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After listening to what the private investigator told me, money is not a problem. What is important is that they should help me find my father’s trail.

Private detectives said that if my father returned to Japan, they could help me find my father, and they would send more people to try to help me achieve my wish as soon as possible.
I told them to contact the private investigator as soon as they had any extra information about my father, so I hung up.
Words just hang up Dan Tai glass also called to ask me if I have already rushed to Aokihara Linhai Road and if I haven’t had lunch.
I said it was after Dan Tai Li, and Nai Nai said that no matter when I was in a hurry, I would like some lunch. My body is revolutionary money and I don’t care about my body. My child is not a good boy.
Chatting with Dan Tai Li for a while, I hung up and focused on driving to Aokihara Linhai.
When I arrived at Aokihara Linhai, I was surprised to see that Dan Tai Glass was actually a car outside Aokihara Linhai.
Pull over to that car and my car will ask Dan Tai Li why she came here.
Dan Tai Li opened the door beside him and took me into the back of the car. He brought me a lunch box from the co-pilot position and told me to eat quickly. He said that he was nervous when he knew me, so I prepared a love lunch early.
I took the lunch box, my eyes were full of acid, my eyes were drooping, and I ate half of it. I stopped to eat and told Dan Tai Li that I was full.
Dan Tai Li smiled and took the lunch box in my hand and took the paper towel. I wiped my lips before eating my leftover lunch box. She told me to take it easy when studying, and not to be too hard on myself. She said that if he was in time, he would pick me up. If he was not in time, he would not come back. I would drive steadily when I went back.
I nodded and said, "Look at the wrong smile." Dan Tai Glass opened the car door and went straight into Aokihara Linhai.
As soon as I entered the Tian Shan family, I saw that Tian Shan was standing alone with his back against the big round table and his head down, and I didn’t know what to think.
Glancing at Tian Shanao, I thought of Tian Shanao’s reaction when he met me and Dan Tai Li yesterday. I walked away in silence and went to the main courtyard. I heard Tian Shanao say hello before I took a few steps.
I have been seen by Tian Shanao, and I followed the sound. I saw Tian Shanao coming quickly towards me.
After Tian Shanao came to my side, I nodded at him and then moved on.
Tian Shanao and I walked side by side and asked me why I didn’t pay attention to him just now. I said I didn’t have the nerve to disturb him when I saw him wandering in vain.
Tian Shanao said so. He was still worried about whether I said something wrong in front of me yesterday and annoyed me, which led me to ignore him.
I said no Tian Shanao said that he was relieved.
Tian Shanao said that he heard Feng Erdan say that he and I were going to the same school and asked me if I was ready for the entrance exam.
I said there was nothing to prepare, and I didn’t have time to prepare anything. If I passed the exam, I wouldn’t.
Tian Shanao arrived at the clan house with me in silence.
I teleported Feng Er’s egg out of Yin Zhu when I entered the clan’s main courtyard. After Feng Er’s egg went to raise the ghost power with people, I also took leave of the clan owner Tian Shan and prepared to go to the clan owner’s training institute to practice Ninjutsu with ninjas.
Tian Shanao said that he was just idle and asked me if he could watch. I followed the ninja to practice the ninja scene. I said that it is good to be casual. Tian Shanao followed me to the clan master’s training center.
I just arrived at the clan master’s training center to teach Ninjutsu ninja, so I rushed over to salute Tian Shanao and told me that today’s practice is Mei Shu.
After the ninja’s words were finished, Tian Shanao immediately took up the conversation, and the new new one smiled and said that he could cooperate with me to practice Mei Shu.
Tian Shan’s self-recommendation made my face black. I don’t know if the ninja’s mouth is flattering. I asked the ninja’s flattering.
Ninja told me that obsequiousness can be divided into two ways: obsequiousness and external obsequiousness.
Mei Shu Jing Shen San Bao major
External obsequiousness, body cultivation, major
No matter what kind of training is, it is a perfect classic transformation for women themselves.
After completion, it can be quite attractive to the opposite sex. It can be said that a kind of spiritual immersion will make you forget it all your life.
Mei Shu can be practiced by both men and women.
Women need to cultivate their own mind and spirit before practicing obsequiousness.
After the mental prison, spiritual practice can be carried out.
Mei Shu also needs to keep your body and skin in the best condition.
Practicing gas is also an indispensable, important and foundation in practicing obsequiousness. It can be said that if you don’t practice gas, there is no hope of practicing obsequiousness unless you are naturally obsequious.
After listening to the ninja puzzle, I know that the ninja charm is really the same as my literacy. I told the ninja that I don’t need to practice any charm, but he skipped the charm immediately.
Ninja didn’t immediately say whether I could skip practicing obsequiousness. Besides, obsequiousness is a dream of many women. I said that even so, I don’t need it.
When I finished speaking, the ninja stopped obsessing and began to teach me him.
Follow the ninja practice for three hours, and the ninja will leave me and return to the main house with Tian Shanao.
After Feng Er-dan met, I left with Feng Er-dan, the owner of the clan, Tian Shan Ao.
After I went out to Aoki, I didn’t see Dan Tai Li. I put Feng Er’s eggs in Yinzhu and drove back to Zhongya Apartment.
Chapter six hundred and fifty Point
Before I returned to Zhongya apartment, Jesse called and said that he had found a suitable room and asked me if I had a trip to his address at the moment.
At this moment, it is also more than six o’clock in the afternoon. After listening to what Jesse said, I told Jesse that I was in the general location and told him that I would drive there now.
Jesse said and hung up. I drove straight to Jesse’s address.
When I arrived at the place, I saw the sunset, Jesse and Wang sledgehammer waiting for me at the door of the room.
The two younger brothers are so awesome that I can’t help but remind my lips. I just stopped the car and Jesse and Wang sledgehammer came along.
Jesse said that this family was in a hurry to buy a house. He and Wang sledgehammer came to see that this room met all my requirements, and the price was very fair. At this moment, the owner was packing in the house, saying that he and Wang sledgehammer could go in and see the house at any time after waiting for someone to come.
I commend several Jesse and Wang sledgehammer for entering the hospital with them.
As soon as I stepped into the courtyard, I saw aunt jesse busy at the entrance of the main room.
Seeing this makes my forehead slightly wrinkled. I asked Wang sledgehammer if he knew this woman was aunt jesse.
Wang sledgehammer’s footsteps stopped momentarily, and he said he didn’t know that he didn’t see jesse here or listen to that woman jesse.
Wang sledgehammer jesse and I entered the main room, and Aunt Jesse turned to look at us. When she saw me, her expression froze and she quickly returned to normal. She smiled and said that she didn’t expect me to buy a house, so let me have a look at it and see if it was satisfactory.
I nodded and said that I had a good look at the room and asked Aunt jesse how she was in a hurry to buy a house in a casual tone.
Aunt jesse packed her things and said that the more she came, the more she lived in this big room, the more she felt the waves. She was going to change to a smaller room.
After listening to aunt jesse’s answer, I won’t ask any more questions. This room is indeed much larger than ordinary houses, but it is not as big as aunt jesse said.
Aunt jesse, this room is divided into two floors. It’s clean and tidy, and the decoration is elegant. The most important thing is that this room has a large room, which is moisture-proof and does everything well.
Have a look around the room. I know this room really meets all the conditions I told Jesse before.
It’s already dark at the moment, and it’s impossible to go through the formalities for any house. Besides, this room belongs to aunt jesse, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I told aunt jesse that I would come here again in the afternoon, and I’ll finally decide whether I want this room or not.
Aunt jesse should have said that she would wait for me at home at noon.
Say goodbye to aunt jesse, and I will drive Wang sledgehammer and Jesse back to Zhongya apartment.
Jesse said that even if this room is aunt jesse, aunt jesse,jesse aunt jesse, and the room is a room, as long as the room meets the requirements and the price is right
Glancing at Jesse in the rearview mirror, I said that Jesse made a lot of sense, but it was hard for me to feel empathy.
Wang sledgehammer entered the hospital from our party, and I kept silent after asking him questions. At this moment, he said that he finally remembered it. It seems that he had met the woman and jesse just now.
Wang sledgehammer said that if aunt jesse is like jesse, this room is really exciting.
Jesse said that Wang sledgehammer and I are all unnecessary emotions, and the diaphragm in our hearts should be a big deal. After buying a house, throw away all the objects in the house, buy new objects, and then find someone to clean up the room inside and outside for ten times.
Wang sledgehammer said this, but Jesse said that Wang sledgehammer could worship him with confidence.
We went back to Wang Xiaopeng’s restaurant in Zhongya apartment and saw the restaurant door locked. Wang Xiaopeng asked him where he had gone.
It is said that Dan Tai Li connected Dan Tai Li and told me that he was looking for something against the blood spirit with Wang Zhoupeng, saying that he would be back at ten o’clock.
Chatting with Dan Tai Li hung up a few words. Considering that Jesse and Wang Hammer have been busy looking for a house all day, I didn’t agree to Wang Hammer’s proposal to cook in a restaurant and take Jesse and Wang Hammer out to dinner.
It doesn’t matter if we go out for a meal, but it happens that we are dressed as a geisha and a woman, Xiao Kato Jun, who insists on treating us, so our meal team will grow up.