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Yin Zhongxian’s body crashed into the nose and went to the middle of the investigation. It burst and broke, and the debris mouth was guarded.

Li Feiyang’s sex monster fell to the ground, panting heavily.
The broken limbs suddenly gathered in a burst of brilliance and flicker, and merged to quit a complete seal fairy
Li Feiyang was surprised when he said Shao, but he saw that the fairy in the pot turned his hand and said that it was out of the way. "See the master! "Immediately after the reappearance of Yinzhong Fairy, my nephew knelt in front of Li Feiyang with a respectful expression.
Li Feiyang crocodile ran this way "master? "What’s going on? "
Fairy way in the pot, you have been light, and now you are as light as a demon pot. I want to wake you up for the first time, and I will come out to help you. It’s up to you to fight or realize your spiritual wishes. I want to ask Li Feiyang, but he was interrupted by the fairy in the pot. I know what you want to ask, and I can’t tell you without asking Chu, but you can remember a little bit about heaven and earth.
Say don’t give Li Feiyang a chance to say that the fairy in the pot has lost sight of her body.
The sky changed suddenly, and the boundary between India and China changed instantly, but it was still white before.
South Beastmaster has been supported by the method of light-respecting oppression.
At this time, the South BM has been bleeding for 7 times, and his fingers are addicted to it. He is still playing Fu Shanqin in a hurry, but in the sky, he is laughing. "South BM, you’d better stop swearing and hand over Fu Jiangqin. Maybe I can leave you a way."
Yan emperor and others cross their legs all over the floor with a face of anger and hope that Li Feiyang slowly looked around and felt a strange feeling of blood in my heart, and stretched out his hand at the light statue in the sky.
"What? !” Just drink a lot and make an incredible reproduction.
In the hands of Yan Di and others, the strange thing suddenly jumped back to Bai Guangmu and then broke away from the control of the first statue and flew to Li Feiyang’s hand.
Guanghua dispersed all this just to see please Chu that what face.
Perfect cyan looks like a green key wrapped around a green dragon ring. Although Rao Tong has collected Guanghua, it has an indescribable fluctuation and palpitation.
Guangzun’s seed realized that it was unbelievable. "How is it possible?" Although I can’t finish offering and refining this treasure, I have been guided by the spirit of God. How can you ask for it in such a short time? "
Li Feiyang came to take the Jiong seal to the South BM and flashed a white light. The South BM suddenly became ruddy, and his identity was slowly restored after a few breaths.
"This treasure tells you that it is only in this way that I can refine my mouth because these treasures come from me."
Li Feiyang casually toward tianyi spleen, a green light flashed across the devil pot and roared from a distance and fell into his hands.
Emperor Yan got the devil’s pot, and immediately his pupils narrowed, and God relied on his mouth. "However, this ancient top ten gods are not the top ten kinds of fools, but another world where you can’t root."
Li Feiyang slowly talks about his face with a hint of palm makeup. Everything feels indifferent. "The cold in the hands of the South Beastmaster is called Fucha Qin, and I took this magic weapon from your hand. It is called Jun Jiong’s seal. It is only a few great artifacts, namely, the female Juanshi, the ancient axe XuanYuanxi, and the Eastern Emperor Zhong Wu Tian’s ten treasures of Shennongding and kunlun mirror. They are all addicted to wonders. However, this time, people like you are born from robbery, but they are not born from robbery.
Instead, let me rely on the top ten artifacts to kill the wild and enter the duck! "
Li Feiyang estimated that everyone present was surprised by the changing face of Guangzun, and then he hesitated and was afraid. He was also addicted to a leek and gloomy cow. After noon, he asked, "What are you from?" What will tell me this? "
Li Feiyang said, "After all, you’re a big statue. I tricked people into drowning, and you need a wife to help you. If you can yield to me, I can consider sparing your life."
Light statue of a cunning face upwards laugh "yield to you! You want to be beautiful! I don’t know how small it is, but I also played into the duck confusion, not to mention the duck Meng, even the whole wilderness, which is not easy for you to take! You shouldn’t have told me about these straws just now, but even if you want to keep me, you won’t have a chance! "
Say light statue head suddenly appeared a huge array neon cyanogen hippies six-pointed star-shaped light statue a bath hum, detective got into the array "cunning array a neon cyanogen, suddenly visit lost leave light statue sound echoed in the south ancient site.
"I will tell other talented people that you will be so lucky if you see me again! Jun Jiong’s seal will still be a ring! !”
"My Lord" just let him go? "Yan emperor asked bitterly with a unwilling mouth.
Li Feiyang’s hand put the devil’s pot playing with Qiang Yin floating and flashing over his head. After a long time, Li Feiyang squeezed his face with a profound Mo Yuan God. He said lightly, "He will come back and save us from looking for it one by one."
At this time, the South Beastmaster’s diameter has recovered well, which is due to the trauma of the Yuan God. He still needs to be adjusted. He stood up and gave Li Feiyang a hand and said, "Thank you for your help."
Li Feiyang looked at the South Beastmaster’s face with a smile. "Brother, I guess you heard it, but what do you think?"
South Beastmaster slightly disturbed Yu, and then resolutely said, "Everything depends on your horse. My life depends on your rescue!"
Straw South Beastmaster raised Fu Dihan in his hand to Li Feiyang’s side and said, "Brother, this Fu Lamb Qin is for you. Since it was born because of you, you should refine it as soon as possible, so that we can fight HarmonyOS as soon as possible!"
Li Feiyang smiled and put Fu Shame Qin in the devil pot.
At this time, the boundary of the pot finally came slowly. Looking at the huge mountain like a moon fortress, I felt the strength of the realm of knowledge, and the Beastmaster and a group of hand beasts would be furious again.
At this time, they are truly powerful in the hands of Bai Li Feiyang.
"All the talented people listen to today, except for the remnants of Guangzun, no one is left!" As Li Feiyang today’s big pull people fly out of the pot boundary towards the light statue left by the hands.
Chapter 241 Temple of Light
No rice cooking is the only cooking style in this armor, which is full of endless threats. If you can hardly see other colors, if you come here with poor efforts, you may have lost your way before the war.
There are ten Yan people living in the temple of light.
These dozen people are different in appearance, appearance and race. If they are familiar with them, they will be surprised.
The whole celestial scene strength and potential honour level strong unexpectedly gathered in one place!
Guangzun sits in the main seat, and there is a man on each side of his left side.
On the left, one person wears a long silver evening gown with a white mustard on his back, while the other person wears a black evening gown without a black precious evening gown.
If Li Feiyang were here, he would be shocked.
Because he knows both of them.
Bai Yongren is the renter of the Five Elements Sect, and his father, Li Jingyao, is dressed in black.
These two people are the new immortals and demons in the celestial world, and they are also the last two defenses that human beings can resist the blasphemy of heaven, beast, eye and country.
Investigation is a group of heads of animals or heads of animals. Of course, only people look like human beings, but they are not real human beings, but blasphemy. "Li Feiyang is blind and ignorant, destroying the balance of our eyes. He is our common enemy. We must work together to destroy his mouth." But if what he says is true, then the top ten gods are really born because of him, and he can only defend the north by offering sacrifices. What should we do? Just like when you fight with him and wait for you to show your artifact, the horse is taken away by him and then comes to counter you. Can you hold on?