8, Jun 2024
"Xue Yingying" QuYong said smoothly and didn’t want this aunt to know that she didn’t think she was contemptuous again. "Look at your honesty and want to lie to me. Xue Yingying just went out not long ago. Are you here to find her? When I am stupid? "

QuYong like met a star in the vast darkness, grabbed the janitor aunt hand pleaded "aunt you didn’t read it wrong? It’s a foreign language Xue Yingying! "
"Where did she go?"
"I didn’t notice that it seemed to be going to the No.1 boys’ building."
"thank you"
Before the janitor’s words were finished, Qu Yong ran past like a gust of wind. She was still chattering, "Now children are falling in love and playing hide-and-seek. Why do you come to the girls’ building to find someone and hide in the boys’ building? What is this?"
"Why didn’t I think of that?" Qu Yong thought as he ran, "Who would have thought that a girl would hide in the boys’ building? Isn’t this the safest? This building is six stories high and there are twenty rooms on each floor. Where can she be?"
"What should I do? Are you looking for them one by one? "
Now Qu Yong can’t help it. He can find it one by one. He emboldened himself and knocked on Room 11.
"What is it?" The door is a shirtless senior. "Selling or checking hygiene?"
"No, it’s not!" Qu Yong was a little embarrassed. "Do you have any girls here?"
"I’ll go!" As soon as the senior was asked for half a ring, he said, "Brother, you are in the wrong place. The girls are all kept in the girls’ building."
QuYong know he misunderstood desperately explained, "I know I’m asking you is there a girl in this dormitory? Her eyes are big and delicate? "
The senior stupidly shook his head and said, "This is really not!"
"Oh" Qu Yong waited for him to wait for the door and thought that this was not the way to simply pretend that he was checking the hygiene, so he knocked on the 12 th bedroom and hit CS "Checking the hygiene!"
"Look for yourself!" Four stingy man squatting on the stool eyes staring at the screen at random way
QuYong took a quick look at it. It was not clear at a glance. There were no girls. He went out of the door and went to a dormitory to look at it.
In this way, when he was panting and checked all the bedrooms on the sixth floor, the whole person almost collapsed. Xue Yingying didn’t see it, but it was an eye-opener for other boys’ bedrooms. What’s more, smoking is a pediatrician’s practice of belly dancing and eating hot pot. The most exaggerated thing is that there are actually two boys sleeping in the same quilt in one of the bedrooms and I don’t know what to do.
"Is that aunt lying to me?" Qu Yong went back to her bedroom and really couldn’t figure out where Xue Yingying would hide. Where would she hide when the whole boys’ building was checked out?
Qu Yong suddenly thought that there was another place where he didn’t go. A carp rolled over and jumped out and made a dash for the door.
Xue Yingying was still so beautiful on the rooftop, sitting alone in the shadows of the rooftop with a big cake and a bottle of pink champagne.
She was not surprised to see Qu Yonglai, but smiled against the wind and said, "I know you will find me and wait for you for a long time. Come and sit down."
QuYong cross legs sat down beside her and asked, "What are you?"
"Shh" Xue Yingying put her finger on her lips and whispered, "Don’t ask if I have finished my birthday with me." She suddenly smiled again. "Why did you wake up so soon after I put ecstasy in champagne?"
QuYong shook his head and said, "I don’t know, maybe your medicine has expired." In fact, he knew in his heart that it might be because he was sophisticated enough to give him medicine.
Xue Yingying "sloped" and laughed. "I didn’t expect you to have a humorous side?"
Xue Yingying took the champagne, poured two glasses and handed a cup. "We are going to finish this red wine today and eat it in the cake department."
"Eat it?" Qu Yong, look at that cake. There are three layers. Four people may not eat it.
"Eat slowly."
Xue Yingying’s drinking posture is beautiful. Her thumb, forefinger and middle finger hold the goblet column. After taking a sip, she looks at the pink color at an angle of 45 degrees and sighs, "This wine is surging."
"What’s the matter?"
"I’ve been taking it out for too long. It’s too hot here and the smell is gone."
"Really?" QuYong also took a sip, feeling nothing but the unaccustomed taste.
Xue Yingying looked at him with a smile and corrected, "Don’t hold the glass wall with your hands, but hold the glass column so that you can appreciate the color of wine through the glass wall and explore the fragrance of wine conveniently, like me."
"Oh" QuYong also learn to take a cup like her.
Xue Yingying cocked his head and looked at him. "You are not destined to be an ordinary person. After a big scene, wine is the most basic etiquette. Oh, and" her voice is low. "I hope you will think of me every time you drink wine."
Qu Yong felt that she had something to say, but she couldn’t understand "what do you mean?"
Xue Yingying didn’t answer. He shook the wine in his glass and continued, "This is my favorite pink champagne and my mom and dad’s engagement wine. Pink champagne is passionate and has a fantastic fairy tale color. Whenever I don’t want to see its color, I will calm my mood."
Qu Yong listened to her story quietly and watched her sip the pink wine.
"They are made in heaven and should live happily together forever, just like a fairy tale, but my mother knows his true identity. She can’t accept that my mother left him with me and ended up depressed, but he is my father after all. No matter what I do, a daughter should be filial. Are you right?"
Qu Yong didn’t know whether the answer was right or wrong. Xue Yingying was already drunk. Suddenly, she fell into Qu Yong’s arms and leaned against Tan mouth. She sprayed wine and poured Qu Yong’s face. "You are a good man. If there is a generation, I hope you will be my boyfriend."
"What?" QuYong heart a sudden embrace her soft body "what’s the matter with you? What’s going on with Yingying? Tell me? "