11, Jun 2024
Section 247

Song anqiao lay there with a dull face like a broken doll without a soul.
Shi Youshen handed the syringe to Allen for "disposal"
Allen nodded and turned away from the room.
Shi Youshi looked at the ground and Song Anqiao’s voice was gloomy. "Do you know why I chose this three-year ambush period?"
Shi Youshi squatted down slowly and looked at the dull Song Anqiao. Every word was gloomy. "Because your daughter grew up in college for three years, she remembered you deeply and you died three years later."
Song anqiao’s eyes trembled slightly.
Shi Qian saw that she was satisfied with the response and got up. "There is no treatment today. Enjoy your limited life. This is the price you pay for offending me."
She said, smiling and leaving.
Everyone is gone. Song Anqiao is lying on his pale face with no expression, and tears are faintly flowing out of his eyes.
in the darkness
The cruise ship is slowly moving forward. The man on the deck has a thin back and a lonely heart.
He held the railing with one hand and covered his chest with the other, and slowly bent his leg. The pain made his handsome face cold and sweaty.
When Jiang He came out of the cabin, he was surprised. "Brother-in-law" He ran to help Chu Feiyuan. "What’s wrong with you?"
Chufei’s distal teeth jumped tightly, and the pain made him breathe.
"Brother-in-law’s brother-in-law …" Jiang He stretched out his hand to him and was anxious.
Chu Fei-yuan’s face turned purple, and the veins stood out suddenly burst out of his eyes, forcing tears for a long time before he slowly eased his breath.
"Qiao Mei," he whispered with his head back.
Jiang He listen apex gave a pain.
Chu Feiyuan’s eyes are painful, and his hands are still on his chest. The sound is heavy and heavy. "He if … if later … help us take good care of the small rice cake and don’t tell grandma that she can’t accept it."
He seems to realize that he has a bad feeling that every word is telling Jiang He a will.
Jiang He looked at him and refused to promise, "My sister will be fine, and good people will be treated well every day."
Chu Fei far listened and smiled, and the sound was extremely weak. "Yes, Qiao Mei will be good. She promised me that she would accompany me …"
She will accompany him whether it is heaven, earth, man or heaven, and he will accompany her.
She’s so attached to him. Will she be afraid to walk alone?
Cruise ship on the other side
"Master, there is a cruise ship behind us to approach again." Artest will report the situation to Shi Qian.
Shi Qian is in a bad mood, but he still keeps his head. "It’s Chu Fei who’s coming."
After a while, someone came and said, "Master, the other party asked us to step aside and make way."
ShiQian smell eyes a heavy roar loud "let! Give it to him! "
His sudden rage scared everyone.
Artest motioned for the bodyguard to leave the light and asked, "What’s the matter with you, young master?"
"Artest" Shi Qian looks very pale and has a weak tone. "She … something may have happened to her."
"who?" Ron Artest frowned.
"An Qiao An Qiao" Shi Qian panicked and grabbed Artest’s shoulder. "Artest, did we do something wrong? We should tell Chu Feiyuan to prepare him, right?"
Ron Artest holds Shi Qian "but tell him that she will …"
One side is affection and the other is love.
Shi Qian, what can he choose? One second, he chose family, but this second, he hates his choice more than himself.