6, Jun 2024
"Xiao Li, do you want me to find a wife?" Sue looked at the girl who had almost fallen to the ground in front of her.

"I … I …" Xiao Li plopped down on her knees and cried in front of Sue’s late love. "You mustn’t tell your wife, housewife, that if you know anything, my brother will be in college except me. I have to cry."
Seeing Xiao Li Su crying like this, she finally relented and pulled Xiao Li up from the ground and asked earnestly, "Why do you want to do such a thing if you know you can’t lose this job?"
"I … I was forced. If I didn’t do it, my brother wouldn’t be able to go to school." Xiao Li was also tortured when she finished crying, but she couldn’t help it.
Sue sighed. "Then can you tell me who told you to do this?"
Xiao Li shook his head desperately. "Give me a break, housewife. If I tell you, my brother will definitely not be able to study."
Sue frowned at night. Who is such a powerful force that can influence others’ studies?
"You believe me, I will let Lu Yichen protect your brother and not let him not read."
Xiao Li looked up at Sue’s late love. "But if you ask the young master to protect my brother, won’t the young master know about it?"
Sue was speechless at night. This Xiao Li is really clever.
Cough a cough, "don’t worry, I won’t tell the Lu family how to tell Liu Yichen that it’s my business."
Xiao Li still doesn’t believe looking at Sue’s late love.
Sue lost patience and threatened, "If you don’t say it, I’ll tell my wife and master now. Not only will you lose your job, but your brother won’t be able to study."
"Well, I said it was a lady, and she said her surname was Su, so I don’t know anything else."
Surname Su? Is it Su Lan? But does Su Lan have such a brain?
"How old is that lady?"
Xiao Li wiped her tears before saying "about forty years old"
About forty years old? Sue wanted to think about Xiao Li. It should be said that Tang Sumei reported her surname to Su Kang. Xiao Li’s surname is Su.
"Did she give you that medicine, too?"
Xiao Li choked and nodded.
Sue was so angry that she bit her teeth. This Tang Sumei is really cruel. Even giving her birth control pills for a long time will make people infertile for life.
"wealthy family ….." Xiao Li looked at Sue and gnashed her teeth carefully.
Sue came to her senses and said lightly, "I know about this matter. If you don’t want the Lu family to know, keep your mouth shut. Besides, if the surname Su asks for your medicine again, you can keep it. Don’t forget to ask her for money. Remember to ask for more money and give it to me when you come back."
"Ah?" Xiao Li is a little dumbfounded. Do you need more medicine or more money?
Sue gave her a white look. "Someone is willing to give you money for nothing, but you don’t want it. Besides, how can she know if I took this medicine in the end?"
Xiao Liping looked at Sue’s late love. This wealthy family is really amazing.
After Xiao Li went back, Sue stayed alone by the lake for a long time and didn’t go to the house until she felt cold.
Walking into the living room, Liu Yichen and Wen Yiting are watching, and the invitations covered with tea tables have been put away.
Liu Yichen looked at Sue’s pale face and got up and pulled her hand and frowned. "Why is it so cold?"
"Oh, I just had some support, so I went for a walk by the lake and blew a little wind."
Liu Yichen stretched out his hand and scraped Sue’s nose. "If you want to go for a walk by the lake after a little greedy cat, put on more clothes and be careful to catch cold."
"Well …" Sue was relieved to know that it was Tang Sumei who gave her birth control pills.
She’s afraid it’s the Lu family.
Wen Yiting looked at the son with dissatisfaction and said sourly, "It is said that if you marry a daughter-in-law and forget your mother, you will forget your mother before you enter the door."
Liu Yichen and Sue smiled at each other at night and they walked towards the sofa.
Liu Yichen put Sue’s hand in the evening and sat down beside Wen Yiting, holding her shoulder and saying, "You are the goddess in my heart forever. How can I forget you?"
"loquacious" Wen Yiting criticised and turned to look at Sue’s late love affair. "I’ve already prepared for the late love wedding. You can set your mind at to work these days and then rest at home for a few days and wait to be the bride."
Sue blushed at Liu Yichen’s novel "Know Mom"
"By the way, where are you going for your honeymoon?" Wen Yiting asked.
Honeymoon? Sue looked at Liu Yichen at night. She never thought about it.
Liu Yichen gave Sue a mysterious smile before saying to Wen Yiting, "Mom, you don’t have to worry if I have arranged everything."
Wen Yiting nodded. "That’s good. I have already made an appointment for your wedding photos. Don’t forget it this weekend."
"Know mom thank you for your hard work" Liu Yichen to Wenyiting according to their shoulders.
"Knowing that I am hard, let me hug my grandson early." Wen Yiting patted Liu Yichen’s hand and got up and yawned. "I’m exhausted from picking an invitation for a day. I’ll go to bed early."
"Good mom," Sue replied.
Wenyiting took two steps and looked back at them and said, "Make me a villain when you hurry" and left.
Sue’s love affair with Liu Yichen "…"
The two went to wash their hands and take a shower behind the building.
Sue was sitting on the bed watching Liu Yichen dry her hair and holding her in her arms. "Look at it so late, and be careful not to hurt your eyes."
"Well, the horse went to bed."