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"Yes! This is my ideal! " LanYunPeng nodded seriously.

"What are you going to do after graduation?"
"Finding a good job, of course."
"Then what?"
"and then? Buy a spacious room, marry some beautiful women with long legs, and then … Well! There seems to be no more! " Lan Yunpeng’s eyes are bright, and he puts his limited time into his limited fantasy. That’s why Stoudemire is good for the earth. Unless you support three small and four small, it is impossible for you to think that the idea of marriage can be realized unless you go to Arabia.
Molly suddenly spoke. Judging from the communication just now, this guy doesn’t even have enough for three meals a day. Besides, it’s unknown whether he can take the Bauhinia College exam. So he first thought of hugging the left and right. It seems that it’s not a good thing to misunderstand a man, but this guy seems to be confident and humorous. Now that he has met everyone, even if he has the opportunity, he may be able to give him a hand.
"Hey, what do you think that is?" At this time, someone in the front row exclaimed. Lan Yunpeng looked up through the crystal window and saw dozens of fast approaching black spots in the sky. He was also noticed by tourists, and there were many discussions.
"It looks like a kind of Warcraft. Is it a third-order fire crow?"
"Firecrows usually like to flock together, but they don’t seem to be so fast or so fast."
"Say yes!"
It took about seven minutes for the group of UFOs to get close to Lan Yunpeng, and then I could see these winged Warcraft clearly. These Warcraft have three pairs of wings, their body length is about six to seven meters, and their wingspan is at least fifteen meters. The most important thing is that there is a person sitting on the back of these unknown flying Warcraft, and it looks menacing.
"damn it! Damn it, it’s those damn red beard thieves in Hengduan Mountains, "cried a well-informed businessman, trembling with fear."
The reason why other people’s faces have changed is very simple. There are three gangs in Sderot’s mainland, namely, the Honghu bandit gang in Hengduan Mountains, the shark bandit gang in Blue Ocean and the wildebeest bandit gang who lives in a fixed place. These three gangs are rampant in China, the sea and the land respectively, and these three thieves have never been alive. Plus, they are ruthless and quick, and even the armies of various countries can’t help them.
Anyway, if you touch it, the thieves will rob you, and then you should obediently give the property, and then honestly hide while watching the robbers feel like life. If you touch these three thieves, there is definitely life and death.
Lan Yunpeng couldn’t help but feel a little flustered when he saw the frightened expression of the passengers. After all, he lived in a past life, but the earth is a society ruled by law. Usually, fighting is not very common, let alone robbery in broad daylight. But he soon calmed down. After all, he is also a junior swordsman who has studied quarrelling. Although he has not experienced actual combat tests, he also has the strength to fight with robbers.
In the blink of an eye, the robbers had already arrived in front of the goblin airship. One of these people was flying with a ferocious face. A dark green appeared around the back of Warcraft. He swung a pair of big swords with two hands and broke the window of the goblin airship without any effort. The surface shield of the goblin airship was like a dummy for the robbers, so it was easy for them to squeeze in from the widening gap. The passengers trembled with fear and even a woman screamed, but when they saw the robbers waving weapons in their hands, they quickly shut up.
"Your sister! Don’t you want to see how the Gregorian calendar is so unlucky when you go out in the mainland of Sderot? It’s a busy China Airlines line, but I didn’t expect someone to come here and rob it! " LanYunPeng groaned in my heart.
A bandit leader with a big sword on his shoulder swaggered and said, "Let’s be honest and hand over all our valuables, and don’t give you an excuse to cut off your heads."
The passengers will feel relieved after listening to this. The thieves are in a good mood. If they want to cooperate with their lives honestly, they should have saved these timid guys. They took out their valuables in a hurry and almost knocked their big gold teeth in their mouths to pay. Although it hurts, money is a foreign object, but there is nothing left.
Lan Yunpeng pinched the gold coins in his arms, but it took him months of hard work to save enough money to learn, and he couldn’t be taken away! Even if the money is invisible, the robbers earned it by themselves.
"Let me go, let me go. At this moment, the girl came to the ear and cried Lan Yunpeng. A familiar charming face came into view. The foreman catwoman saw her face trembling with fear and shyness.
"Let you honestly take out your valuables. Since you are dishonest, I can do it myself," said a robber, drooling.
"I’m a goblin airship. Where can I get anything valuable?"
"What’s nothing of value? Did you hide your wallet here? " Wannabe, the robber, stared with a pair of eyes and stopped at Catgirl’s chest. His dirty hands were getting closer and closer, and Catgirl had been pushed to the corner. She could hide in the face of vicious robbers, travelers and Catgirl colleagues even dared to be angry and dare not say, "Hey! I said that you, a sparerib robber, should also talk about professional ethics. Robbery is normal, but it’s a bit excessive to molest the victim. "A slightly immature sound suddenly attracted everyone’s attention. In the past, the robbers’ faces also showed strange expressions. A robber is the most vicious. When encountering resistance, many people are not afraid of death, but it’s rare for someone to dare to come out and meddle.
Lan Yunpeng didn’t regret seeing the robbers disdaining to surround him. The Catgirl was not only beautiful, but also warm-hearted and sincere. Although at that time, because of her career, she had to say that Catgirl left a good impression on Lan Yunpeng, which was also the main reason why he didn’t want to see Catgirl humiliated.
Lan Yunpeng has confidence in his skill, but there are hundreds of passengers and sisters in the goblin airship, and there are at least 30 or 40 robbers. He doesn’t have that. If these people hurt Gu with one blow, it would be their own sin. It seems that we should think of a more reliable idea.
"Bold? Is it that the hero has heard too many poems to save the United States or how do you want to live? " Wannabe, who looks a little unconventional, came out with a disdainful look.
"It’s me!" Since on impulse, I was prepared to have a good Samaritan and regretted having a retreat, Lan Yunpeng had to bite the bullet and come out. Although my heart was progressing to the extreme, the surface was full of appearances.
04 different world hijacking
Catgirl’s sexy lips trembled involuntarily because of extreme tension. She glanced at Lan Yunpeng gratefully, and his neighbor Madras’s eyes were full of approval. Just now, this guy was there, and he didn’t expect to dare to stand up in this situation. Many people are much better than many others.
"No one told you that there was no such thing when you came out to mix. You thought that the hero would pay the price to save the United States. You should teach him a lesson." The bandit leader finally couldn’t watch it, but a guy like Lan Yunpeng, who is still a kid, didn’t look at it, and of course he didn’t bother to do it himself.
"My pleasure." The guy who molested Catgirl, also known as Skinny Monkey, came up with a miniature two-handed sword. The goblin airship fought nearly two meters long, and the two-handed sword was not suitable at all. Skinny Monkey looked contemptuous, and a kid with no hair on his mouth could be so powerful.
Lan Yunpeng frowned and knew that you can’t carry weapons in a goblin airship. He put his big sword with rotten hands into scrap metal recycling and changed a few gold coins. Now Reagan has no weapons in his own hands. It seems that there is not much difference between fighting with these guys and dying.
Lan Yunpeng, who was secretly depressed, suddenly found that there was a pair of knives and forks in the Catgirl car just now, so he went over and took a knife at random and shook hands tightly.
"This kid isn’t scared silly, is he?"
"Laugh me to death! See if his crotch is scared! "
I look on my face and worry about what happens when I dress up as a pig and eat a tiger. The robbers suddenly leaned forward and laughed. I don’t know how many times I robbed the road. The daredevil guy has met many times, but it’s the first time that such a funny guy has encountered something wrong with this little head. Did he come out with a small knife and want a hero to save the United States?
The expression of the hopeful passengers became dim when they saw such a funny scene. The cat girl clung to her clothes with her small hands, and the gap was too obvious. Although the weapon in the robber’s hand was not a big sword with both hands, it was nearly two feet long, and Lan Yunpeng felt a little strong when he was a weapon knife.
Arrogance is often a fatal mistake.
"Old send you early!" Thin-skinned monkey’s face was ferocious, and he rushed to chop the weapon. In his own opinion, it was absolutely amazing. The attack theory reached the standard of junior swordsmen in speed, strength and skill. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the talent to realize the magical ability of quarrelling.
The Honghu bandit group really deserves its name. Even a wannabe who didn’t realize the grudge has rich combat experience. Unfortunately, Lan Yunpeng is not an ordinary soy sauce party. If he is so easily succeeded by the enemy, wouldn’t it be a wave of hard work for more than ten years?
The lion still needs strength to fight the rabbit. The situation is that we are outnumbered and fight to the death! Lan Yunpeng had already worked out the tactics in his heart, that is, flashing the thin-skinned monkey weapon and splitting it. Lan Yunpeng seems to be scared, not hiding or blinking. The weapon blade has reached the neck, and everyone is too scared to look again!
Ear to the crowd exclaimed, isn’t that childish guy just leave? It took dozens of seconds for Madras and Catgirl to get up the courage and open their eyes, but they were surprised to find that the skinny monkey had managed to move because Lan Yunpeng’s knife reached his neck.
I’m afraid no one can see clearly what happened at that moment except the bandit leader. Even the skinny monkey was defeated in a fog. His own weapon was cut off, but somehow it was blocked by something. Then the purple cold light flashed, holding the weapon, and his hand was broken. The whole person was restrained.
"Now we can talk it over." Lan Yunpeng said it easily, but his heart kept beating drums. If the enemy didn’t take care of it, it would be in trouble for wannabe, a skinny monkey, to take himself anyway.
"Talk about what? What is there to say? " The bandit leader is very uncomfortable in his heart. He is at least a squadron leader of the Red Hu thieves’ group. He has never experienced any ups and downs. I didn’t expect that he would be fooled by a childish kid when he took a deep breath today. He wanted to simply cut off his neck, but now the skinny monkey has become a hostage, giving up his brother in front of so many hands. There is no reason for so many people to see it.
"You know what? I’ll let your partner go, and you can’t make it difficult for that lady." Lan Yunpeng made a condition. He has been baptized by police films and read so many novels in his previous life. He naturally mastered the discretion in the negotiation process. If he let the robbers stop robbing, they would definitely not agree, but this condition is 100% sure.
"Good" bandit leader nodded without thinking. Even if Catgirl was released, they still had to stay in the airship. Then everything was not up to them. It was a kid, but he was as stupid as those stupid big orcs when he went out without his brain. Catgirl looked at Lan Yunpeng with gratitude.
A storm seems to have been solved in this way, and it seems that there is still a feeling of being happy.
"See what see? Never seen a gangster take hostages! Hurry up and continue to work for the uncle! " After being scolded by the little leader, he watched the robber soy sauce party. Only then did he remember his sacred mission to search for passengers’ property again. Generally speaking, he was as rude as he was rude. Of course, no one wanted to take out dozens of gold coins in Lan Yunpeng’s pocket. This guy seems to be better at violent games than robbers. Madras around Lan Yunpeng was lucky to escape.
Lan Yunpeng’s face expression is still so light, and she has been feeling secretly glad that she has finally saved her studies. However, at this moment, the bandit leader slowly walked over. Isn’t this guy still unwilling to give up? LanYunPeng entered a state of combat and held the knife tightly in his hand.
"See you at a young age skill is good just now is quarrelling! Junior swordsman or intermediate swordsman? " The bandit leader is mistaken. Lan Yunpeng already has the strength of a beginner swordsman. Although he dare not say that one in ten thousand is a genius once in a hundred years.
Seeing that the bandit leader stopped two steps away from himself, Lan Yunpeng frowned and didn’t retreat at all. No matter whether the bandit leader was malicious or not, he wouldn’t push back one step.
"Are you interested in joining our Honghu?"
"What?" Lan Yunpeng suddenly froze. He couldn’t figure out whether the bandit leader’s thought was as elastic as a bomb. Occasionally, it is possible to turn around and actually want to pull himself in. It seems that this joke is a bit big.
The real bandit leader has his own plans in his heart. No matter what race, the strong people in the mainland of Sderot are generally divided into two categories, including knights, swordsmen, archers, physical attacks, and magical spirit wizards, including priests, summoners and magicians. At most, of course, it is said that the soldiers did not realize the quarrelling of those dirty little fish. That is a symbol of the strong people who can cut off the goblins with a small knife to build weapons. That flashing light is absolutely to say, although the quarrelling is not very strong yet, it will definitely have a bright future after he is so young, and his position will
"How do you have the strength to join Wal-Mart Honghu? You can definitely get all kinds of benefits as a team leader." A robber leader, Lan Yunpeng, is a lecherous guy who recognized his weight. It is reasonable to say that it is difficult for a soft-blooded child to resist the temptation of money and beauty
Lan Yunpeng didn’t move at all. He seems to be a great traveler. He is weak enough without gold fingers and kingliness. How can he be a robber? He doesn’t want to be remembered by those guys who claim to be just all the time. It’s more terrible to be remembered by these brain-dead patients than by thieves. But if they refuse directly, the other party will surely become angry from embarrassment. If they embrace him, they will be miserable.
"Sorry! I really have something very important to do when I go to Guanghui this time. Let’s talk about it later! "
"We don’t have so many rules in Honghu. After you join the group first, it is more convenient for you to do things for all of us! Whoever dares not give us red beard noodles will be destroyed! "
"This is not very good. I dare not bother you." The passengers around me almost rolled out of their seats. It’s not white. Just now, it was a life-and-death fight. Why did we suddenly become so polite? It seems that this is not logical, but as time goes by, everyone gradually sees some clues
Of course, it can’t be an idiot to be the leader of Honghu. He sneered and said, "That is to say, you won’t join us in Honghu?"
Seeing that the enemy was tense and ready to fight, Lan Yunpeng was still paralyzing the enemy and said with a smile, "How is that possible? I have always admired Honghu, and I will definitely visit Honghu’s territory when I come back from my work in Glory City."
05 Honghu
"Everyone is a smart person. You can either join now or you will die!" With a wave of his hand, the bandit leader surrounded wannabe. These guys simply don’t talk about the rules of the game. They are definitely preparing for a siege.
Lan Yunpeng knew that he didn’t pretend to be afraid to say anything now. Mo Yan said, "Have something to say! Have something to say, don’t you! Then I can join Honghu now, right? " Lan Yunpeng’s words just finished when the cold light flashed, and the knife in his hand brought up a dazzling purple quarrelling light. He did not hesitate to wipe off the robber leader’s neck. Since the enemy wanted to beat himself and did not have an advantage, everyone understood the preemptive tactics of catching the thief first and catching the king first!
The ideal is full, and the reality is always skinny! Things tend to be much more complicated than you think. Even if it’s just a mid-team leader, this guy is about to break through the gap between senior swordsmen and Lan Yunpeng. It’s only one step away to see Purple Mang as busy as he is, blocking his chest with his big swords.