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Even that is no longer in my heart, and suddenly there is a burst of acidity. Yes, at the beginning, even the sin of fate was not rooted in the degree of expulsion.

Lian Chengbi eyes staring at the chamber of secrets Fang blurred and said, "No one hates the test system of Lian Jia Zhu more than I do. When I was forced to kill my mother’s brother myself, I swore that I would sit in Lian Jia Zhu and I would disintegrate this hateful system …"
"It’s a pity that when I take charge of the house, I’m the one with the dark side.
Strong I fight … Hope is my favorite woman | If she continues to stay at home, she will inevitably become your secret target. I don’t want her to go my old way … "
Even the heart at a loss a quiver "you expelled her from swire is to protect her? ! It’s impossible … It’s impossible … "Even suddenly felt something collapsed in my heart.
"Family … family … I hate that I was born in this family …" Lian Chengbi Hu said such a rebellious thing.
"Ruo Xu things I know his mother static son is not killed by your secret? Finally, I planted it on my head to convince him that I killed his mother … but I didn’t expect Jinger’s sister Shine to be with Ruo Xu … She and his mother are sisters … "Lian Chengbi seemed to be several times older and his words were a little confused.
"Didn’t you even show something at Xiyuan?" Lian Chengbi suddenly asked.
Before the trance even answered Lian Chengbi, he said, "She looks like you … don’t you have it now? How much she looks like you, remember? Her house used to be your house, and when she was naughty, the clothes she disguised as men were also your clothes … "
"It’s not true … it’s not true …" Lian Xi’s figure and the past are turning around in Lian’s mind. Bai Lian Chengbi is telling the truth but he doesn’t want to admit it.
"Do you remember how many of your thirty brothers are left now?" Lian Chengbi asked again.
Even once again, more than 30 brothers, who were about his age, have all died, except himself, who is neither human nor ghost, or others. It seems that the death was an accident, but in fact it failed the dark test.
"Living … is better than dying …" Lian Chengbi sounded a little ethereal.
"ah!" Even the figure shook for a long time and then disappeared. "I’ll let the dark department protect them …"
They are naturally descendants of Lian Chengbi. At this time, they even seem to have chosen to believe Lian Chengbi’s words. In fact, the truth has long been buried by resentment in every word and deed, and they have not even gone to present it.
Now dribs and drabs emerge from his white Lian Chengbi nai.
After a long time, the shadow wandered into "Father … you must forgive me … I have let the dark part …"
Even this father is not ironic, but the words come to an abrupt end in the middle, because he feels that Lian Chengbi seems to have no interest rate increase in the secret room. This father who has been resented by him all his life seems to be dead.
"What will die? !” There is no one else in the secret room, and my father will die.
At this moment, even suddenly, there is a jade symbol in Lian Chengbi’s hand, which has gone with the wind in the past.
Surprise is Lian Chengbi’s photo.
"From the reincarnation given by 6 Can, I realized the reincarnation method. Although there is no soul to support the autopsy part, my father created this reincarnation method, which is more concise. I believe that after my reincarnation, it will definitely solve the weakness of the Archaean gods … children … When I come back, our two fathers will jointly overthrow this muddy burial family system!"
No tears, no shadows, no tears, but even I feel that he is heartbroken.
"Ha ha ha! Old thing! I didn’t expect us to win! "
Just then the chamber of secrets Shimen rang and seven people broke in. It was even Ruo Xu and ninety Niang.
Even the figure moved into the darkness and remained silent.
"Master Lian Chengbi old thief seems to be dead …" One of the seven people suddenly said.
"Dead! ?” Even Ruo Xu and Ninety Niangs were too excited to wake up with this person, and now their goal, even Lian Chengbi, the owner of every family, has disappeared.
"How could you die!" Has been charming lazy ninety niang jiao drink one by one to split Lian Chengbi body into the sky don’t blood fog?
Those masters gasped at the air conditioning, such as Lian Chengbi, an ancient master. Even if she is dead, her body is extremely strong. Ninety-year-old Niang can actually dismember her with a palm.
"Terrible woman … how much is hidden at ordinary times? !” A few expert questions
"command! Hurry up and deal with the family elders’ home. I want to control my family in my hands tonight! " For Lian Chengbi being flogged by 90 Niang, even Ruo Xu has no mood swings.
With Lian Ruo Xu ordering Lian Jiabao to storm, almost no one knows how many secrets are hidden behind Lian Jiabao’s murder case this time.
I have always wanted to write about the aristocratic system since the time of Qianlong’s six aristocratic families Laoshui. The bigger the darkness is in Laoshui’s conception, the more dark the family is, the more severe it is.
Lian Chengbi, Lian, Lian Xi predestined relationship is even the whole family. Their tragedy is not because of someone, but because of the strict system. I don’t know if I wrote that feeling, but when I wrote this chapter, Lao Shui was depressed and almost cried, even my father.
Chapter seventy-six Latent
Warcraft job celestial vertical and horizontal Chapter seventy-six Lurking
It actually became? ! "
6 Can’s eyes are a little surprised. In his imagination, even the family background and the defense of the fort are not necessarily worse, even if there are twelve immortals at the peak of the strong. Some of those twelve people actually turned against each other.