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Chapter VII Heaven and Earth Limits

"What good is it to become this enlightened person?" Hsuanchan simply sat down to the rain Xin asked
Yu Xin sat down in front of Hsuanchan with a little smile and explained, "Enlightenment is not a profession, and there will be no extra benefits. It is a kind of address for people like you, but the general enlightenment may be slower in the early stage, but in the later stage, their cultivation is definitely ten times or even twenty times that of ordinary people."
"Because in the late stage of practice, it is not only physical talent that can make progress. Understanding is the most important thing. It is a matter of time to understand everything. This is the advantage of the enlightened person."
"Uh … I’m white" Hsuanchan touched the nose and nodded.
Yu Xin continued, "For example, my father’s cultivation was not much faster than ordinary people before he ascended, but as soon as he arrived at Qiyun Fairyland, he made rapid progress. Only more than 60,000 years ago, he had already cultivated to the present fifth-order cultivation, which inspired heaven and man to rob him into a true enlightenment."
"Into a true enlightenment? What happened to this robbery between heaven and man? How did you become a true enlightenment after it? Listen to what you mean, it seems that this day’s robbery is very … horrible. "Hsuanchan asked again. What you mean here is naturally Xiao Qian, Sundial, and Punishment. When they met in the soaring land, they also went to the robbery of heaven and man. It was then that they kept this robbery of heaven and man in mind.
"The robbery between heaven and man … is really horrible, but it is said that there is no one who is enlightened to survive the robbery between heaven and man. Of course, before that, you should lead the robbery between heaven and man. It is a measure of whether a person is enlightened or not. According to the recognition of various circles, it can be said for sure that you are definitely an enlightened person. There is no longer a saying to be determined."
Yu Xin smiled and answered with great heart and confidence in Hsuanchan.
"So what is the form of heaven and man robbery? Is it similar to the natural disaster of the fix true person? " Hsuanchan appreciate that beautiful expression of Yu Xin and asked.
"Yes, it’s almost the same," agreed Yu Xin. "It’s also unpredictable, and at the same time, there is a special attack on the heart robbery at the end."
"Heart robbery? Isn’t that a hermit-level master? " Hsuanchan was taken aback
"No," Yu Xin shook his head. "There are some differences between the two kinds of psychological robbery. The last one is the psychological robbery. Others are normal attacks, but the hermit’s natural robbery is also called the holy robbery. That’s almost always a terrorist psychological attack. The psychological attack in the holy robbery is also a normal attack. Anyway, it is necessary to survive the first few waves of the natural robbery, and there is no flaw in the mood. Finally, the psychological robbery can definitely be easily spent."
"Oh, I see." Chen Xuan nodded and finally sorted everything out. I can’t help but feel a sigh of relief and feel that I don’t know anything. It’s so uncomfortable to feel oppressed.
Is Ji Xiu a hermit?
From Xu Qing’s memory, Hsuanchan still knows that when he reaches the end of the order, the extreme heaven and earth will drop another test. Those who pass the test will generally rise to the realm of Buddha. Naturally, it is expected that the world will soar. There is also a boundary called the boundary of creating saints, which can reach the late stage of Buddha and can soar immediately.
Many practitioners who have reached the stage will choose to stay in seclusion and stay away from the world, and practice in a comfortable or cruel place. Anyway, if they are not disturbed by the outside world, the robbed practitioners are also called hermits.
The fate of the hermit is also called the fate of the hermit, and it is also known as the fate of creating a saint. After surviving the fate of the hermit, unless it is interfered by external forces, it will be possible to become a Buddha, and the world of creating a saint will certainly soar to the place after the rise of the Buddha. It is not known whether the world of creating a saint will be divided into places like all the worlds.
Hsuanchan and Yu Xin in the virtual "have been talking and talking unconsciously, saying that there are many practices and some, and there are still many Yu Qinglian Pavilion accompanied by the starry night. In this way, the interest in the conversation between the two people soon faded unconsciously to Chen Xuan’s heart.
There are some disappointments in the rain eyes.
But Yu Xin took the lead in getting up and said with a smile, "I’m leaving in ten days. I’ll change my constitution and I won’t bother you. I’ll call you in ten days. They want to see you first."
"Well, I’ll see you in ten days." Hsuanchan nodded and got up. The two small doors leading to the outside world were not finished at the same time, and they were handed over again. Yu Xin rushed to Hsuanchan and ordered a soft head. Well, he slowly stepped out of the void.
Suddenly, a little disappointed feeling flooded my heart with rain.
"Rain Xin …" Hsuanchan gently out of the rain Xin shape immediately stopped a step in the heart end up with a little expectation.
Hsuanchan was silent for a moment and finally said, "In fact, there is nothing to say. I want you to be white. Hsuanchan is a man with clank pride."
Rain Xin suddenly turned around and stared at Hsuanchan for a moment. Suddenly, Zhan Yan smiled like a hundred flowers blooming beautifully.
"Xuan, I’ll wait for you …" Yu Xin’s mouth gently spit out a firm and bitterness, and then flew up to his room, feeling different when he came, secretly happy and a little sad.
Watching the rain Xin figure leave Hsuanchan silently left the door, and once again put himself into the Tai Chi artistic conception in isolation from the outside world. After the noise of Tianfeng, there seems to be something stuck in his heart. Hsuanchan doesn’t want to think about getting stronger now, which is what he should do most now.
A flame is burning in an unknown dark corner. Hsuanchan looks more determined, as if a series of events after encountering Yu Xin have completely matured his mind. This is probably the transformation from a boy to a man!
In the next ten days, Hsuanchan was completely immersed in the artistic conception of Tai Chi, realizing that mysterious feeling and his own artistic conception of Tai Chi.
The Tai Chi in the world is divided into two instruments, two instruments, four images, and four images become hexagrams … According to the water, the martial arts is the physical limit, and the potential of heaven and earth is a Tai Chi. If the whole world is a Tai Chi, it seems that heaven and earth have practiced the limit. If people in heaven and earth have reached the limit, can they be like heaven and earth?
Hsuanchan light thinking.
His body is sometimes extremely fast and sometimes extremely slow. The new words of rain have greatly touched him and inspired Hsuanchan to vaguely realize something.
On the tenth day, Hsuanchan suddenly woke up with some loss in his heart. On the tenth day, he seemed to realize a lot and nothing. It was really a contradictory feeling.
"Xuan, come out, Gonggong, uncle, uncles and sister Bingling have all gone to Qinglian Palace." Rain Xin’s voice floated into the virtual "into Hsuanchan’s ear and let him quickly retreat from that contradictory feeling.
"Come" Hsuanchan replied that the door of the training room a few steps ago was like a flower of Sheng Xuelian’s rain. Xin suddenly printed into his eyes, and her beautiful face was blooming with a beautiful smile. However, there seemed to be a little tension hidden behind the smile, as if there was an unspeakable shyness that made Sheng saussurea involucrata a budding flower.
"Has it been ten days?" Hsuanchan staring at the rain Xin mind can’t help some trance.
"Well, Sister Chin has called me just now. I’ll call you together." Yu Xin nodded.
"Let’s go," Chen Xuan said.
The name of the largest palace in the center of Qinglian University 6 is Qinglian Palace, and there is not much distance from Yanyu Xuan. The two of them flew for a moment from Yanyu Xuan, and Qinglian Palace is just around the corner.
The closer Hsuanchan is to Qing Lian Gong Yu Xin’s performance, the more nervous she is. Her lips clenched her hands tightly and she seemed to go to the execution ground instead of meeting her relatives.
"What happened to Yu Xin?" Chen Xuanyou asked strangely, but his heart was probably white.
"No, it’s okay. I don’t know what it is. I’m a little nervous. Maybe I haven’t seen Gonggong for a long time. It’s okay." Yu Xin’s ears are a little red