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Guo Yi said, "I can tell from your expression that you still believe me. Since you are so thoughtful, you should always believe me, right? She never lies. "

Mo Wen fixed his eyes on Sisi.
"Brother Yi didn’t lie to you. I’m going to marry him to be his youngest wife … besides giving him dolls, I’m often bullied …"
Sisi injustice sucks her nose and looks miserable, as if it were really the kannika nimtragol who was hated by others and often bullied by others.
Hearing this, Guo Yisong shrugged his shoulders and straightened his chest. The whole people were proud.
Chapter 7 Wan Haoxue
Mo Wen’s face suddenly became bitter, and the invitation was put again after a long time.
Suddenly jumped towards Guo Yi and grabbed his neck with both hands and cursed, "Guo rogue, you beast, I strangled you. What a good girl you want her to be your little wife lover and fight with you."
Guo Yi still quietly with Mo Wen pinch his neck even if it is cut off.
"Mo Wen, you strangled me, and Sisi was my little widow after I died," Guo Yidao said.
Mo Wen will hand to put face upwards sighed "what the hell! Is there anyone in charge of the rogue? "
Guo Yi, whose clothes were messed up by Mo Wen, said with a smile, "Are you going to drink this wedding banquet?"
"Why don’t you go? I’ll drink you to death." Mo Wen stared and thought hard.
"I advise you not to go. When you get there, you will feel sad when you see me and think about the abode of fairies and immortals," Guo Yi said.
Mo Wen stubborn way "I am that kind of person? I can afford this wedding banquet today, and I still have to drink it. "
"Do you want to stop thinking about one?" Guo yi laughed
"Leave now if you don’t consider it," Mo Wen said flatly.
It’s even more difficult to invite Mo Wen to deal with the Xiandao Army than to ascend to heaven, but if he is invited to drink Sisi and Guo Yi’s wedding banquet, he will go even if he doesn’t want to.
People who lose their temper are looked down upon by heaven and man, and they can’t be looked down upon by Guo Yi.
Guo Yi pulled out a big red wedding invitation from her arms and said, "Since Brother Mo looks so bad, why don’t you help me send this invitation to Wu Jian?"
Mo Wen feels that the most miserable person in the world is not only to watch himself like a woman marrying a prostitute as a concubine, but also to send invitations to the prostitute.
I’m afraid no one is more miserable than him!
"Brother Mo, if it is difficult, I will personally send it to him to believe that Brother Wu will know that Sisi and I will make a positive result, and will also bless us. Brother Mo will rest assured that I will not tell him that your heart is suffering and you will not tell him that you just pinched my neck." Guo Yi sighed and put the invitation back in his arms.
Mo Wen face a slight change heart andao "if really let Guo Yi this bastard send invitations to Wu chop there must be some show off in an ostentatious manner also don’t know how to belittle me if I send invitations in the past, I can also tell Wu chop that I have long been not interested in Sisi, and I am trying to fix her and Guo Yi so that I can get by"