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Moreover, some States and counties are also sent by Su Yonglin himself as officials. For example, the whole state of Tai ‘an is Su Yonglin’s private residence. There are many mineral deposits in the state, and the surrounding landlords and gentry are drooling, but there is nothing they can do.

They don’t dare to tell the ghosts when the military power is brilliant, and the generals who have offended them will bring people to smash their village. They have no place to cry.
Insatiability, this group of people waited and waited until Su Yonglin started to build the Yellow River and Shandong broke ground to allocate a lot of money and engineering building materials.
Take so much from us and give so little. Is it time to make it up to us this time?
So after a short hesitation, this group of people did not hesitate to reach out and start their own businesses from the project funds and building materials.
People often do things tacitly instead of working together.
As far as Xu Wei and Chen Luo know, there are people in Jinan, Zizhou, Binzhou, Dizhou, Yidufu and many other places who have made huge profits from this money and engineering building materials to make up for what they thought before [family loss].
After they get it, they often mobilize their families, relatives and friends to act together to clean this unclean property and then fish it out again.
Then everything will be fine.
Everyone is no stranger to this kind of thing, and they are all experts. The former Xu Jin Guo also played like this. Some of them played with flowers and made money together with the jurchen.
Now nature is the same.
Just at this golden opportunity, a lot of money flowed into the emperor of Shandong, who still loved the people to work very much and paid them money. If they didn’t pay money before, it would be really difficult for them to fuck, and it was very risky to fuck.
However, the current emperor has sent a lot of money, and the price has gone up. Now, it is also a little higher to push this batch of money into the market. Maybe the root will not attract the emperor’s attention.
They think like this.
In order to make money smoothly, they even took the initiative to contact some people in charge of logistics at the construction site.
Because many things in the Yellow River Project also need the cooperation of local officials, it is easy for local officials to intervene because the headquarters of the Yellow River Project of the Renaissance Association is the place where so many things are handled by law.
It is too time-consuming and expensive to rely on local officials’ ready-made warehouses to build temporary warehouses instead of logistics materials.
In this way, the revival Committee will be responsible for supervising and implementing the local government’s responsibility and logistics transportation, which is very feasible
Either deceive the Fuxing people or drag the Fuxing people into the water and fuck them together to get rich.
However, at the beginning, it was not an easy task to attract people from Fuxing Association. They were often reluctant to have too much contact with local officials and do things in a meticulous manner according to the rules.
What I want to do from under their noses is not a simple matter.
But after a long time, they found that some renaissance people were not so meticulous.
Gifts can be refused once or twice, invitations can be refused once or twice, and they can hardly continue to refuse the so-called people who reach out and don’t smile.
They are human beings and some people. worldly desires can’t be vulgar.
It was soon discovered that some people like food, some people like wine, some people like beautiful women, and some people simply don’t want enough money to kill him.
It’s good to have a beginning. Fuck, it’s familiar to them to pull people’s water.
You know, some things don’t happen once, twice, three times, once and ten thousand times.
Xu Wei and Chen Luo are very clear about this.
Chapter 17 Human High-quality Corruption
Although we are all accomplices, they also have some concerns that some people will be involved if they are found out.
Chen Luo has a keen awareness of this.
"Having said that, there are not a few people who have made this idea. Let’s not say that Shandong Province is clear to ourselves, but it’s hard to say how many emperors in Henan Province will check Henan. If a large number of emperors are found out, the problem will be great. I’m afraid there will be trouble in Shandong."
After Chen Luo said this, Xu Wei thought about it and felt that his idea was reasonable.
After all, if too many people are found in Henan, Shandong is likely to be angry, and the emperor will focus on it. It is hard to say that no one will be arrested and then reveal some news that everyone will not be happy.
Xu Weisi reasoned that the problem was not less than looking at Chen Luo.
"Making money is for everyone to make money together, but if you are caught accidentally, you can’t confide in everyone. I suggest that we should discuss it before. Once the incident happens, it must be killed by one person and never take others out.
So once this person dies, no matter what happens to his family, the rest of them can secretly help them live, but if he takes everyone out, the result will be unpredictable. "
Xu Wei’s eyes were flashing with cold light, and Chen Luo felt that this statement was very reasonable, so he nodded and decided to adopt this method.
Don’t be a gang, not to mention that Dongping Prefecture belongs to itself. This gang must speak with one voice and do things by one person. Anyone who dares to bite everyone will be severely hit by everyone! Never be soft
When Su Yonglin took drastic action in Henan Province, Shandong also took the lead in starting "countermeasures" because of his south.
Some bigwigs secretly called face-to-face handlers to make this basic principle public. To tell you the truth, if someone fails to do what everyone expects, don’t blame others for being ruthless.
At one time, there was quite a storm coming in some parts of Shandong Province.
At the same time, Su Yonglin’s action in Henan Province has made great progress.
Su Yonglin immediately ordered the official control of the four counties and ordered the review team to check it out in the end, except that the books of East County, Dangshan County, Zhencheng County and Fengxian County of Huangxian County were found to be tricky.
Torture forced, overnight audit books efforts four county corruption gangs were quickly pulled out.
Four counties, East County and Dangshan County, are county magistrates, Zhencheng County and Fengxian County are hiding from the county magistrate, and this Middle East county magistrate is a revival member.
Su Yonglin looked at the audited real accounts and found that the East County Magistrate’s Office had brought nearly 4 million yuan in financial losses. He flew into a rage and immediately asked the Henan Provincial Working Group of the Third Division of the Central Judicial Department to conduct a joint hearing.
The result of the audit is that the county orders of Dongxian County and Dangshan County are executed.
County commandant, Xiancheng county is mainly responsible for the official department beheaded.
Officials will be punished according to the amount of corruption. If the amount exceeds 100,000 yuan, they will be sentenced to 10 years imprisonment if the amount is less than 100,000 yuan.
Zhencheng County and Fengxian County ordered dereliction of duty, dismissed people and never told corrupt officials, and officials were punished according to the cases of Dongxian County and Dangshan County, each with different punishment standards.
However, the same thing is that the family of the officials involved in the case, Sun San-dai, is not allowed to take the imperial examination, and Sun San-dai is not allowed to participate in government official duties, and they must compensate the state for financial losses caused by them.
They must engage in jobs that the state forces them to do, and pay compensation for losses, and 60% of their monthly income will be used to compensate for the rest of their lives.
No matter how many years you have to pay this bill, pay me back!
Until the compensation is completed or the family is extinct!
Later amnesties do not include such crimes. No pardon is allowed!
In the first wave, 17 people were dealt with for reviving members’ lawbreaking, and Su Yonglin was deeply angry. The treatment of these 17 people and their families behind them was more severe, so that their family’s legal department and Dali Temple would always send people to supervise their progress in repaying state funds until their grandchildren were replaced or cut off!
After a rigorous trial, they confessed to 13 accomplices in the engineering department, and Su Yonglin made the investigation team follow suit, so the investigation team caught two corruption gangs from Xuzhou Branch and Pizhou Branch.
A total of 37 Fuxing members, two of them involved the local government and the engineering department in charge of Fuxing Association, but fortunately, many people in the engineering department cheated and there was no universal case.
However, this also made Su Yonglin very angry and asked the main person in charge of the Fuxing Branch to conduct self-review and informed criticism.
Tian Jue was deeply sorry for this, so he asked for demotion and severely punished himself.
Su Yonglin reassured Tian Jue that it was impossible for him to handle all the details by himself, but it was a mistake. Tian Jue was also jointly and severally liable to punish him for three months’ salary.
After Su Yonglin, according to the lessons of this review, he strengthened the construction of auditing and local judicial power, fully educated and alerted the reconstruction of counties, county governments and engineering departments, and asked local judicial branches to give full play to themselves.
Then Su Yonglin held a meeting of Fuxing Member Department in Kaifeng to make public the results of punishing Fuxing members and the responsibilities they need to bear, so as to warn Fuxing members not to be guilty.
"The execution of others includes not only the outside, but also our department’s attempts to revive the members of the new generation. We must consider whether we don’t consider ourselves or our family and future generations, and our grandchildren will pay compensation until they die!"