not the only ones who encounter doomsday crisis in the universe, but also face the crisis at other times, and the mutual aid society was born.
The principle of mutual aid society, unity is strength, mutual help and mutual assistance, aims to achieve unity and mutual assistance in all parallel times.
In recent April, our mutual aid association has linked him with close exchanges from time to time, gained a deep understanding of each other’s current situation and received strong support from other times.
Now, after careful consideration, we are convinced that joining the mutual aid association will help the post-disaster recovery work and have great positive significance for all countries in the world.
And after joining the mutual aid meeting, we will be on a bigger stage, but at other times, our compatriots and brothers contributed our strength-
Therefore, with the consent of the members of the mutual aid association, I officially announce the establishment of the fifth branch of the mutual aid association to the world! "
Zhou Tao looked at his neighbors in the canteen.
These people haven’t digested what they just said yet, and their mouths are open and their eyes are blinking in confusion. No one makes a sound.
Suddenly, several drivers who came back from No.1 got up and clapped their hands with joy, and then 100 drivers, Zhou Tao and Xue Liangping, followed suit.
They can finish listening to what Bai Tan just said.
But others are different.