9, Jun 2024
"Of course I’ve heard of it. The sports newspaper with the largest circulation in China. Why?" It’s impossible that this name always wins. He was a loyal reader of Sports Weekly before he heard of it. He bought Sports Weekly for many years from high school to college, and then they published football magazine Football Weekly. He must buy every issue. When the Internet was not fully developed, Sports Weekly and Football Weekly were the channels for his fans to understand European football.

However, later, the Internet in China became more and more developed, and the reports of various networks were much faster than those of newspapers three times a week, so he gradually stopped buying them.
"They say you cheated in Spain!"
"What?" Changsheng himself misheard the long-distance call, and sometimes there will be some noise because of the signal, which is not very clear.
"They said that you cheated the Spanish people into being the head coach without a formal coaching certificate!" Li Yuhua said again.
This time, Changsheng made sure that he heard it right.
"I depend …" He couldn’t help swearing.
He suddenly felt that his brain was not enough-where did Sports Weekly learn that it was always a lie? I’ve never even seen a reporter from Sports Weekly!
"What is this, Mom?"
"I don’t know today … no, yesterday, your aunt came to the college and said that you lied to me to find her, so he showed me the newspaper, which is really what it says."
"Mom, do you believe that I am cheating?" Changsheng asked
"Of course I don’t believe it," Li Yuhua answered quickly. The answer was always in her mind. "Neither did your father."
Changsheng smiled. This is the first time he smiled after receiving this sentence today.
Parents believe me, that’s better than everything.
Nothing is more painful than not believing in yourself, even your closest relatives.
After hanging up, Li Yuhua said to her husband Chang Xiangyang, who had been listening in, "I confirmed that the newspaper reporter had not interviewed him."
"So they are making it up?" Chang Xiangyang asked
"Well" Li Yuhua nodded.
"This is too hateful! They are journalists. How can journalists be so irresponsible? " Xiang-yang Chang some anger.
It doesn’t matter if the old couple are laughed at by others, but how can they hold their heads up in front of others after being slandered and cheated?
"What did you say?" He asked again
"He told us to leave it alone and he would find someone to handle it," Li Yuhua said.
"How is it possible that no matter? He is our son. "Chang Xiangyang frowned and was very dissatisfied when he heard this.
Li Yuhua nodded. "That’s what I mean. I’m going to find someone to inquire about this kind of thing one day. What should I do? My second sister’s lover is a lawyer. There should be a way."
Chang Xiangyang nodded. "Call her early in the morning. Now go to rest. It’s almost dawn."
Although it is said to have a rest, neither Chang Xiangyang nor Li Yuhua really fell asleep.
They are almost lying in bed reading seconds.
I got out of bed after six o’clock.
Li Yuhua would like to call her second sister now if it weren’t for the fact that she hasn’t got up yet.
It was very difficult to stay up until after seven o’clock, and she couldn’t wait to make a long-distance call.
Li Yuhua is not a native. She is married here. She has no relatives. Her brothers, sisters and parents are all in another city thousands of miles away.
After getting through the phone, when I heard that something had happened to my nephew, I was very enthusiastic. I forced my husband who was preparing to go out to work to stay, and then patiently explained and said to Li Yuhua, who knew little about the law
It was half an hour before Li Yuhua hung up.
Then she said to her husband who emerged from the kitchen in an apron, "I’m going to sue that newspaper for libel and slander."
When she said this, her tone was plain but her attitude was firm.
Chang Xiangyang was not surprised. He wiped his hand on the towel and nodded, "I’ll help you ask for leave."
Chang Sheng thought for a night how to read the report that he lied to Qi Qi.
But he found it difficult.
At this time, Sports Weekly has not made any network where the network is located. In addition, there is no place to buy this newspaper in Spain. I don’t know when to send it to my parents, but the time difference between the two sides always makes them right and troublesome.
I thought about it all night, but I didn’t find a way to win. I went to training as usual the next day.
But this matter is always on his mind.
He couldn’t understand why he didn’t offend a China reporter and a China media. His enemies in Spain should all be Spanish media and journalists. What’s the matter with the sudden appearance of a China reporter?
And it’s Sports Weekly. It’s the biggest-selling sports newspaper in China. You don’t need such despicable means to increase popularity, do you?
So he can’t figure out how he got into such a mess.
Although I can’t understand it, the problem still needs to be solved
In fact, he is not worried about what others think of him, especially those who are far away from China. Anyway, they have nothing to do with themselves.
They think they’re cheating, so admit it. They don’t eat by pleasing them.
What worries him most is that his parents will definitely hold their heads up in front of colleagues and neighbors if Sports Weekly is so messed up.
This is what I care most about!
It’s that damn aunt again … Mom!
Changsheng can’t wait to fly back and slap his aunt face to face now.
Unfortunately, this is unrealistic.
After the training, a reporter interviewed the players outside