18, Jun 2024
A Reyes on the right is sometimes difficult to stand alone.

The Champions League final always wins. I hope my team can truly achieve two-wing Qi Fei
Although he chose defensive skills, his tactical arrangement paid more attention to attack and control.
Curro Torres was dug up by him this season. He is not as good as Paolo Leila in defense, but his offensive ability is outstanding in Virreira. He is a full-back who can attack and return.
Winning is as simple as asking for a full-back.
Curro Torres is always the winner in this final. Just surprise Porto in attack.
Mourinho doesn’t mind letting Mourinho see it if he attacks on the right by Reyes alone.
Of course, Ba Laha and Paulo Leila didn’t start, and they always had plans and explained them clearly.
Not letting them start is not because they are not worthy of the Champions League final, but because of tactical needs.
A game’s tactics can’t be the same.
Paying attention to attack in the early stage is to get ahead in the game.
Once in the lead, he needs to defend.
At that time, Ba Laha and Paulo Leila obviously had more.
I don’t have any problem with the two players who are always winning.
Ba Laha was determined to win the team in the first season.
Changsheng made it clear to him that he didn’t support it.
What’s his fault and dissatisfaction with winning so many championships with Changsheng? If it were any other coach, maybe Valencia would compete for the qualification of the Champions League every year.
Paulo Leila is as winning as Ba Laha, and for him, he knows how to meet him.
When he was still unknown in a small Portuguese team, it was the Valencia club that brought him out of there and met Changsheng for the first time. I knew that Valencia club bought himself because Changsheng asked them to buy themselves.
He also has support for Changsheng.
This arrangement is surprising to outsiders, who are worried that the two former main players will be dissatisfied with the winning arrangement, which will lead to chaos in the locker room and eventually affect Valencia’s combat effectiveness
That’s how Mourinho recognizes a person.
When he found that the winning starting list was different from his previous prediction, he was not surprised but laughed.
Can that China man win the game by being caught off guard by seeking novelty and variety?
It’s not like a final is won by starting lineup.
On the whole, this arrangement has not deviated from its own prediction, or it has just changed people in two positions, and it has not changed to the point where the whole main team has changed greatly.
Mourinho has nothing to worry about.
The Champions League final is broadcast live in China at 2: 45 a.m.
At this time, CCTV in Chinese mainland has not broadcast the Champions League live. There are two ways for China fans to watch the Champions League live broadcast. One is a local sports channel. These sports channels can broadcast the Champions League because they have signed a contract with ESPN, but the disadvantage is that they can’t see it in many places except provincial cities because they are not satellite TV stations.
The second way is through the internet. At that time, live video was not as developed as it was later, but it was also available, and of course there was live text.
Most China fans and netizens are used to chatting with the comrades who stayed up late to watch the ball on QQ while watching the ball.
So is the forum.
Changsheng went to that forum in the early hours of the morning, and there were no shortage of such people.
Some people watch the internet directly in front of the TV, while others watch the forum through the brain network.
These people froze when they saw the video screen typing out the starting list of both sides.
They thought of the top post.
"I depend! You are kidding! Really let ya guess? !”
"I’ll go! You’re not really winning, are you? ! Can you guess the arrangement of such an unpopular starting lineup? "
Suddenly, several netizens flocked to this post and replied on the floor where Changsheng released the starting lineup, "Worship the Great God!" "Great God asks for the winning number of the two-color ball!" "Great God, please show me how to buy PetroChina and throw it away?"
There are people shouting "hymns" in the post? Where’s the hymn? Come out and cut JJ live! "
And received enthusiastic response from the masses.
Of course, some people posted this link to the outside and got the title as scary as Changsheng. "Changsheng is really suspicious and appears in the CM player forum!"
So several foreign netizens flocked.
In order to be able to see the post, they also registered their accounts and logged in to watch.
Too many people poured in for a short time, which even caused the forum machine to crash …
Of course, this is all happening on the national network, and it will not affect the game …
Mourinho is repeating the tactical points of the game to his players in the final preparations before the game.
"Valencia’s skills are good, but they are not hard enough to deal with such a team that is good at controlling the ball and passing it back and forth. What should we do? We don’t wait for them to attack in the backcourt, but our physical advantage to attack them! Let them be afraid of our physical collision. Let them be afraid! So they won’t dare to control the ball. Then it will be our chance! "
Mourinho has taken the muscle and speed flow route since he sold Deco.
His Porto style is tough, his defense is tenacious, his counterattack is sharp and fast.
This has already taken shape in his future.
Chang Sheng may not have thought that it was his original move that contributed to the thorough formation of Mourinho’s tactical thinking.
Relying on this muscle speed team, Porto eliminated Manchester United, Lyon, Chelsea and other teams all the way to the Champions League final, and successfully defended the league title by suppressing teams such as Fica and Sporting Reese in the national league.
This is Mourinho’s emphasis on blood football.
At the same time, in the dressing room of Valencia, Changsheng is also making the final mobilization.
"We reached the final three years ago, when many people in this team were not here, and Valencia reached the Champions League final for two consecutive seasons! This is a great achievement, even if the giants want to reach the finals for two consecutive seasons, it is not so easy, but why would Valencia choose to change coaches? Because we don’t have a champion to reach the Champions League final for two consecutive seasons, such brilliant achievements are simply worthless in the face of being runner-up for two consecutive seasons! "
"In order to change this fate of failure, Valencia changed the president of the club and the head coach. My former Cooper left me, but to be honest, when I came to this team, I’m afraid no one was optimistic that I could lead you back to the stage of the Champions League final again. At that time, I was a newcomer with one year’s experience in teaching in the second division. Like most of you, Valencia was not certified as a newcomer on the mainstream stage for two consecutive seasons. Being ranked fourth by Inter Milan in the Champions League, we were eliminated by AC Milan. When we met AC Milan again in the fourth round this season, many people thought it was Valencia’s fate, but I don’t believe in fate. I just appeared to break those damn fates! "
"Everyone saw that we reversed AC Milan 5 and we came to Schalke! We have won three league titles in the past three years, but when we meet AC Milan in the Champions League, why will we still think that we are inferior to them? Very simply, we are not European champions. We need a European champion to clear our name. We need a European champion to tell everyone that Valencia is a force to be reckoned with in European football! "
"Today, we have an excellent opportunity. Two years later, we finally came back here, which should belong to our stage. This is the third time Valencia has reached the Champions League final. We have a saying in China that’ things are only three’, which means that one thing can be done, but it can’t be done again and again, but it will be set off by others. This kind of thing won’t happen again for the third time. This time, we are not. Let’s get a runner-up! We are the king of Europe! "
"We’ve all gone from a nobody to a superstar, and now we’re just one step away from becoming a superstar, winning the Champions League and making a name for ourselves!"
Chapter three hundred Ugly finals
When players from both sides come out, they always win in front of the coach’s seat.
The stadium is playing the theme song of the Champions League.
The choir of St. Martin’s Society sang the praises of this great event in different languages.