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He is good at playing on the wing, but he is not very good at the bottom. He likes to change direction, which is why his scoring rate is higher than that of most wingers.

However, Changsheng intends to reform him, and keep the basis of his shooting to make him consciously increase.
Because luis garcia is the left-footed general, if he is on the left, he can hit the ball, if he is on the right, he will cut and shoot.
In this way, he can change positions frequently, making the opponent’s defense confusing, and the attack before Hertha will be changeable, making the opponent more difficult to defend.
But the only problem is that Balado Lide is not willing to let go easily even if he doesn’t luis garcia.
They offered Hertha 330 million pesetas, which is about 2 million euros.
"Three hundred and thirty million pesetas? Mom! They might as well rob a bank to get money faster! " Changsheng growled in the office.
Rudy Gonzalez, the assistant coach, and Manuel Garcia, another coach, sat opposite him.
"This is their final offer," Manuel Garcia said with a frown. "They said that if they don’t agree to the price of 2 million euros, they won’t talk about it."
Winning also sat down with a frown.
Hertha can’t come up with two million euros now.
Of course, it’s not that a reselling person can’t make up enough, but is it necessary?
Just one luis garcia. Can you dig out the money?
Even if Garcia comes, so what? He has no teammates around him.
But luis garcia’s constant victory is really what he wants.
He is much more suitable to play winger than mista.
He thought for a moment and then gritted his teeth. "Go back to Lide, Balado, and the maximum is 1 million euros. This is our final offer."
If Peter can sell one million euros, he can still take it out.
Manuel Garcia nodded his head.
Rudy Gonzalez seemed to want to say something when he saw this scene, but he didn’t say it at last.
Changsheng turned to look back at Rudy. "What do you think, Rudy?"
Rudy Gonzalez shrugged. "One million euros is expensive. If 500 thousand can take it, we’ll take it."
"I know it’s expensive, but it’s definitely impossible to buy luis garcia for 500 thousand."
"Why are you so interested in him?" Rudy asked.
"Because I like him," Chang Sheng replied.
Rudy shuddered with exaggeration. "I’ll stay away from you later, you gay!" "
"You are fucking gay!" Winning grumpily turned supercilious look.
Rudy Gonzalez laughed heartily when he saw him like this.
Manuel Garcia looked at the two men naively.
But he sincerely felt that the atmosphere was much better than that when Juan Zamora was the head coach …
Chapter seventy-nine Signing
There is no doubt that the offer of one million euros will always win back, but Balado Lide refused it without hesitation. They said they would never sell it if it was less than two million euros!
Changsheng didn’t expect his transfer worker to encounter such a big problem.
He thought that those who said that they could buy whoever they wanted when they crossed back were all YY novels!
If he can’t even handle a Balladorid, how can he handle those big teams?
But giving up luis garcia’s words like this made him very unwilling …
Then it suddenly occurred to him that Benitez Terry didn’t seem to be able to buy luis garcia from Balado Lide either.
They are renting …
Then when they were promoted successfully in the season, Benitez jumped directly to Valencia, a Spanish powerhouse, with his excellent performance in Terry, and he became a "master" from then on.
By the way, I can also rent it!
In fact, Changsheng doesn’t care whether he can have all of luis garcia’s department. After all, he can’t stay in Getafe for too long.
I bought it at such a high price, but I ran away after two years. What’s the point?
Leasing is a simple and easy way.
Moreover, Balado Lide is willing to lend Garcia out, which will give Garcia a chance to play.
For Garcia himself, Garcia is certainly willing to come to a team that can play the game
The fact that Hertha is a second-division team will not affect this.
Luis garcia is not qualified to be picky.
Didn’t he go to Toledo on loan this season?
The only problem is that if you want to be quick, you must grab Benitez’s hand.
Otherwise, he really doesn’t know if he can compete with Terry.
From the final ranking of the season league, Hertha is the tenth and Terry is the fourteenth.
Obviously Terry is stronger and more promising than Hertha.
The same is true. Later in 221, Hertha was finally relegated and Terry was promoted …
Now Terry manager Rafa Benitez has not yet
Because everyone is still on holiday.
This is his chance.