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Touching the sparse stubble, he said deeply, "I wonder if you can let Uncle Fang be injured?"

"Brother 6 knows how to treat stab wounds?" Storm flat exultation and then said dimly, "Brother 6 wants to be a hidden dragon, and the six martial artists don’t know that the person who fixes the truth is injured, and the abdomen has been abandoned for a hundred years, and ShiShu is afraid of losing the party …"
6 Can complacent smile "Brother Feng, I once said that I am here because of Lao Shi Wu Xiu …"
The storm is flat and one leng. The savage is like six cans, but he has never said that he is a martial artist. Everything is just his own speculation.
"The 6-character family is actually a hanging pot family!" 6 can blink, and 6 families have become medical families in an instant.
Seeing that 6 can was so confident and enthusiastic, there was no need to say much about the storm, and Fang Shishu was rescued by 6 can, so he dodged and let 6 can go.
Looking at the bleeding in the lower abdomen, you danced and shouted wildly. The old man surnamed Fang 6 can scratch his nose awkwardly. "Brother Feng can stun Fang Shishu … You see this …"
Four people were shocked, and there was no way to make the patient unconscious. Is this doctor like a doctor?
Or Ye Lingxuan considerate Qian palm flip a true yuan input old man body name old man finally quiet.
6 Canzhuang looks like a two-finger pulse.
In fact, where is the 6 can, there will be no pulse diagnosis, but it’s hard to say whether the origin of this holy light can be faked to make this profound medical posture first.
Half ring when four people are a little anxious, 6 can old gods are relaxing their fingers and saying that abdomen runs through abdomen, meridians are destroyed, body is broken, aging is repaired, minor injuries are forbidden … "
People almost spit out one mouthful blood, and the abdomen runs through the abdomen. The meridians are destroyed, the body is broken, the aging is repaired, and the five items are forbidden. Which one is not to kill people? These six can actually talk about minor injuries.
Storm flat three people 6 can is extremely familiar with bad words, but the black dress person Ni Kuang is a full face of democratic swearing.
6 Can didn’t give him a chance and then said, "Now there are two schemes, one is to treat the injury, and the other is not only to treat the injury, but also to restore some repair. Which one does Brother NO FENG フウカ choose?"
"The second …" Storm flat back swearing impulse.
"Hey hey …" 6 can embarrassed smile "then please turn around and stay away from here, my family hermetic …"
Before 6 can say that finish Ni Kuang angrily away of cutting.
"Brother 6 …" Storm Ping opened his mouth to say something, but from the beginning, he didn’t believe that Hidden Dragon Big 6 could have such a medical skill to treat the injury of Xiuzhen Dan’s medicine ability, but in this case, he could and believed this mysterious brother 6.
Nai wry smile a hand led yelin from two people.
"Brother Feng, if that surname 6 can’t cure Uncle Fang, he’s just playing with us. I won’t spare him!" Ni Kuang said angrily.
"Brother 6 is also kind …" Ling Ye, a charming woman, struggled.
"I believe in Brother 6!" Said this is Lin smiled.
"All right, let’s wait quietly. I hope Brother 6 can finish the treatment before the four sects win or our situation will be worrying!" Storm flat motioning with his hand to appease everyone tone is also very nai.
It didn’t take long for the four people to hear the call of 6 Canli.
The four returned to their hiding place with some hope.
The present situation surprised four people. Just now, he looked like a dead man. Uncle Fang is now alive and kicking, and his face is no longer senile and ruddy, just like a young man.
At this time, it is even more crazy for the four people to repeatedly avoid the 6-can worship ceremony. The thing is that Uncle Fang actually has the initial repair of the rotating photo. Although it can’t be compared before the injury, the abdomen was destroyed and now it has such a repair, which is even more shocking than seeing the master of Yuan Babies.
On the contrary, 6 Can’s face is forward and sweaty, but it turned out to be falling from the middle of the rotation. At the beginning of the rotation, I saw the storm. Four people hurriedly wry smile, "Brother Feng, stop your martial uncle …"
In an unguarded moment, Uncle Fang has prostrated himself on the ground and kowtowed to give thanks to "6 wonderful doctors who gave the old Fang Miao a new life and deserved a worship …"
6 can stop is forced by a worship hurriedly pull Fang Miao up.
"Brother Boping was stunned by the current situation.
"Ha ha ….." Fang Miao smiled bravely and patted 6 Can’s shoulder and said, "I am as good as ever now!"
This Fang Miao is generous and extremely plausible, but he has not taken the early stage of repairing the falling and rotating photos to heart.
"Hmmm …"
Storm Ping four people were waiting for congratulations. A strange roar came from the depths of the jungle, and the sound was as powerful as the sound of gold and iron.
"It’s Zhu!" Fang Miao’s face is extremely transient. "Listen to the sound and come in this direction. Let’s go!"
"ShiShu that nine baby grass …" NiKuangXin unwilling.
Simon mournful sigh "there is life in that is immortal grass without life, that is a lock of soil". Then he turned away and his back was much older.
6 Can caught a glimpse of the unwilling people and said softly, "Your martial uncle said that it is important to people’s lives. This number of experts is not something that we can cope with. There are still a large group of your martial uncles who are going to be shocked by the news …"
Storm flat smell speech rate a smile "ha ha ….. 6 brother say we are overreached delusion … go …"
Five people look at each other and don’t want to stay in this fog.
"Uncle Fang doesn’t know that these are things?" To be chased Fang Miao 6 can asked curiously
Fang Miao Zhan Yan smiled and said, "Six happy doctors call our Miao, and this word ShiShu never dares to be in front of happy doctors again."
Looking around, I whispered in 6 Can’s ear, "These animals are like leopards, long tails, and people are good at one eye and ears. In the wild, exotic animals can naturally manipulate the wind power, and that eye is even more eye-catching. It is very powerful to deal with an already extreme period. I just heard the roar, even if there are hundreds of peers, even the master of the then period is invincible!"
6 can’t help but fight a cold war. This vast expanse is full of strange animals and its strength is so strong. If it comes to people, it’s not hard to kill all creatures!
"Ha ha is not as terrible as you think!" Fang Miao seemed to know what 6 Can was thinking, and said, "There is a door on the edge of this ancient 6, but this door can be used by the outside world, but it is doubtful that human beings can make it as high as the theory of wild animals."
"Is there any protective cover on the edge of the flood?"
"shield?" Fang Miao one leng immediately white 6 can mean "but it is so vast ancient 6 hidden dragon big 6 has a natural energy barrier, that is, the master of Yuan infant can also pass"
Just as he was talking, a fiery red figure jumped out of the forest and rushed straight for Fang Miao.
Although Fang Miao repaired the fall, his experience was still opening his mouth, spitting a cloud of blue light, and welcoming the swooping animals.
I don’t want this animal to know that this magic weapon is fierce, but it is a fire that stopped Fang Miao’s magic weapon to fly sword.
Good Fang Miao didn’t see any disorder in the panic. The left hand raised a gold ring and shot out, mixed with silk mercerization, hitting the other red animals.
This fiery red animal is also terrible, but in a pause and upright position, like shark fin wings flashing a mass of above wrapped Fang Miao gold ring.
"It’s Zhu Gui!" Fang Miao was frightened to disgrace.
Chapter 11 Death
To say that Jiang is still a great Fang Miao, Zhu Gui has met for several rounds, and the storm is equal. The other person has to react to offer the protection of flying swords.
Zhu Gui’s wild animals are like the wings of a fox and fish. Seeing that his country is afraid of natural manipulation of water and firepower, it is much more terrible than others.
Fire, water, and storm released a red flying sword and shot at the besieged Fang Miao Jinhuan water mass, but I never thought that the water controlled by Zhu Gui was a congenital water, but it was a level higher than the flame sprayed by the magic weapon of flying sword.
The flying sword is like a sheep entering the tiger’s mouth, and then it is trapped in the water mass. Not only that, but with the steam attacking, the flying sword vibrates again and again, and the flame consumed is gradually swallowed up by the cold water vapor.
Ling Ye Xuan Lin smiled and said that he was too frightened to attack Zhu Gui’s water vapor flame to command the flying sword to attack Zhu Gui’s melee.