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Only know past ask a way

Of course, if you win, I will give you the gold coin now. You can send troops to the city that you lost at any time, of course, before your gladiator wins the game.
Mu Lin stopped looking at Only and looked at the stadium to pay close attention to the movement of Fang.
I’m going to win the game, and you have two million gold coins. That small town is already mine.
Only muttered softly and turned to watch the game.
The orc gladiator Lang was riding a horribly thick iron bar, where his body was thick and his muscles were bulging like natural rocks.
He despises human beings like an orc, although he is half human.
Because no human gladiator in his hand can escape the fatal blow, even the champion can’t always talk about heroes and orcs, and they always despise weak people and think that they don’t deserve to be in the same fighting field.
Looking contemptuously at his opponent Rick’s great strength, he is slowly brewing. He is ready to make a quick decision and does not want to spend too much effort on this human opponent
The demon king only told him himself that if he could win the championship of this gladiator competition, he would be given back and let him return to the northwest to reunite with his family.
He will lay down his life for a gamble anyway.
Langli is ready to hit the gong and then go to meet a battle.
It’s been a long time now, and it’s very close to him.
Chapter 36 lore
Another orc.
Rick stared at the sight with a knife, and Langli saw the madness of orcs from those eyes that exuded pure sin. He was thinking about dealing with this guy in front of him
When the golden gong rings, three fights are about to be fought.
Lang Ligen didn’t talk nonsense. As soon as the gong rang, it swept over like the wind. The tall body was not awkward at all. Half the talent of the beast demon gave him rich body money. He moved like a leopard.
When the wind blows, a stick hits and vibrates, so that the dry air hums and rings.
But Rick was waved and disappeared like a ghost.
Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang
A deep pit splattered with yellow sand now clearly shows the amazing power of Langli.
The first attack on Luo Longli was furious. In his mind, no human gladiator was faster than himself.
Grab the step and wipe out the whole army with a stick.
Rick is still retreating, faster and sicker.
Hum, the thick iron bar is swept across from the air, and even Rick can’t touch it.
My god, the speed of this human gladiator is terrible. It’s like a ghost.
Only sitting in the stands can’t help but exclaim.
He is not a ghost, but a pure-blooded human being.
Mulin’s sarcastic remarks alluded to the Orc gladiator of Only.
Only didn’t know that he was worried about whether a small town with an extra two million gold coins would fall.
Lang Li screamed and chased Rick crazily in the fighting field, and the terrible iron bars kept waving in the middle. He was angered, and no human being had ever been able to avoid him with so many sticks and was unscathed.
Rick turned his sword upside down, but he didn’t have a brute force. The orc gladiator is not in his heart now. He is constantly observing the terrain in the stands in evasion, looking at all directions of the fighting field wholeheartedly, and thinking about which method can be more effective in completing the final kill.
Look on coldly, he had already found the golden lion flag flying high, and the old man wearing a golden crown and a golden imperial robe must be the lion king Salem.
The beast and demon sitting in Fang’s three spacious thrones must also be suspected by the three demon kings.
They are located in the center of the north side of the stands. This distance is neither far nor near. The reason why they are near is that they are more than 40 rows away from the square fighting field, and they can get there after jumping over the five-meter-high platform and falling down several times. It is said that the distance is because they have to pass through several layers of demon races, and the heavily guarded guards must kill their way out from them.
We can’t let those demons pester us, or we’ll delay.
In the process of avoiding Langli from Li Expressway, Rick pondered and constantly calculated the best position of jumping stand, and his smart mind was brewing a large-scale blood incident.
We can’t do it now. Their enthusiasm hasn’t reached its peak, and their vigilance hasn’t lost. Wait a minute. It’s not too late to do it again when they are completely paralyzed and immersed in the gladiator competition.
Rick thought calmly that a patient beast had trapped and killed a group of prey by himself.
Hey, this gladiator is very good, Angry. It seems that you orcs can’t beat him.
The lion emperor looked at it with interest for a while and then asserted that his vision was still very accurate.
Hmm. How interesting
Only two quick laugh to hide the tension in my heart.
Langli kills him, and you’re free.
Only suddenly got up and shouted at the station. That huge roar really roars the mountains and forests.