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Liang Yi now has four spirit beast servants, namely Dragon Son, High Wind Carving, Xiaobai and Nine Xuan Python King. Although Liang Yi has finished treating them as relatives and friends, there are two wild animals, the Gryphon and Snow Feather, which have just captured the’ three-headed hippopotamus’. It is rare to fly mounts, and the three-headed hippopotamus’s strange defense is also necessary to have these two wild animals with him, unless you encounter particularly strange and severe wild animals, otherwise Liang Yi will be accompanied.

Dragon son excitedly came forward and cut his finger and planted the forbidden species of slavery for overlord crab. Instantly, Liang Yi also removed the true element that wrapped the beast’s nuclear.
"Hey!" Little Dragon reached out to touch the clamp of overlord crab like a treasure, but I didn’t expect this guy to wave the clamp and dodge back.
"Hum, let you be rampant again. When you get back, I will teach you well." Dragon said, and with a wave of his hand, he put this overlord crab into the card of carrying detained animals.
"Well, you go back to practice a good āo this overlord crab developed a set of this overlord crab teamed up with the enemy tactics" Liang Yi smiles.
"Hey hey, the duke bro, you must have some unique practice to control wild animals. When will you also get me a severe wild animal to play with the old wind?" Cracking wind is full of envy. Looking at Liang Yi’s eyes with hope, Se Liang has anecdotes, only to find that Fei Qing Wang Han and others are all looking at themselves with burning eyes and suddenly know that these guys are tempted.
Liang Yi’s slight movement in his heart suddenly realized that this seems to be a good way to quickly enhance the strength of Luoxiao City. Each of these elders and guardians is equipped with a severe wild beast, and then some first-class wild beasts are armed, belonging to Xuanwu Wei and Baihuwei. The strength of Luoxiao City will also soar in the short term.
"Well, when we go back this time, we will organize an open sea hunting tour and bring a group of Xuanwu Wei and Baihuwei!"
"Great!" The high wind roared, "I knew the master must have a way to control the wild beast easily."
Just when everyone was happy, the clouds overhead had faded, and the colorful light beams hanging over Fengxiang disappeared.
Fengxiang’s colorful phoenix seems to be smaller than just now, but its feathers are more dazzling, and each of its seven Se feathers is full of psychedelic Se colors.
"Yo" sounded with a little excitement in a melodious sound, and Fengxiang came back to the body again.
After the colorful light beams and the baptism of the robbery fog, Fengxiang’s mana has returned to the full state. After the first big Armageddon and the promotion to the middle of Du Jie, Fengxiang’s whole person’s breath has become more and more ethereal, and every move has a faint smell of immortals. After this robbery, Fengxiang’s strength has also been greatly increased.
"Thank you, Master, for recreating Endi and never forgetting it!" Fengxiang walked to the front of Liang Yi and kowtowed respectfully.
"You can feel relieved to have this creature." Liang Yi smiled and lifted Fengxiang up.
Fengxiang got up and bowed down to the rest of the elders and said, "Thank you for your great help. Fengxiang never forgets his teeth. If you are sent after Ri, Fengxiang will go through fire and water again."
"Little teacher younger brother welcome everyone is a family" Wang Han hurriedly way.
"Yes Fengxiang elders, you are so polite to identify" crack wind and others even laughed.
Fei Qing and Ming Yuexian were slightly moist in their eyes. Before joining Luoxiao City, Fei Qing was famous for her terminating and treating her fellow students. Since joining Luoxiao City, Fei Qing has gradually been influenced by this atmosphere. Of course, treating outsiders Fei Qing is still as bad as ever at Ming Yuexian. She belongs to the Jade Rabbit Demon Family and is famous for her unity, so she likes this atmosphere in Luoxiao City very much.
Luo Xiaocheng’s unity comes from Liang Yi’s parents, who are the masters of the family. Liang Yi also belongs to people, and his hand resources have been open for a long time. Of course, Liang Yi was so generous in the early stage because of his help from Bilingtian, and later because of his great breakthrough in alchemy refining, which allowed him to turn some precious spiritual things such as immortals into more valuable panacea.
As the saying goes, one person can achieve enlightenment, and Liang Yi is not a miser. He won’t cling to huge wealth because he knows that it is my humanity to practice alone and ignore friends and relatives in the realm of cultivating immortals. It is boring to cultivate immortals, and friends and relatives are all dead. Isn’t it lonely to talk?
"By the way, Elder Fengxiang, you don’t know that you are a descendant of the Phoenix, but you have kept it from everyone. You even kept it from your master!" High winds woman.she patted Fengxiang shoulder way
"Well, Elder Blast, Master, I’m not really a descendant of Phoenix." Fengxiang even said, "Surely everyone knows that my Qingxiang clan was wiped out by the demon clan?"
"I, the Qingxiang clan, also known as the Qingyi Bird Demon clan, are indeed collateral descendants of the Phoenix clan, and there is a possibility of awakening the phoenix blood." Fengxiang explained, "I am the most mellow phoenix blood in my clan for tens of thousands of years, but it is a pity that it is far from being a colorful phoenix. Later, I got an ancient colorful phoenix in a ocean monument, and I have enough phoenix blood."
"It’s a pity that I haven’t been able to truly transform the Phoenix until I refined the blood vessels of the three-turn Dan body given by the master, and finally realized the secret of transforming the immortal Phoenix in a crisis after just being tempered by Armageddon."
"It’s a good thing you realized otherwise I’m afraid I’ve turned into fly ash by now." Liang Yi listened to Fengxiang and explained some concerned ways.
"Without the master’s enlightenment, how can there be a younger brother today?" Fengxiang respectfully said.
"I see you are becoming more and more like an ass-kisser, J: ng." Liang Yiwei smiled and shook his head to release the white tiger warship from the bead. Before Du Jie, Liang Yi put this warship into the bead. This warship is too big, even if Liang Yi’s hands are dry and Kun Zhen Ling quit, it can’t be installed and conquering warships. Although this warship is a magic weapon, it can also be carried and packed in the bead.
"It’s time to go back. All the elders are injured. Mana also consumes a lot. It’s up to you to control this white tiger warship." Liang Yi commanded to flicker into the cabin of the white tiger warship.
All the way to Xuandao, the warships, including Liang Yi, removed Fengxiang, and all nine people chose a cabin in the secret room to restore mana, recover mana and recuperate.
After three ri, they returned to Xuan Island.
At this time, the news that there is a friar Du Jie in Xuandao has spread all over genkai Xianzhou. After all, there are only a few friars in genkai Xianzhou Du Jie period. Those big powers will know who is in the robbery with a little heart. Luo Xiaocheng didn’t hide the news of Fengxiang’s success in Du Jie, and also directly announced it to other forces. By the way, Fengxiang held a grand celebration banquet. At that time, Ri ranked last in Xianzhou, genkai, and Xuandao became famous.
After returning to Luoxiao City, Liang Yi was arrested once, and found that a remote valley in the Pearl River was full of all kinds of wild animal bodies. Nearly 60% of these wild animal bodies were killed by Liang Yi, and the rest were smashed and piled together, which was bloody and spectacular. This is not to mention being taken away by the elders and being greedy by Shu Shu, a small money addict, otherwise there will be more to be continued.
The sixth volume Chapter 516 Refining treasure
After some discipline, there are six wild animal crystal nuclei in the late stage of fitting, thirty-nine in the middle stage of fitting, and an astonishing one hundred and ten in the early stage of fitting. There are countless other wild animal crystal nuclei in the refining stage, distracted stage, and then stage, which add up to more than five or six thousand, and more low-order wild animal crystal nuclei are directly attacked by Liang Yi and the elders and turned into fly ash, and many wild animal crystal nuclei are collected by the elders at will.
It can be seen that how tragic it was to kill the beast Hao in this short time. If it were Du Jie, a monk with other big powers, and encountered such a severe wild beast Hao, they would not be able to come up with a high-level but powerful expert like Liang Yi Rifeng, and it would be a heavy casualties if only some monks in the fit period could not destroy the regiment.
The elixir refined from the wild animal nucleus in the fitting period and the wild animal nucleus in the fitting period is also a small gain for Du Jie’s early monks’ practice. Generally, the wild animal nucleus in the fitting period is Yuan Lingshi to be valued. After the fitting period, most of the ten thousand-year-old elixirs produced by Bilingtian can be used as accessories, and their merits have gradually given way to the wild animal nucleus, and it is difficult for a clever woman to cook rice, and Liang Yi has also refined many elixirs to the elders’ dharma for rapid ascension.
Things like bones, leather armor and fangs of wild animals can be used to refine magic weapons and armor, but most of them can also fit in with low-order monks, while J and jīng blood of wild animals can be used to refine Liang Yi’s magic weapon.
This time, Fengxiang’s robbery destroyed a powerful defensive magic weapon and personal life armor in a row, and almost lost his life. This also made Liang Yi feel a little worried about his Du Jie in the future, and he was equipped with five yuan gods to refine five elements of magic. Will there be a superposition effect on that day’s robbery of congenital chaos bead, how strong it will be, and Liang Yi was not sure in his own heart?
"It seems that it is time to refine the ten thousand-year-old Xuan tortoise shell. From now on, the blood of the wild beast J and jīng will be continuously refined."
Make up my mind that the back beam escaped from the bead, and handed over all these wild animal materials to Luo Xiaocheng’s treasure house to be taken to an alchemist by my younger brother. The flesh and blood of the wild animal was directly thrown into the blood pool already prepared by Liang Yi, and purified by J and jīng.
After finishing these, Liang Yi plunged into the science of uniting the abode of fairies and immortals and prepared to refine the mysterious tortoise shell.
In the refining chamber, a dark blue Se turtle shell with a diameter of three zhangs is placed in the refining chamber ZH not ng y ā ng.
Liang Yi has practiced until now, and has seen countless top refining materials, and has never seen anything with green Se tortoise shell to be tough.
The owner of this tortoise shell is the old tortoise who lived for 150,000 to 60,000 years in The Hunger Fairy House, so don’t leave it. Therefore, I just ignored this tortoise shell in the middle of distraction. The turtle age of 150,000 to 60,000 years alone makes people tremble. What’s more, the tortoise at the other end has changed the blood refining technique in a unique way, and it has taken pains to refine the monster’s flesh and blood from time to time for more than 100,000 years, and its effect is not average.