20, Jun 2024
"Looking at your face, I don’t know if I can get so close to you. When you wake up, it will be a cold look. It makes me feel so far away." Bai Lulu sighed gently.

"Whenever you are with Shen Nuo, I always think silently, if we hadn’t broken up at the beginning, would it be me by your side now? Would I be so painful and sad as it is now?" Bai Lulu couldn’t help crying with regret.
Lu Xiusi’s fingers moved slightly. He doesn’t know when it is appropriate to "wake up" now.
"I …" Bai Lulu sobbed. "I tried to forget you, but after all, I loved you too much. You once went through my whole youth with me. Now I can’t forget you and I have lost my love for others."
"It’s a good thing you’re asleep now. What I want to say in my heart finally came out today. It’s best if you can’t hear me. I don’t want to make you sad, but I’m holding back. It’s good to be at this time today."
Bai Lulu sat in her seat crying her nose and tears, which attracted the pity of the sister on the same flight.
"It’s really distressing to be so beautiful, but crying with rain." Finally, I couldn’t watch it and went to Bai Lulu’s side
"Do you need a tissue, madam?" One side elder sister asked lovingly
Bai Lulu has been crying around Lu Xiusi, but my sudden voice has disrupted Bai Lulu’s desire to let Lu Xiusi not wake up.
"shh!" Bai Lulu quickly gestured to the elder sister to show her that this person beside Bai Lulu is sleeping, hoping not to wake her up too loudly.
However, Lu Xiusi, who had long been impatient, finally "woke up" at the right time at this time.
"Well …" Lu Xiusi picked the blindfold and opened his eyes.
Aside from the fact that I woke up Lu Xiusi, I was very embarrassed to say sorry to Bai Lulu.
Bai Lulu, despite some regrets, Lu Xiusi was awake, and it didn’t mean anything to me, so she motioned for me to go.
"You’re awake, Hugh!" Bai Lulu looked at Lu Xiusi with a sweet smile.
Lu Xiusi didn’t respond, quietly tidied up the carpet, and when Bai Lulu saw it, he quickly took the initiative to say, "Let me help you with it, Hugh!" However, Lu Xiusi immediately rejected Bai Lulu’s kindness: "I can’t do it myself!" Bai Lulu knew that Lu Xiusi was being polite and deliberately keeping his distance from him, so he was not scrambling to help Lu Xiusi do it, so he sat in his seat honestly and sighed deeply.
"Hugh, are you in such a hurry to fly?" Bai Lulu found a topic to chat with Lu Xiusi herself.
"How many days do you need to stay?" Bai Lulu asked
I don’t know.
"Hugh, you’re welcome. If you need it …" Bai Lulu enthusiastically said to Hugh Lu.
"Miss Bai" Lu Xiusi put down the file in his hand. "Please don’t be quiet for a while. I have work to do!"
Lu Xiusi frowned and turned to continue to concentrate on the file. Today, this project must be taken, otherwise their family’s long efforts will be wasted.
Bai Lulu wanted to talk to Lu Xiusi, but Lu Xiusi said Bai Lulu in front of so many people. Although Bai Lulu was very uncomfortable, she said that she was Lu Xiusi, and even if she had complaints, she dared not say it.
Bai Lulu knew that pestering Lu Xiusi in this way would make Lu Xiusi more disgusted with himself, so he stopped talking and sat quietly in a chair and looked at Lu Xiusi.
Bai Lulu finally had such a close chance to stay with Lu Xiusi, which made Bai Lulu’s eyes never leave Lu Xiusi. She was afraid that this person was a passer-by in her dream and ran away when she woke up.
Lu Xiusi knew that Bai Lulu had been staring at her, but Lu Xiusi became more and more uncomfortable when she was looked at by Bai Lulu, so she turned to Bai Lulu and said, "Miss Bai, would you please stop staring at me? I can’t do any work now! "
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry," said Bai Lulu, only to react that her behavior was a little rude, so she quickly apologized to Lu Xiusi and saved Lu Xiusi from being angry with her. "You won’t let me talk or see you, so what am I …?"
"Miss Bai" Lu Xiusi put down the file in his hand. "If you come because you want to have a chance to get in touch with me alone, I think you can just go back after the plane. I won’t accompany you sometimes."
Seeing that Lu Xiusi was a little angry, Bai Lulu quickly said, "No, I didn’t. I met him on the plane because I had a job in Liaocheng … What a fate!" Bai Lulu pretended to be happy and clapped her hands there.
Lu Xiusi looked at Bai Lulu and knew that it was impossible for Bai Lulu to go back to Lu Xiusi with her own strength, so she just let her go. It was good for Bai Lulu not to affect her normal work life. When she saw that Lu Xiusi no longer drove her away, she took a deep sigh of relief, so she looked at Lu Xiusi from time to time for fear that Lu Xiusi would disappear when she opened her eyes.
Shen Nuo hasn’t slept at home, and she’s been waiting for news of the landing, but after all, Liaocheng is far from their city, and it will take several hours even by plane. Shen Nuo is going to cheer up and dare not relax.
At this time, Shen Nuo’s mobile phone rang, and when he picked it up, he immediately became nervous.
"Father" called Shen Nuo because Liu Fu Shen Nuo didn’t know what Liu Fu was doing calling Shen Nuo so late.
"You come home, I have something to tell you." Listen Shen Nuo, Liu Fu’s tone today is not very strict, but there are some gentle Shen Nuo who are curious and dare not neglect and go directly to Liu Zhai.
Shen Nuo again way has been thinking about Liu Fu looking for her what purpose? Is it necessary to pay for what Shen Nuo did before? Just while Lu Xiusi was on a business trip, Shen Nuo became more and more afraid, and finally he simply didn’t want to.
When Shen Nuo first walked into Lujia alone, Lu mother was afraid of Shen Nuo’s nervousness and waited at the door early.
"There you are, little darling!" Mother Lu is still so smiling that she will meet up with Shen Nuo, who is afraid that her heart will be much better immediately.
"Mom, my father called me …" Shen Nuo said hello to Lu mother politely and asked Lu father’s intention at the same time.
"Shen Nuo, come!" Liu Fu now calls Shen Nuo into the room at the door to talk to him.
"Don’t worry, if dad says something bad to you, just tell me that I will never let you be bullied!" Mother Lu comforted Shen Nuo, although she didn’t know what it meant when Liu Fu suddenly asked Shen Nuo to come over at night.
Shen Nuo believed very much and nodded to Lu mother, then took a deep breath and followed Liu Fu into the room.
"Sit" Liu Fu did not have the majesty of the past. Instead, Shen Nuo looked at it and was not used to it
Shen Nuo obedient to sit down.
"Shen Nuo, you should already know that Hugh is on a business trip!" Lu Fu asked.
"Yes, I already know my father. I’m going to wait for him to go to bed after the plane tonight …" Shen Nuo said with a happy smile on his face.
"You don’t have to worry about him. He has someone with him!" Liu Fu deliberately said
"Someone to accompany? But Hugh said he was alone … "Shen Nuo listened to Liu Fu’s rhetoric with some doubts.
Liu Fu waved his hand at Shen Nuo. "No, he went with Lulu!"
"Lulu … Bai Lulu? How is it possible! " Shen Nuo couldn’t believe his ears kept repeating Bai Lulu’s name.