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Sun Hao has just made a windfall from looting, otherwise he can’t buy many things in the ghost market.

The grocery store turned several times again, and Sun Hao came out with Shi Shiran.
Sun Hao of Shiban Street looked around and chose an antique jade pavement that seemed to sell cultural relics and antiques and went in.
All kinds of shops in ghost markets, especially dead markets, can enter at will, but it is best to buy something after entering, otherwise unexpected things may happen.
Sun Hao knows this very well, and naturally he won’t drill at the shop. He is selective in entering the shop. For example, he thinks that blood crystals should be classified into groceries, which is the first choice to enter the grocery store.
As a result, Sun Hao, the grocery store, found the information he needed as expected.
Sun Hao entered this seemingly antique cultural relic pavement, but he wanted to look for it and see if there would be any ghost hill information to sell.
Ghost Hill is quite mysterious. Ghost Town is the entrance, and the shape of the entrance is also a five-flowered gate. Even the ancestral gate like Qingyun Gate is quite vague about the ghost hill. That is to say, this is the entrance of the nether world, and the ghosts and ghosts are rampant, so that the younger brothers of the ancestral gate can walk cautiously. However, the ancestral gate is merged with the topography of the ghost hill. It is only speculated that this ghost hill is underground, which is probably a huge grave.
Antique shops are antique and all kinds of antiques look extraordinary.
There are several things that are definitely ghost hills 3.
A clay pot is about three inches high, and the mouth of the garden is narrow, dark and shiny. If Sun Hao remembers correctly, this should be the so-called soul-nourishing pot, which is a necessary instrument for the devil to play with ghosts. The ghost-playing monk is also called Yin Xiu, and this pot is another way to catch ghosts and raise ghosts to assist cultivation, but it is mysterious and unpredictable.
There is also a black pan, which should also be a yin xiu. The so-called evocation pan is slightly different from the ordinary magic Taoist ghost pan, which is more professional.
Sun Hao, an antique shop, also paid special attention to books, but found a few interesting ones.
Sun Hao, who is famous for "The First Interpretation of Ghost Road", can only see a little introduction: "Heaven is true, all laws are incarnated, and the first line of ghost road can be repaired by ghosts."
The famous "ghost-raising Dafa" said, "It is a disaster for us monks to raise ghosts in the world. All ghosts in this world can raise ghosts. It takes a prophet to raise ghosts and ghosts."
There is no doubt that these books are also the specialties of Ghost Hill.
Sun Hao, who is very distinctive, has only slightly swept through these cultivation techniques. The conditions are very biased and harsh, which is not what Sun Hao likes. What’s more, the prices of these books are still outrageous, and there is no stone below 10,000 pieces.
Ten thousand lingshi are enough for Qingyun’s younger brother to choose a good one, which can point to the cultivation technique of then.
These Sun Hao swept away and continued to look for their own map of ghost hills.
But a moment later, Sun Hao regretted to find that there was no ghost hill map for sale in this antique cultural relic shop. It was only possible that there was a clue to the ghost hill map and a brief introduction to the Notes on Ghost Hill, which might have recorded the ghost hill in pieces.
It is the first time that the author of Notes on Ghost Hill named himself "The Remnant Soul Real Person", Sun Hao, heard that it should not be a famous person or a person with a long history. Sun Hao had no impression of this real person.
There is no introduction to Ghost Hill Notes, but Sun Hao can see the first page of notes.
The first page of the notes is also quite simple: "On March 3, when the snake came out of the mountain, it rained into the ghost market and went into the ghost mound to solve the mystery of the remnant soul."
Sun Hao, if you want to see it later, you have to dig out Lingshi and buy it. The price is also super black, which is even more valuable than the previous few ghost-repairing techniques and occultism. The price is 20,000 Lingshi.
I thought for a moment, almost gnashing my teeth, Sun Hao took out Lingshi and took the Ghost Hill Notes, and then walked out of the shop in no hurry.
After coming out, Sun Hao looked around and wanted to go in and look around. Nai was cash-strapped and wanted to think. Sun Hao took a big step to the entrance of Ghost Hill.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-one Guide bees
Sun Hao’s figure disappeared after the intersection of the white streets, and the white fog in the quiet and lifeless town seemed to make ripples.
Several unknown people in the ripples seem to be communicating with each other.
Some people say, "Gourmet, you are too dark. It’s even more expensive to pack a thousand pork …"
Someone hey hey smiled and proudly said, "It’s not expensive either, isn’t it?" Things are rare, things are rare, and my bag and pork are absolutely unique in this world. Your point is normal and your point is normal. Gnome male-"… It’s old Yin’s three blood crystals that are actually sold for thirty thousand. You know, it’s not worth a few dollars to find that ghost hill. I said old Yin, you are too not authentic …"
There is a very cold yin sounding voice saying, "Need is the most valuable. This small ghost hill must be blood crystal. I have to buy it no matter how high the price is. It’s not a good thing that he didn’t come out of my store or tut tut tut …"
This guy gives a series of sly smiles. Sun Hao will be thrilled if he hears it.
At this time, the first person who spoke in a normal voice said, "Well, it’s a small one, but it’s more available. There are no thugs in the place. Even the old corpse shop actually paid out the lingshi saying that the old corpse is where you put it. What is it? It seems that I have never seen it before. "
There was an old-fashioned man who said slowly, "Well, I picked it up from a dead man and didn’t see anything. I marked a price and threw it there. It’s strange that you can see it …"
Who are these people? Sun Hao, if you hear this conversation, you will feel bad about yourself. Lingshi will feel bad about not eating for a few days. Of course, it seems that there is no big problem for the actual monks not to eat for a few days.
The old corpse said that these guys laughed together. Of course, the town is still silent, but the white fog vibrates more frequently and fluctuates more.
After half a ring, perhaps the old corpse felt embarrassed and said slowly, "This small building foundation was built in the middle, and even the run was blind to such a generous patron."
Old Yin also said miserably, "It is estimated that he will not even find his way out."
The glutton took advantage of it and said tentatively, "Why don’t we throw him out?"
The first voice said, "Throw, throw, throw your GREAT GHOST head. We are market makers. Remember that market makers can’t interfere with ghost hills. Remember that there can’t be interference …"
Gourmet seems to despise him with his middle finger. "Look at how serious and grandiose you are. Didn’t you just visit your store to take care of your business?" I said old ghost do you want to be so fake … "
Old ghost quit in disgust "you cut me? I’ll cut you in the face. I don’t know. You all add ingredients. Just say, what are you stuffing in your bag? You sold it at a low price for 1000 lingshi, did you? Huh? Don’t be so obvious in pulling business; And old Yin, you seem to have added something to your three blood crystals. Old corpse, don’t laugh. "Ghost Hill Notes" is also Brother then’s notes. It seems very special for him to go to that place … "
"I’ll cut you off again." The old ghost didn’t finish his words. The gourmets have already spoken. "Marketers can’t do business. What kind of marketer do I say, old ghost, don’t you just want to have a spinning wheel in pear trees? As a result, people don’t care about you …"
There was another white fog rolling in the town, and these so-called market participants chatted and quarreled.
Sun Hao, a young man, has now seen a huge uplift in front of a lush hill like a grave.
The hill is not high, but it is continuous and can’t see the surrounding boundaries. This hill is very quiet and gloomy. Although the trees are lush, they don’t feel alive. At first glance, these trees seem to be dead. Even the leaves seem to be condensing. The whole hill is dead and silent. Sun Hao didn’t see any living things at first glance.
The combination of lush and lifeless makes Sun Hao feel weird.
As if this ghost hill is shrouded in a strange and mysterious atmosphere, Sun Hao shook his head and looked back from the bare mountain outside the ghost hill to see a black hole in front of him as if it were a huge monster with its mouth wide open.
This black hole is three feet high, three feet wide and dead, and there is no bottom. It is dark inside, and it seems that there is a gust of evil wind, but the evil wind does not come out of the hole. If you look into the hole from Sun Haoli’s position, you can’t see anything again. See the darkness.
The ghost Qiuzongmen recorded in the ancient books and records is that the danger of yin accumulation in graves is extremely high, and it is not advocated that junior brothers come to test.
According to Zongmen’s classics, Sun Hao, a monk who comes to the ghost mound, belongs to the line of death.
But Sun Hao had to come to the bloody place, there was no normal place, and the number of dangers elsewhere was no less than that of ghost hills.
Of course, the more important thing is that Sun Hao analyzed many places and did a lot of homework according to these places, and finally decided to come to Ghost Hill. Actually, he made a correct choice after comprehensively analyzing his own situation and strengthening his own ability.
The biggest danger of the ghost mound comes from the fact that it is easy to get out at two o’clock. There is no large array in the ghost mound. Of course, there may be a large array of monks’ understanding. However, after the monk enters the ghost mound, even the monk then gets lost easily. The reason is that the ghost mound often appears. After the so-called ghost hits the wall and passes by, the monk turns back. It is likely that the ghost mound is a dead wall. Even the monk then is hard to find out after entering.
Second, nature is that the ghost hill is active in all kinds of yin and cold monsters. The classics record that the ghost hill is directly connected with the nether world, that is, the so-called nether world where negative energy gathers. The local natural laws and rules of heaven are quite different, and the monsters inside are naturally difficult to deal with.
The distribution of these monsters is also very regular. Generally speaking, the deeper you enter, the higher the strength of monsters. Of course, some special monsters are quite difficult even if their strength is not high.
Sun Hao’s choice to come to Ghost Hill is precisely because he thinks that these two aspects can be targeted to strengthen his ability. Perhaps this Ghost Hill is precisely the best place for him to concise blood.
It’s not Sun Hao’s blind self-confidence, but Sun Hao has specialties and abilities that his monks don’t have.
And just like Enzan Ijuin, Sun Hao simulated the ghost hill action in his heart. Judging from the success of Enzan Ijuin, Sun Hao is full of confidence in his ghost hill and his party.
Corleone didn’t rush into the dark hole of ghost hill and smiled indifferently. A one-foot square jade box appeared in his hand with a vibration. He gently opened the jade box one or two inches long and the perfect white bees flew out. Corleone kept buzzing in front.
The little fire seemed to hear the buzzing of bees, sticking out his little head from the bag, turning his eyes, curiously looking at the bees, and then jumping on Sun Hao’s shoulders, squeaking and screaming as if to say hello to the bees.
Just now, a small fire in Guishi seems to have sensed great pressure and automatically went back to the spirit beast bag, and the atmosphere did not dare to breathe.
Sun Hao smiled at the bee and made a series of gestures. He took the bee around the hole and then took out a few magic pills to feed the bee. After that, he still took out the jade box and put it in.
Sun Hao’s bee is of great origin. When Junshan was hunting, Sun Hao defeated Junshan’s "queen bee of seven lands". In the war reparations, several queen bee eggs were given. After entering Qingyun Gate, Sun Hao gave the queen bee eggs to an ancient cloud that was good at planting flowers and plants for cultivation.
Guyun did not live up to his expectations and cultivated a "guide bee" for him.
Of course, helping Sun Hao’s bee eggs Gu Yun successfully cultivated a bee colony in Lingtian, but it was a powerful assistant for planting flowers and plants in Lingtian. However, the "guide bee" cultivated by seven land bees was only given to Sun Hao for him to take with him.
Every creature in the world has a long seven-land bee body, which has a very strong ability to know the way. It is said that seven-land bees can accurately find the enemy’s magical bees.
There are different evolutionary directions in the growth of the seven-land bee, one of which is that the pathfinding monks can cultivate the seven-land bee into a "guide bee" through special means.
The guide bee is a low-level but very real spirit beast, and it is also the biggest reliance for Sun Hao to dare to come to the ghost mound. Even if Sun Hao goes into the ghost mound and is hit by a ghost after going in, the guide bee will eventually lead Sun Hao back to the hole, but he will not be trapped alive.