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"Depend! Jade Duxiu, how did you get this unlucky guy to windy continent? "

Come to the sky, Tai Su drank the wine with a smirk on his face, but when he saw the virtual distortion, Jade Duxiu led the jade bodhi old zu to come in, and suddenly he was scared. All the drinks in his mouth were instantly sprayed out, and he suddenly got up with a face and I didn’t welcome this fellow.
"hey! I didn’t expect you to play together. Didn’t you look at each other in ancient times? "
The bodhi old zu, the jade bodhi old zu, came to the sky with a naturally engaging look. He stretched out his hand and picked up a few bottles of wine. Suddenly, his face turned red and his face was full of laughter.
"How did you bring this unlucky guy back? This fellow not only called others unlucky, but also unlucky himself. If you left him, we would all have a hard time." The sky gathered around Yu Duxiu and pulled Yu Duxiu’s sleeves
Jade Duxiu smell speech did not think so much before one leng.
"Don’t touch my wine, you fellow." The strong wind in the whirling hand instantly rolled up the hip flask on the table and fell into his own bag.
"It’s really stingy." The unlucky ghost held his arms and looked down with disdain. His eyes were full of pride, and I was very proud and disdainful.
"In those days, it was because of this fellow’s bad luck that Brother was assassinated." The sky was low.
While the bodhi old zu jade suddenly don’t want to squint dry day "I that is intentional? Am I not careful, too? "
"How dare you say that Brother Fuyou helped you with good intentions, but it was stained with your bad luck. If it weren’t for this, Brother Fuyou wouldn’t have delayed the journey for millions of years. I don’t know how many times I entered this reincarnation." Pointing at the unlucky ghost in the sky, I bent down and looked at the unlucky ghost. "And if I hadn’t been stained with your bad luck, I would have been blindsided?"
"You this fellow is asking for another bodhi old zu. I don’t know what’s going on outside when I’m suppressed." Jade bodhi old zu’s immature face is full of disdain.
Looking at the unlucky ghost, he drawled into the air and said, "If Miaoxiu asks this youngest son to stay with us in this windy continent, he will make trouble in the future."
Jade Duxiu smell speech wry smile "that how to do? This old thing can be attributed to me. "
Just then, the Tai Su Godfather looked at Yu Duxiu with a pair of eyes full of curiosity. "How did you do it when you were in contact with the jade bodhi old zu for so long?"
"I was born to be this old nemesis." Jade Duxiu put her arms around the unlucky guy’s shoulder, but she was angrily pushed by the unlucky guy. "Don’t hug me like this. I tell you I don’t like it. Stay away from me."
The unlucky ghost walked directly to the seat with his legs crossed, and a pair of young men insisted that you were so upright that you could walk up to Jade Duxiu and said, "Miaoxiu, you are so small that you have to come up with a solution, or this fellow is unlucky. I, a windy continent creature, will be spoiled by this little thing."
"Everyone is an old friend and there is no deep hatred. Can’t you bear it?" Jade Duxiu Nai looked at the sky, soaring and determined. He didn’t have me, I didn’t have him. Jade Duxiu whispered, "This last-minute repair is unfathomable, but it is the first person in the heavens and the earth. It has reached the extreme of detachment. If I can get a little guidance, I don’t know how many detours to take."
After listening to the words of Jade Duxiu, his eyes suddenly turned and he abandoned Jade Duxiu and came to the front of Jade Bodhisattva.
"bodhi old zu, this wine was brewed when my bodhi old zu was just suppressed millions of years ago. Now it is already a million years old. Bodh old zu might as well try my wine." He took out a pot of wine and put a few cases in front of the jade bodhi old zu.
While taking out a delicious food from the wind bag, I left it on the table. "The bodhi old zu can feel free to taste my specialty in Dafeng Island."
"That’s it, that’s it. The novel is not our brother’s call. Even this little one won’t let your family stay with our brother." The sky is not as fresh as usual
"I-"Jade Duxiu’s instant message is that your brother doesn’t want this unlucky ghost to stay, which is what I care?
"Ah ah ah I said you two can’t be so …"
"Shut up and stop saying that the bodhi old zu will stay here in the future. In the future, our brothers will ask the bodhi old zu to talk about the Xuan and the ink." Looking at Yu Duxiu, he thundered against the sky.
"What is this and what?" Jade Duxiu language looked at the front three people.
While Tai Su chuckled over her mouth, she looked at the scene in the field funny.
Jade Duxiu smiles here. At this time, the four godfathers are going to cry when they get together.
"What should I do?" Looking at the hands of Emperor Tu Taiping’s ancestor, it is impossible to withdraw safely in this situation, let alone participate in the racial war or retreat.
"This unfortunate rule will produce a lot, and it has solidified to the essence. If you want to erase the roots, it will not be possible for a while." Too easy to teach the ancestors to smile and turn the turtle shell round and round, and the copper coins keep hitting in the turtle shell.
"Now, if those monsters kill the door, we have no defense at all." Taidou Godfather Naidao said.
"Not necessarily! Those monster beasts may not dare to kill the door, but the hapless guy’s intention is not clear. If it happens that the hapless guy kills the door, it’s not us who will be unlucky then, but they "teach the ancestors of Taiyi"
Everyone, look at me, I see your ancestor of Taiping Sect, "You are better, but the imperial map is broken. You can suppress bad luck and protect yourself even if you don’t have the strength. I’m afraid you can’t protect yourself. How can it be so unlucky? It’s really unreasonable that our brothers have been practicing hard for millions of years. Now it’s just a breakthrough. I hope that the old thing has been repaired for millions of years, or is it that we have been suppressed or that old guy has been suppressed?"
"There’s no way to tell him that he’s a leader in quantity robbery. The whole great fortune has gathered in him, and there’s nothing we can do." Too easy to teach our ancestors to bite their teeth and the fire in their eyes rises. "No matter what, we must come up with a way to restrain bad luck."
Chapter 17 Causality of Broken Mixed Elements
Thirty-three days in the sky, sitting in the hall of the heavens, putting the Terran battlefield in the eye.
"This jade show is really a lucky way to meet the first ancestor. If I met the first ancestor, wouldn’t it be safer to sit on the throne?" There was a flash of envy in the eyes of a dry day, and a finger tapped on the arm of the chair. "Now it seems that the first ancestor is the strongest in all worlds, even if the first ancestor was suppressed by millions, I should hold the thigh of the first ancestor tightly."
"Brother!" Forget the dust and come to Yu Duxiu’s side
"What’s the matter?" Yudu avenue
"Sister Li Chen came and asked the elder brother if he could resolve the cause and effect of the first ancestor." Forget the dust.
Yu Duxiu heard that his eyes narrowed slightly, but he smiled. "This cause and effect should have been resolved long ago because the fruit is too big."
"Where is the dust?" Yudu avenue
Forget the dust and look into the distance. "Come out, Sister Dust."
But I saw Yu Duxiu’s eyes in front of him slowly coming from the dust. It was complicated and sad for a while before I made a ceremony at Yu Duxiu to "see Brother Dao".
"Want to resolve the cause and effect of jade bodhi old zu?" Yudu avenue
"Well" from the dust nodded "I was the first grandchild"