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And Feng Jingjing treats her as if she were treating a mistress, which is ridiculous and pathetic.

"That’s who you feel Ruan always likes, not who you feel. Can you ask him to leave me alone?"
Feng Jingjing clung to her and forced her to say, "Then you swear that you have no feelings for Ruan Zong. You swear that you will not rob Ruan Zong with me. You swear."
"Why do I swear? Why do you want me to swear that you and Ruan are always what?"
Summer three consecutive questions asked Feng Jingjing become angry from embarrassment "pa"-she directly reached out and dumped her a box on the ear.
At this time, the toilet was separated from the innermost door, and Li Xiaomei ran out to Indiana. "Don’t fight, don’t fight, have something to say."
It’s hard for her, too, okay? In the middle of the toilet, Feng Jingjing broke in and stopped Xia from saying a phone call. She wanted to wait until they left, and then she was embarrassed. By the way, she also satisfied her curiosity, but she actually did it.
Summer is very calm and surprised. Feng Jingjing’s heart thumped. She really wanted to shoot herself to death. Before the alarm, she was not sure if there was anyone else in a toilet. If she didn’t know anyone, it was also called Li Xiaomei, the same company.
"Li Xiaomei, what’s wrong with you? You’re hiding in there and eavesdropping."
"Feng Jingjing, if you don’t open your mouth, I’ll spray dung first, okay?"
"Why don’t you see that your clothes are in the same line as mine? Who doesn’t know? You just learn to buy things from me. Don’t you know that I’m tired of you doing this?"
Feng Jingjing pointed the finger at Li Xiaomei Li Xiaomei, trembling with anger and shouted, "Feng Jingjing, you are unreasonable. I buy things with my own money. What’s the matter with you? I can buy whatever I want. Why do you want to talk about it?"
"Your salary is only a few dollars, so you have to learn something. It’s just a drag on my level to take a look at the imitation I’m going to buy."
"You? ?” Li Xiaomei flew into a rage, but it happened that Feng Jingjing, a rabbit with a bad mouth, would bite when she was in a hurry. What’s worse, she said, but she started her hands.
Feng Jingjing ducked back and shouted, "Hey, hey, you didn’t wash your hands. Don’t touch me. This dress is valuable."
Li Xiaomei is more angry and will pull her clothes.
Outsiders listen to what’s going on inside, and the noise is getting louder and louder. When they push the door, they are also anxious to inform their colleagues.
The ladies’ room is not big. Feng Jingjing and Li Xiaomei are pushing each other’s clothes around, and no one can take advantage of it.
Xia went to pull them, but it didn’t help. Instead, she fell down.
"It serves you right to deal with me, and you deserve to die." Feng Jingjing gloated.
Summer is a white truth. Never reason with unreasonable people.
Colleagues finally arrived, but the corridors and toilets were narrow. The people who came were people who drank less and reacted quickly. The first one was Ruan Bin. He heard that two female colleagues were fighting in the toilet, and the first thing that came to mind was summer.
"Stop it," RuanBin roared. "This is really too incompetent and humiliating to be thrown outside."
Colleagues who followed closely behind have abruptly pulled Feng Jingjing and Li Xiaomei before stopping the fight.
Ruan Bin helped himself up and sat down in the summer and asked anxiously, "Are you all right?"
Xia shook her head and was relieved to see Ruan Bin and her colleagues.
Jun asked, "Why did you two fight? Is this a way to celebrate annual leave? Is it so special? ?”
Feng Jingjing was embarrassed to say that Li Xiaomei caught the opportunity. She smiled and said, "I don’t like her bullying Xia. It’s really funny that she can’t get Ruan’s total heart and still stay in Xia."
Feng Jingjing went crazy and roared, "Li Xiaomei, you say I’ll rip your mouth off again." The party was present. Do you want to mix up in front of him after her?
Two male colleagues qi qi pulls Feng Jingjing, and she didn’t pounce.
Li Xiaomei didn’t have the idea of hitting people, but what she just heard was worthy of her publicity. She smiled and said, "Hey, you know what? Feng Jingjing is jealous that Xia is the general assistant of Ruan, who warned Xia not to rob her of Ruan. She also said that Ruan is always her man. Xia, you are so easy to bully. She slapped you and you didn’t say anything. If it were me, I would have beaten her earlier. You still have to put up with it."
Feng Jingjing will pounce on "Li Xiaomei, you can say it again."
"Ha, ha, ha, I told you I was wrong. Do you think Ruan always likes Xia and doesn’t like you? It’s really funny. This is the funniest joke I’ve ever heard. Who does Ruan always like? Ask Ruan. What the hell do you think? What’s the matter if you ask Xia? I think Ruan always matches Xia Ting. You are redundant."
Feng Jingjing, a man and a woman in front of her colleagues, finally felt a sense of shame. She stared bitterly at Li Xiaomei and said, "Li Xiaomei, you are malicious. You remember that for me? ? Let me go "
Feng Jingjing pushed the crowd and ran away alone. Originally, she wanted to find out who Xia was looking for. Who would have thought of being heard by Li Xiaomei? What’s more, she didn’t expect to be known by the company. It was a shame.
When Feng Jingjing left, everyone broke up and didn’t finish the New Year’s Eve dinner.
Ruanbin is a man, and it’s not a problem to stay in the ladies’ room. When he saw that Tang Sitian was there, he asked, "Tang Sitian will take care of you for a summer."
Everyone went out in succession, leaving Tang Sitian and Xia Xia to pick up some cold water, patting her face and slapping her.
Tang Sitian said indignantly, "This shameless Feng Jingjing actually hit you. I didn’t have a chance to make moves just now. I’m sure I won’t let her go if I have a chance, but Li Xiaomei really dared to be so arrogant after seeing Feng Jingjing this time."
Xia didn’t say anything about such a thing. She felt ashamed to expose it in front of everyone. What’s worse, Feng Jingjing.
"By the way, how did Feng Jingjing fight with Xiaomei?"
"Xiaomei always heard Feng Jingjing hit me in the toilet and came out to Indiana. At some point, they talked about buying clothes. It happened so fast that I didn’t respond. Anyway, they fought and then you came."
"Ha ha ha, this Feng Jingjing is really what I told you. Everyone in the company wants to get a chance to fight with Feng Jingjing, including male colleagues. Do you believe it or not?"
"Not in it"
"Do you know what Feng Jingjing said when she quarreled with Jun? She said that when she looked at Jun’s face, she knew that he was a member of the Yang Committee. Oh, by the way, you hadn’t come to the company at that time. Hahaha, that time, Jun was so angry that he almost resigned."
Chapter 25 Give me another chance
Chapter 25 Give me another chance