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Yan Shifan nodded, but his eyebrows were raised. "Master thought that the cliff terrain was dangerous and asked us not to escape there first. I don’t think Hengshan Mountain is big here. We don’t seem to be killed, do we?"

Zhao Yang’s eyes flashed, and Yan Shifan’s calculation was in line with his plan. Unfortunately, there was nothing to pull away from when the situation was just different from that of firm but gentle. If he pulls away in the face of the attack of the Magic Sect, the Hengshan Sect will die in the Jianghu!
"Forget it," Zhao Yang thought for a moment. "You boys go to the kitchen and bring some drinking water and food to Siguo Cliff to avoid the teacher. Huashan Sect is in danger here. Once something goes wrong, it’s not difficult for the teacher to get out alone. Be careful and you can pretend to be a mountain traveler."
Yan Shifan nodded several senior quietly away.
The small defeat of the East was repeatedly in danger under the siege of the five masters. The speed of fighting was fast and the footwork was strange, but it was difficult to avoid the murder. However, it was difficult to continue to lose the small defeat of the East.
"Don’t go!" Feng Buping roared a battle sword and wanted to catch up with the small defeat of the East. He sold a hidden weapons Feng Buping and narrowly escaped a cold sweat.
"Good thief!" Yue Buqun had a hard time annihilating several Mormons who came over and rushed a few people with a slight nod in the direction of the gate, full of worries.
Zhao Yang was a little embarrassed to come over. "Several senior brothers don’t know what we should do if we don’t know what to do?"
Yue Buqun frowned. "Eye Mountain Road has been lost. We must recapture it as soon as possible, otherwise we will lose our geographical position. Even with reinforcements, it is difficult to rush to the mountain."
Zhao Yang nodded and said, "Brother Yue is most familiar with Huashan geography. In this case, we will take advantage of the shaky foothold of Magic Sect to kill the mountain and recapture the mountain road and wait for rescue."
Huashan Mountain Road, that is, Huashan plank road, with thick chains at the mouth of the bowl as guardrails, has a very narrow foothold. Those who are timid even there are weak hands and feet, let alone fighting. Zhao Yang has just remembered that he must go through the mountain road to think about crossing the cliff. In other words, Hengshan Paidi must be able to cross the mountain road even if he wants to avoid crossing the cliff!
Hundreds of people on the top of Huashan Mountain are fighting in full swing, playing a green robe. The sword of Huashan Sect is retreating step by step in the crazy attack of the magic cult. With the help of the sword array, it barely resists the magic cult offensive, and Feng Buping and others see their brothers in danger regardless of fatigue. 6 Bai Zhao Yang and others also know that life and death are at stake, and the contradiction of the Ministry is abandoned like a tiger mountain and rushed into the magic cult group to kill.
Zhao Yang’s sword fell a few times, and he killed several demons, but his heart was heavy. Because these believers were young, but they were very solid, obviously not ordinary believers. What was this? Zhao Yang remembered the other small defeat in the East. Is this small defeat in the East really Dong Fangbubai? This is the secret training power of Sun Moon Shintoism? What is the purpose of the small defeat of the East?
Or do you have ulterior motives?
"Ha ha ha" with a long laugh, a figure flew across the mountain road and appeared at the mountain crossing. Several Sun and Moon Shintoists rushed to see the sword light flash across these Christians and killed them on the spot.
"Good Kung Fu!" Zhao Yang canthus jump to quick jianfa biting end is a good player but Zhao Yang also some depressed how so many master suddenly appeared in this smile? Are you laughing and arrogant or are you confused?
There can be no Dong Fangbubai after a minor defeat in the East, so it’s understandable that he came out alone or was born out of wedlock. Who is this?
"Thank you, my friend, for helping Yue Mou people. I am very grateful." Although Yue Buqun can’t afford to be born, he has always been thanked by people.
"Bah!" Come and spit contemptuously. "I’m not helping you with firewood. I’m looking for a fight. Now that you’re weak, I’ll give you a hand." It’s so fair to give them a hand when you have more people! "
Zhao Yang smell speech almost vomiting blood your ya this also called fair?
However, after listening to these words, Zhao Yang also found that this fellow is purely a martial idiot and a crazy root. It’s unreasonable to stay away from him later. This fellow has hurt himself.
Shi Chai really isn’t covered with high-strength swordsmanship, which is even more bizarre. It seems to be rampant in the crowd. In general, one person falls to the ground in every sword, or Huashan Sect or Sun Moon Shintoism. Anyone who is close to Shi Chai may be killed by this fellow.
Shi Chai broke through the mountain road guarded by Sun Moon Shintoism, and Wulin people rushed to join the fray. There were Taishan brothers, Songshan brothers, Hengshan brothers and Hengshan brothers. Well, Hengshan brothers were Lin Ping. When he heard the Huashan first aid order, he realized that it was not good, but he was blocked by Sun Moon Shintoism. It was too dangerous for Bo Linping to use force alone in the mountain road for a while.
With the passage of time, I saw more and more magic believers. When Lin Ping’s fire was in a hurry, he used firewood to fight like autumn wind to sweep away the leaves, sweeping away the believers in the mountains and the sun and the moon, and Lin Ping rushed to Zhao Yang to meet.
"Ping" Zhao Yang hurriedly ordered "Find your little younger brother. It’s too dangerous to fight here at Siguo Cliff to avoid damage."
Lin Ping looked hard. "Master, it’s not good to do this. If we maintain our strength, how can we tell other factions after the war?"
Zhao Yang laughed coldly "need to hand over to treat? It is hard to say who can laugh at the end of the Huashan school’s firm but gentle struggle. Although there are many Jian Zongdi, they will be consumed a lot after this battle. Songshan school? Did you show kindness to Hengshan School when Songshan School was sent? Only when we have the strength can we have a future, otherwise what benefits can we get here? "
Lin Ping knew something about Jian Zong, so he went to find his younger brother. When he saw that Jian Zong’s younger brother was fighting with Sun Moon Shinto, he hid aside and prepared to wait for an opportunity to come to the back of the mountain to give firewood and break in. Then Lin Ping rushed in. They chased after Lin Ping wildly, but they didn’t watch Lin Ping’s master meet before they came slowly.
See that a few to recall Lin Pingdi hurried to Zhao Yangcai to react "you don’t know Jianzong? Oh, just ask your teacher younger brother. Go and find Shifan and them. Don’t go wrong. "
It’s not good to object to Zhao Yang’s insistence. "The master told my brother to take the lead. Now other factions continue to have brother support. What if my brother and others meet on the mountain?"
"Move reinforcements" Zhao Yang succinctly waved a sword to block the attack for Lin Ping and then yelled "Why don’t you wait!"
Lin Ping grinned and turned to search for traces of several younger brothers, but how can we find them in such a chaotic situation? Lin Ping turned around a little dejected and glanced at the younger brother who followed. "Old Five, what do you think we should do?"
Zhao Hongbo looked at the melee square and thought, "The second brother Shifan is together, but the second brother appreciates the idea of Shifan. I think they should hide somewhere in Huashan to watch the fun now."
"Watching the fun somewhere?" Lin Ping frowned and swept the Huashan Sect compound building. At that time, he didn’t know that the building might be their hiding place.
"Search it" Zhao Hongbo pointed out the Huashan school building "first pick those double-storey buildings where you can overlook the whole square"
Looking at the scenery in tall buildings, especially watching two groups of ants fighting each other, makes people feel relaxed and happy. Yan Shifan is a little smug. "How about the second brother? I said that we should hide here to ensure that there is nothing. You still don’t believe it. Do you believe it now? Do you think it is possible to rely on us for Chongshan Road? "
Wu Gangze is a little worried that "little teacher younger brother, we can’t compare with you. You are the master’s darling, but we are different. The master told us to hide in Siguo Cliff, where the terrain is hidden and ordinary people can’t defend it now and it’s easy to defend it but difficult to attack it."
Wu Gangze looked around anxiously. "Although it is relatively safe here at present, once the master can’t carry the magic teaching offensive, he will naturally kill the mountain and we will not be abandoned." Master, but we’re hiding in Siguo Cliff! In case the master can’t find us at Siguo Cliff, we’ll kill you again. Isn’t this putting the master at risk? "
"It’s really that the old lady’s mind is endless." Yan Shifan was a little frustrated, pointing to the square chapter. "Brother, although I don’t know much about Jianghu and Wulin, I can still see some of them. Do you think this magic attack on the mountain has given you an impression?"
"Impression?" Wu Gang frowned. "Well, it seems that things are in a hurry. There seems to be no overall planning at the root of the magic religion. It seems that there is such a group of people. How can the magic religion be so hasty?"
"Yes," Yan Shifan said confidently, "I’m sure this attack on the mountain is a small defeat in the East. It is estimated that this fellow is just coming out of the mountain gate and wants to show off that he has picked up the weak thin Huashan Mountain. I didn’t expect that today, Huashan Mountain has gathered clouds and three heroes from all sides have touched the nail. Although both sides have issued emergency orders, it may lead to a large-scale gang fight, but there will be no one party overwhelming the other because both sides have no plans."
"You mean that today’s group fight may end in a tie?" Wu Gang is hard to believe.
"Of course," Yan Shifan proudly looked up. "You don’t look at who I am, but I am a legacy of Yan Shifan! When both sides feel that the casualties are unbearable and it is impossible to eat each other, they will choose a truce and there is no peerless martial arts secret to induce them to fight to the death? "
"Martial arts cheats?" WU GANG thought, "What are the martial arts secrets of Huashan School?"
"Let’s see," Yan Shifan and other Cong WU GANG just started talking, and he understood each other’s meaning. "But we are not familiar with the Huashan School. How can we find it?"
Zhang Fangze gently touched Yan Shifan. "Little brother, do you think that’s a person?"
"hey!" Yan Shifan, otherwise, "Isn’t it just the big brother and the five brothers? Don’t I have such a bad memory that even they will forget it?"
Zhang Fangze hey hey smile "little teacher younger brother, you are looking in the wrong direction, I said that side"
Yan Shifan was taken aback when he looked in the direction of Zhang Fangze. "Why is this fellow sneaking around in his own house? Is there any ulterior motive?"
Chapter 13 【 thieves don’t fall 】
On the side of Huashan Sect’s headquarters, a figure appears and disappears stealthily. If it weren’t for all the people in high-rise buildings, it really wouldn’t happen now. Even Ling Huchong limped to the front but ran in the opposite direction. What’s his intention?
Yan Shifan, the "second brother", frowned. "How many younger brothers do you know about this Lao Denuo? You should have heard about it, right?"
Wu Gangze wry smile "little teacher younger brother joking brother also just a few months earlier than you talk about understanding? However, this Lao Denuo is Yue Buqun’s second younger brother, who is the oldest among Yue Buqun’s younger brothers. I don’t know how Yue Buqun accepted him. Isn’t this a valuable resource of Langhuashan School? "
Yan Shifan eyes flashing "guys, why don’t we go and see? This Laudno is definitely up to no good when he’s a big age, and now he’s sneaking around during the crisis of Huashan Sect. There must be some bad plans to follow us and see if he has plans. "
Zhang Fangze hesitated for a moment. "Wait for the senior brothers and others. They are single-handed and have an accident."