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"At that time, I must make him beg for mercy and be my Xu Jia dog!"

"Hum what Sue palace! With my Xu family, it’s just a dying and ruined mansion! "
Many people have a sinister look, and they are thinking about what methods they should use to torture Su Yu.
Everyone is confident that just a Su Yu is angry, and there is absolutely no way out before the Xu family!
Everyone thinks that Su Yu’s return to the Imperial City this time is a big mistake in Bu Tian!
From here alone, it’s no big deal that Su Yu is still the same loser in the past.
At best, this loser has become a little clever and decisive. Maybe he can escape the punishment of Xu Jiahe?
The Xu family scoffed at Su Yu.
11 Chapter 11 The invitation of the Great Emperor
At the same time, Su Wangfu practiced martial arts.
It’s noon and the sun is hanging high in early summer, and the burning sun makes people feel a little uncomfortable.
Su Yu is sitting cross-legged in the martial arts field, closing her eyes, concentrating on benefiting the people, cultivating the true imperial scroll with energy and running ability.
Due to the wide characteristics of the real imperial scroll, Su Yu’s cultivation speed will be faster if he can practice the nine aura whirlpools in the open air.
With Su Yu’s high strength, he has now completely controlled the nine aura whirlpools, so that they can slowly and quickly absorb the aura of heaven and earth without attracting the attention of others.
Outside the training ground, there are two maids, Wan’er and Ling Aner, who are in a wheelchair and read Sunny.
Nian Qingyi’s blood vessels are blocked due to excessive whiplash and excessive restraint.
Although Su Yu has been cured, Nian Qingyi is still advised to sit and recuperate more. After all, Su Yu’s exchange of healing drugs is not the top and Nian Qingyi is not a fighter.
When Nian Qingyi needs to be nursed back to health for half a month.
Watching Su Yu sit cross-legged in the practice field, reading Qing Yi sipped her red lips, and her beautiful mouth was slightly raised.
"I can’t believe that Yu Er can actually practice martial arts, and the strength is not weak. The Tianjiao of the Imperial Capital are much stronger!"
Read sunny in accordance with the light said a pair of apricot eyes quietly looking at Su Yu figure.
"Grandpa works very hard. When he is in Beishan County, he often handles things. After that, he has to take time to practice. He is busy late every day."
Officer Wan’er aside light said.
Ling Aner nodded this little head and echoed it.
She is particularly distressed by Su Yu’s efforts to see Su Yu’s eyes in Beishan County.
Sometimes Su Yu’s generals think that Su Yu is too hard on himself.
But they don’t know that the more talented and qualified people are, the harder they will work.
Su Yu, in particular, knew that she was getting heavier and heavier, and she dared not relax herself.
"Every strength comes from diligence. Feather knew this truth from an early age because he was still practicing martial arts at that time."
Nian Qingyi sighed gently and then smiled. "But now that Yu Er can practice martial arts, if his mother knows, she will be very happy!"
"What is it like to miss my aunt? I have never heard of her. Can you tell me?"
Ling Aner’s little inquiry has a hint of goodness in her beautiful eyes.
She knew that Su Yu was very interested in her life experience, and Su Long kept silent about it and never told Su Yu about her biological mother.
Nian Qingyi sighed slightly when she heard Ling Aner’s words, and a pair of charming apricot eyes changed the subject with a smile. "Aner, I heard from Yu Er that he seems to have bought you a beauty sleep?"
Read fine in accordance with the no choice to answer LingAnEr words can be said to be depending on.
Although it is a shallow sentence to read Sunny, it is still full of a faint majesty.
This is Nianqing’s innate temperament, as if Su Yu’s biological mother could make Nianqing’s mentality change dramatically.
Officer Wan’er is aware of this, and her aunt’s temperament is very different from ordinary people. She has been hiding something.
Is LingAnEr too simple didn’t find her some ignorant said "? Yes, grandpa bought the beauty sleep for Aner. "
"How many gold coins did you spend?"
Read fine in accordance with the picked his eyebrows.
Ling Aner clever answer.
"Feather is really naughty."
Read fine according to one leng and then a captivating smile white teeth to perfection.
But she knew that this beauty sleep was originally Su Yu. I didn’t expect Su Yu to go to Beishan County and change hands, and he bought it back and gave it to Ling Aner.
This is really a little tricky.
"Ann, if you love the piano, sometimes I’ll teach you."
Read sunny according to smilingly said
"Really? It’s very kind of you to miss you! "
Ling Aner said with surprise that Qiao’s face is permeated with simple happy smile.
She had learned from Su Yu that Nianqing was one of the few grand pianists in the whole imperial city.
Su Yu was accompanied by three contemporary stunning women around the training ground. They were laughing and smiling, each with its own amorous feelings.
It is difficult for the emperors of the world to find a stunning woman, but Su Yu is accompanied by three stunning women.
If anyone sees this scene, they will be envious and jealous of Su Yu.
How favored you must be to have these charming people.