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I can’t do it if I don’t fill it out. No

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Fill in the blanks, and brother pao will be clamoring for the dream home network to receive the advertisement
"When will Mom celebrate the New Year?"
"Almost 300 times a day."
"Then my precious master will be back soon, right?"
"Yeah, I’ll be back soon."
Mother Tang smiled and rubbed her little head, then looked at the date and sighed. New Year’s Day is not yet early for the Spring Festival. The girl has to miss her master so much.
There was a courier outside, and Tang Yike ran out excitedly. It must be that Master sent another gift.
Yes, they are all exquisite gifts, not sent by suluo, but mailed by Adelaide from abroad. Everyone in the family has one, even aunt Wang, the nanny, and now she is very happy. Of course, there are many filial piety to the master elder sister.
It’s a Christmas present from my little brother with blue eyes and golden hair.
really beautiful
Eyes full of little stars
Elder martial sister is so satisfied.
Suluo, a thousand miles away, took another short break and received a German message.
Erde can speak fluent Chinese now, and he is proud of himself.
"You must be a Northeastern if you hire a Chinese teacher."
"Master, how do you know?"
"I don’t know? You’ve learned this Northeast accent so well that it’s full of flavor. Hahahaha."
The German guy with a northeast accent is very interesting. suluo is very amused
There is nothing else, so Dede just called to say hello, because Christmas is coming in a week.
Christmas, western festivals have also become big festivals in China. Don’t be cynical or shout about worshipping foreign things and obsessing foreign things. Isn’t our Spring Festival gaining more and more influence abroad now?
China is the most magical place in the world. Why do you say that? Because almost all of them worship Christmas and Jesus. In fact, it’s not that young men and women want to have a carnival reason.
I’ve been chatting with Erde for a long time, and it seems that he is the most neglected when I am a master. Who told him to be so far away? Ji always takes the initiative to talk.
I also gave him a present with a Christmas ballet called Nutcracker.
Of course, it’s a fairy tale, the Nutcracker Mouse King and Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Suite. Let him do it himself. suluo gives a general idea
It’s impossible to see this "Christmas ballet" in the past this Christmas, but music and stories can go first.
Told him to go home during the Spring Festival and hung up after the Spring Festival.
Suluo simply gave the crew a holiday, too, on the grounds that they were all tired when Christmas came to give you a rest and catch your breath.
The members of the cast blinked, and it was true that the most sexual boss also had a holiday at Christmas, and other cast members didn’t even want to have a holiday during the Spring Festival.
It’s a good thing after all. I’m happy to go home with my wife and children and my boyfriend and girlfriend.
the other side
Adelaide is playing the Nutcracker Suite over and over again. The lovely, exquisite, lively and elegant music is full of simple and mysterious fairy tales. What emerges before Adelaide is a grand Christmas party, a romantic snow country and a colorful candy kingdom.
I’m going crazy. This is the best gift in the world for him.
Ma released the bid. It was Master suluo who wrote the most beautiful stories and songs that DreamWorks gave to the children of the world.
On the eve of Christmas, in a strong festive atmosphere, the most classic German candy fairy dance was first sung and then quickly blinked, and it was flooded.
Two days later, this song was played in the streets and alleys of western countries. It flowed out of the country and then came back.
It is not surprising that Adelaide has too much influence in the classical music circle and suluo has more influence.