12, Jun 2024
Chen cold suddenly caught in a dilemma!

If the first strike is successful, many problems will be solved. He naturally chooses to deal with Qi Jianqiu first in his heart. Where did he think that he had such a thing as a body double fairy doll?
Two lightsabers came from the tail, but the distance is thousands of meters. If we continue to break through the virtual force to avoid physical trauma, it will get worse and worse. Will we die in the end?
Since the breakthrough to the peak of six robberies, he never thought that the word "death" was forced to face death by a group of single guys whose combat power was far less than his own.
"King egg! Do you want to die of old age? "
He knew very well that if he continued to avoid it, he would fall into a more unfavorable situation. He was surprised and angry. He even bent down to meet the sword light when he drank it.
Sky-breaking-nine prisons sink deep!
Crack virtual-nine chop!
Although he knows what it means to face a hundred-man war attack head-on, he has no choice now.
Bang …
His attack power is equivalent to nine medium-sized six-robbed peak scattered immortals, and the defense power caused by the fusion of innate E-soil elites is even better than the attack power. Nine six-robbed peak scattered immortals form a war, which is to break his skin at most. There is still no magic weapon defense situation.
However, the other party has tasted that there is no fairy in hand, especially the magic weapon of Qi Jianqiu and others, which are all rare treasures of ancient immortals.
Thirty people can break his defense, and ninety-nine people can form a war, which is not as simple as three times more powerful.
Two giant lightsabers with combat knives and knee pads collided head-on, and Chen Han was 7: 00 spray blood and bumped into it.
The original forced continuous crushing and virtual explosion cracked the skin, and the wound was a little deeper. A lot of blood seemed to have been run over by a hydraulic press, splashing hundreds of meters and scattered in the water.
There is no pause in the war, and the amazing speed of the immortal power has already taught the opponent’s vitality and defense. Even if he is given a moment, it is possible to recover quickly. If you want to completely kill Chen Han, you must do everything possible to exert continuous blows until the soul flies away.
The muscles of the arms and right leg have almost turned into paste, and the internal organs have also been lightly damaged. The meridians and bones are torn and covered with cracks in the firm but gentle wave.
Being blown into the ground by a blow, tens of thousands of meters, Chen Han hurriedly put a few healing fairy grass into his mouth and spit out a few mouthfuls of blood again.
Fairy power and fairy sword merge and quickly condense the second wave of attack.
He can guess how strong the blow is, and he can’t take it at present, but what’s the point of regretting it now?
If it weren’t for body double’s fairy doll, the whole battle would have been different, but it’s too late to say anything now.
Immortal herbs, Immortal Seal and the combination of congenital decyl water elites are also extremely strong in self-healing ability of the body. However, if you want to instantly repair a serious injury, it is not that Immortal Seal can achieve the level of routine practitioners before him. Immortal herbs can be recovered in the blink of an eye, and now they have advanced to the peak of six robberies. It is difficult for him to achieve the miraculous effect of instant recovery.
What should we do?
He slapped a bloody head, his hands were rapidly intertwined, and obscure and harsh spells floated from his lips, and no one could understand the language.
Without the slightest energy fluctuation, the blood that had been sprayed on the ground and melted into the soil was strangely floated out of the ground and was blown into the ground for tens of thousands of meters. The cold of the body was slowly rising, and there were ten pounds of blood lingering around him.
There are constantly large and small bubbles coming out, and every bubble will explode with a bloody symbol. Everything seems to be slow, but it is as fast as flash.
Not enough!
There is not enough blood!
Body fairy force agitate abruptly forced out more than ten catties of blood, which gushed out along the healing wound, with a total of more than twenty catties of blood boiling like hot water.
What is this?
Everyone was confused by this strange scene. There was no energy fluctuation. I had never heard of a spell, and I had never seen the smell of that black bone knife.
That’s right. This is the witchcraft method from Xingtian, and there are also a few. You can cast witchcraft spells without the help of witchcraft, witchcraft and blood sacrifice media.
"Steal nine days’ thick soil and sacrifice my blood by heaven and earth elves … stealing the day!"
After the number of symbols made up of blood was cut off with the force of black osteotome, a large pungent smell of blood suddenly filled the fried war zone, and the purple-red almost sticky light instantly filled every corner of the consciousness.
A person who is exactly the same shape, appearance and breath as Chen Han stands in the sky with a floating combat knife, but it has the same effect as the avatar.
Quickly condense the lightsaber and immediately nullify the past. However, the speed of the person who is the same as Chen Han actually exceeds the speed of the sword light and easily avoids the attack.
Qi Jianqiu almost jumped out of his eyes. How could he surpass the sword light?
The result of another attack is still the same. The speed of the other side is incredible. No matter how fast the sword light is, it can’t touch the skirts, let alone not attack.
"No! He is not Chen Han, it is an illusion! "
"Chen Han is hiding in that purple fog!"
"Kill it!"
"What should I do if I lock it with the psionic offset method?"
"What kind of black magic is this?"
Once the consciousness reaches the purple fog with a diameter of kilometers, it will be inexplicably transferred to the fog surface, which is incredibly fast.
Everyone knows that the guy is not a cold man, just like a mirror projecting a virtual shadow. The difference is that this virtual shadow is exactly the same as the real person, whether it is really cold in appearance or breath, but it hides in the fog to heal and recover.
"quick! No matter what you can do to get rid of these fogs, you can’t give him a chance to heal! "
"Fairy power attack effect!"
"Yuan Shen attack effect!"
"True fire! Fast fairy baby true fire, the nature of this thing, the yin and the masculine nature, the true fire is just its nemesis! "
More than 200 people opened their mouths and spewed out plumes of true fire. The spirit consciousness and six senses penetrated the purple light fog and immediately melted away when they met the true fire.
However, after all, the real fire is not a relatively limited number of fires. The war in Fiona Fang is full of light and fog. It is really not possible to incinerate and expel it with that real fire.