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I understand this scene. Lin Yong’s eyes are red. Lin Wu is his brother. The two brothers have been very good. This is killing brothers and hating each other. The heinous murder and anger overwhelm everything. Lin Yong directly forgets his fear and rushes to the white shadow in Luo Zhang!

"Tear …"
The broadsword was cut off directly. The white shadow of climbing Lin Huaiyuan also raised his head. In the dim environment, he couldn’t see clearly that his face was a pair of green eyes. The white left arm was lifted. The white shadow wanted to block Lin Yong’s broadsword. At this time, Lin Yong also saw clearly that the white root of the white shadow was not white clothes, but white hair, just like monkey hair, but it was a little different!
"Snow … roar! ……”
The big knife split the arm covered with white fluff, but it didn’t see blood. Lin Yong felt like chopping dry wood, and his arms were numb. However, Shiro also seemed to feel bad. He let out a loud roar in his mouth and seemed to eat pain. Then Shiro’s green eyes were full of yoshimitsu, and his whole body jumped up and pounced on Lin Yong like a cheetah!
"bang! Bang! ……”
Shiro moves very quickly. Lin Yong came to block Shiro’s hands in front of him, but the whole body was thrown backwards and smashed the ground!
"roar! ……”
Roar like a beast from the mouth of the white shadow, which makes people vomit and smell fishy. Lin Yong opened his eyes to see what was in front of him. This is a woman, but she looks scary. Her face is iron and green, and her ribs are like centipedes and earthworms. Her eyes are deep and green, her dark hair is covered with white fluff, and her hands are sharp and slender with iron blue nails!
This his niang is a monster mouth with two sharp fangs toward Lin Yong bite!
"get out!" Lin Yong huffed and pushed the monster!
"Brother Yong!" "Go to hell!"
At this time, the other two assume also react to see that Lin Yong was thrown down by the monster and his face changed greatly. He picked up the broadsword in his hand and cut it toward the monster’s back!
"Roar … bang! ……”
Monster reaction is very sharp, and it seems that he is afraid of the sword. When he sees two broadswords coming towards him, he puts his feet on the ground. Lin Yong makes a leap like a sharp arrow hiding and slamming the screen next to him. He is far away from four or five meters away, and his green eyes look at the two assume that yoshimitsu is dropping. After that, both of them swallow their saliva and be afraid. Lin Yong also got up from the ground! !
"What’s the matter! What’s going on Lin Wu? Lin Yong! ?”
At this time, Lin Huaiyuan woke up in bed, but he felt weak. Just now, he felt that he was being pressed by a ghost. Then he heard a loud noise and a loud roar in the house, which woke him up. When he opened his eyes and found that his account was rotten, he turned his head and saw the green light in his eyes and Lin Yong confronted the monster. Even if the light was a little dim, Lin Huaiyuan was scared and shivered!
"Master!" An observant dinking saw Lin Huaiyuan wake up and hurried to Lin Huaiyuan’s bed to block Lin Huaiyuan’s front!
"What is it! ?” "What’s the matter? !” "It seems that there is a sound from the master!" "Bad assassin hurry past master is in danger! ……”
At the same time, there was a noise outside, and then I saw torches outside the window. It was the Lins who were alarmed and came here! This makes the four people in the room feel relaxed. When there are many people, it will always give people a sense of security, especially in the face of this monster.
"No, this monster is going to run!"
Suddenly, Lin Yong’s face changed. He saw the monster’s deep green eyes and glanced at the door. He knew that the monster was trying to escape, but the reaction was a little slow. Soon, he saw that his feet slammed his whole body and turned into a white shadow like an arrow rushing to the door!
A few people in the room saw the monster figure as soon as his face changed, but at this moment, he suddenly saw a couplet on the table next to the door. Suddenly, generate threw a dazzling white light over the monster and imprisoned it in place. Then the white light in the sight of four people, like a blazing flame, gave way to the monster’s white hair and turned it into a burning man!
This scene is amazing and shocking. A couplet actually burns monsters with white light in generate!
"roar! ….. ow! ……”
The monster groaned in pain, followed by a roar. A black fog came out of the monster’s body, generate, and the white light was directly annihilated. However, the monster also seemed to feel bad. The white fluff was burned out, and a big roar was emitted. Peng slammed the door and the whole figure ran out!
"bang! ….. Ah! ….. ""What is this! " "Get him! ……”
The monster rushed out just in time to meet him. Someone in the Lin family was directly hit by the monster and flew out. The monster crowd went on the rampage and broke a road directly! Let the Lins who have just arrived here have not come here in vain!
"No, that monster is going to run and catch him!"
Lin Huaiyuan several people in the house also came back from just shocking, and then Lin Huaiyuan shouted in his heart and worried. He has been white for several nights. This monster is cheating. If he runs away today and the Lins suffer losses, he will come back to retaliate against the Lins. If he doesn’t solve this monster, he will be sleepless!
Next to Lin Yong, Lin Huaiyuan commanded that he had chased him out. His eyes were red and Lin Wu died, which made him hate this monster to the extreme!
Chapter 26 Grave