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ChuDonghe felt wrong and called for it at once, but it was still late.

The king of silver armor resin suddenly appeared behind Li Xuandao, and his left paw was scratched towards the middle of the back of Li Xuandao.
At this moment, a dim sword suddenly appeared behind Li Xuandao.
This sword stands between Li Xuandao and the king of silver armor resin. From a distance, it looks like the king of silver armor resin himself hit the sword.
Chapter 22 Essence is born like a column vision
Chapter 22 Essence is born like a column vision
Silver armor resin king frightened roar loud.
Although the speed of physical obstacle breaking is extremely fast, it can exceed the speed of sound and erupt into terrorist forces, but this type of Wushu also has obvious defects
It’s too fast!
The king of silver armor resin can’t come even if he wants to change.
The king of silver armor resin hit a mark on his head, and the sword was immediately cut into two parts from the waist by a sharp blade.
Nevertheless, the king of silver armor resin is still not dead. His teeth are flying all over his body, and he still maintains great inertia, waving his sharp left hand and scratching at the middle of the back of Li Xuandao.
"Li Xuandao, I will fight with you!"
Silver armor resin king latosolic red eyes blow all the strength.
However, after losing more than half of his body, his strength is not as good as before.
He was about to catch Li Xuandao and Li Xuandao suddenly turned around and stared at him with amber eyes.
"You can go to die!"
Li Xuandao looked cold and slowly raised his right hand.
With a finger.
A if if white mountain struck like a flash and penetrated the head of the king of silver armor resin.
Great power makes the head of the king of silver armor raise directly.
When he came, he flew out to the rear at a faster speed.
"Now it’s your turn."
It is a trivial matter that Li Xuandao flicked his fingers as if he had killed the king of silver armor.
He turned to coldly looking at ChuDonghe eyes without any feelings.
Chu Donghe was afraid, and the turbulent flames on his body represented his ups and downs. He was embarrassed with a sword in his hand and hesitated to escape while trying to make a move.
"You can’t escape without thinking."
Li Xuandao copy is seen through ChuDonghe mind look cold way
ChuDonghe a slight shock quietly clenched the sword flame burning again.
He is worthy of being the first day in South Manchuria and soon calmed down.
Now that Fa has escaped, he intends to fight to the death with Li Xuandao.
However, for a moment, Li Xuandao easily disintegrated in one sentence, and he finally rose to fight.
"You are no match for me."
Li Xuandao shook his head and looked calm.
It is as if he is not showing off or provoking, but telling a fact.
Chu Donghe couldn’t help but take three big steps backwards with a slight breath. After a long silence, he finally put away his fire. "Li Xuandao, I know you are a lazy person. You must have his purpose after telling me so much?"
Li Xuandao made a snap of his fingers and put away the mark. The sword slowly fell in front of the Chudong River and said, "I want to know why you blood lotus taught me to kill me?"
This is a question that has been hovering since Li Xuandao was born again
Arguably, Li Xuandao is a very ordinary younger brother of a third-rate family in Lin ‘an City. How could it possibly attract the attention of the three ancient lotus religions?
Even rummaged through all the memories before, Li Xuandao was puzzled.
"I don’t know"
ChuDonghe shook his head and answered very simply, "This is the reason why the blood lotus leader personally ordered it."
Li Xuandao’s heart was very surprised at the fact that the three ancient leaders of the blood lotus have dominated the identity and high status. How can such a figure, Xuan Huang Dalu, have been with the supernatural, note an ordinary teenager in a remote urban area of South Manchuria?
Even if it is hard to believe that Li Xuandao can feel that ChuDonghe is not lying, he pondered for a moment and continued to ask, "What is it that your blood lotus sect wants to occupy Lin ‘an City?"
"This …"
ChuDonghe hesitated with a full face.
"eh? Refuse to say? "
Li Xuandao’s eyes flashed a cold cold light, which could not help but increase the tone. "Whether you say it or not in Chudong River is all so-called. I can make sousousou secret method read your head memory. Now I just want to give you a chance to see if you can grasp it yourself."
"Do you know the secret method of soul searching?"
Chu Donghe’s face changed dramatically. "The secret method of soul searching is something that cults can master. How can you be such a sorcerer?"