15, Jun 2024
That’s my eye, Larry replied.

How do you talk to them? English?
Those ideologists can speak English, but they can’t speak it well, and their understanding of English is even worse. I learned Hindi, then went to the south and learned Tamil, and got along well with them.
Larry, how many languages can you speak now
Oh, I don’t know, six or seven.
I also want to hear more about yoga. Isabel said that you didn’t know anyone well.
I can’t be more familiar. Most of these businesses are practicing. He smiled and said that I lived in a retreat for two years.
Two years. What is a retreat?
Well, it should be like a hermit living in a place. He may live alone in a temple, a forest or a hillside in Malaya, attracting his younger brother, while local good people will build large and small rooms for themselves to admire yoga. His younger brother will also stay and sleep in the porch kitchen or tree, and a set of tables and chairs will fit in my camp bed.
Where is it? I asked
Travangor is an old tiger, leopard, elephant and bison in a beautiful country with green mountains, green valleys and gurgling rivers. However, the retreat is surrounded by coconut trees and betel nuts around the lagoon. It is also three or four miles away from the nearest town. However, ordinary people come here on foot or by ox cart to listen to this yoga sermon or simply sit at his feet and immerse themselves in the quiet fragrance of cordate telosma.
Gray seems to be fidgeting. I guess this topic keeps him away.
Would you like a drink? He asked me.
No thanks.
Then I’ll have a glass of Isabel. How about you?
He moved his heavy body, got up from his chair and walked to the front of the table with a whisky and green mineral water glass.
Are there other white people there?
No, I’m the only white man.
How can you stay for two years? Isabel exclaimed
It passed quickly, but the other day felt much longer.
What have you been doing these two years?
Reading, walking, taking a boat trip to the lagoon or meditating is very hard work. To feel tired after two or three hours is like wanting to have a good rest after driving 500 miles.
Isabel’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and she was a little bit afraid to find that this Larry walked in a few hours ago. Although his appearance has not changed and he is still good, he is no longer the frank, comfortable and happy person she used to know, but he has made people feel Larry. Isabel once lost Larry and met Larry again today. The change of the world still belongs to her. Now she seems to be chasing a sunshine, and she can’t help but feel depressed. That night, I often fixed my eyes on her and felt pleasing to the eye. I noticed that she was full. She looked lovingly at Larry’s neat hair close to her head and ears, and then her eyes changed subtly when she observed Larry’s sunken temples and thin cheeks. She glanced at Larry’s slender hands, which were weak but strong, and she looked at Larry again. Her lips were beautiful and thick, but her nose was full. Larry wore a new suit, which was not as elegant as Eliot’s dress, but she felt unruly. It seemed like this every day for the past year. I think Larry aroused Isabel’s mother. This kind of performance didn’t even show up when Isabel’s daughter interacted. She is a mother who has gone through the world, but he is still like a big boy. From her expression, I detect some kind of mother’s glory. I want to see adult Kan Kan and talk. Everyone is listening carefully. I don’t think she realizes the meaning of Larry’s words, but my question is not over yet.
What kind of person do you follow in yoga?
What do you mean by appearance? He is not tall, fat or thin, his skin is light brown, his beard is clean and his hair is white, and he wears nothing but waist and crotch cloth, but he doesn’t lose to Booker Brothers 36 advertising male model.
Then what qualities attract you to him?
Larry looked at me intently, and it took a full minute to answer his sunken eyes, as if they were trying to reach into my soul.
Sage breath
This answer makes me feel a little uneasy. In this beautifully furnished and famous painting room, this sentence is like the water flowing over the bathtub and dripping down after penetrating the ceiling.
We have all read stories about saints, but they are all figures hundreds of years ago. I never thought I would meet a living saint. I was convinced the first time I saw him. This experience is wonderful.
So what did you get?