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"God, I’m still a little different from you. At least I’m human." When all the things were said, the bridled Taoist’s mood was peaceful instead.

He said quietly, "I won’t regret my choice …"
God of Light sneered and said, "Now I’ll make you regret it …" When he spoke, cool colour flashed across his brow.
"I know you are not afraid of the cause of death. Your life is born empty. You have earned it by living so long."
Say, "So I will make your life hell, and I will make you feel pain."
The voice faded, and the face of God became more and more cold. He raised his palm and waved it gently toward the bridled Taoist priest. In an instant, several blood mouths appeared on the bridled Taoist priest’s face.
Suddenly the bone-chilling pain appeared.
"This is a-!" The glory of the divine voice is still so cold and horrible.
Road flyover bridled eyes tightly closed, pale lips extremely closed and trembling as if enjoying this unbearable pain. Suddenly, he slowly opened his eyes and looked at the front of him and said, "God, only people like you can treat their hands …"
"Ha ha-!"
Guangzun smiled contemptuously. "I have forcibly cut off your connection with me … If you didn’t have a guilty conscience, you wouldn’t be so nervous to tell me those things."
"You are a pervert!" Road flyover bridled said
"Hum-!" Guangzun God disdainfully said, "All life in Yu is a plaything for me, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with myself."
God’s indifference to life has reached the extreme.
"Take it slowly … the light and the cold sneer of God are constantly invisible to the naked eye, and subtle forces invade the bridled body.
Every force invasion cuts his body like a knife.
Bridled man trembled again.
"I won’t ask you for mercy … bridled road flyover suddenly said.
Looking at the victim in two places at once with a very complicated emotion.
No wailing, no moaning, no begging for mercy and abuse … At the moment, the bridled Taoist is silent.
Dead silence
Finally, an hour later, Guangzun God stopped punishing the busy person, and at this time, the human meridians of Baimeidao have been divided into several segments.
The naked eye can’t see the blood slowly flowing out of the blood mouth, and in an instant, the bridled road flyover becomes a blood man. From his expression, you can see that he has suffered great pain that non-human people can bear.
"Do you regret it?" God of light asks
"No regrets!"
Road flyover Bai Mei is still so stubborn. "Your cruelty and your feelings once again prove that I am right. You must be eliminated. Without you, the Three Realms and Yu can have peace. I believe Xiaoyu will kill you."
Light statue of god despise way "even if you tell Long Yu again? He can’t find where the rage is … The whole space can only be found by myself. "
"He will find-!" Road flyover bridled brimming with pain in his heart said slowly, "He can definitely be found."
"Whatever you insist on …" Light God smiled and said, "It’s a pity that your life will come to an end or I will let you see it."
At this time, the statue of God sensed that a powerful force was attacking him and he set up an enchantment.
Soon he was sure that it was Long Yu’s chaotic Force.
"Bridled Yu Long came. It’s a pity that he also saved you. Your body meridians and internal organs have been completely divided into several pieces by me. Even your body has been divided. Your life will disappear in pain. No one can save you. I’m leaving …" Said the light statue of God.
Without the god of light, the ban on maintaining the premises of the bridled Taoist was quickly broken by Yu Long.
Yu Long suddenly froze when he pushed the house. He was a man covered in blood, and he could clearly feel that his life was slowly passing by.
After a brief surprise, Long Yu Long Yu stepped forward with great difficulty and held the thin and bloody body of the bridled road flyover in her arms.
The bridled Taoist opened his eyes with great difficulty, but his old muddy and scattered eyes shone with a very pure light. "You’re here …
"I’m late-!" Yu Long held this thin body and felt that the life of the old man was slowly passing away. He said dryly, "I should have thought that you told me that these light gods will never let you go. I’m sorry …"
"Ha ha ….." Road flyover bridled with a chuckle some trembling "do not matter … anyway, I have to die sooner or later …"
Yu Long held his body gently and held his cold hand tightly for fear of letting him go. "Anyway, it was my carelessness."
Yu Long croaked and whispered, "What should I do now? I can’t find him and do something for you?"
Long Yu lowered his head a little and gently leaned against the wrinkled cheek of the old man. "I can feel that your life is passing away, and I know that your meridians have broken, but I don’t know how to save you."
"No-!" Suddenly, the hand tightened tightly, and the bridled road clenched Long Yu’s hand manually and said reluctantly, "Kill him …"
Yu Long was cold and looked at the old man in his arms with fear, knowing that the other person had already lost his grip.
Road flyover bridled turbid messy eyes seem to be tightly staring at Yu Long face.
"I know … I will definitely kill the God." Yu Long made a hasty statement for fear that if it was too late, the bridled Taoist would not have a chance to hear it.
Hear Yu Long certainly answer bridled road flyover turbidity but clear cham eyes flashed a smile.
At the moment, his life is still passing.
But he won’t die soon.
The means of controlling power by honoring God is very skillful, but it is seriously injured but not fatal.
He will die in agony.
Road flyover bridled eyes gradually dim, some can’t hear the sound of heaven and earth clearly, and the light in front of him gradually dim.
Road flyover bridled suddenly heard some sounds.
It seems that Yu Long called his voice.
Road flyover bridled suddenly looked at the dragon
A word "kill me …"
Yu Long smiled with an extremely ugly smile and put his mouth close to the bridled road flyover’s ear and said, "I can’t do it …"
"Road flyover with bridled eyebrows … don’t give up, okay?" Yu Long said, "Maybe I will find a way … I will try to save you …"