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Suddenly, a "bang" just happened, and the villa where they were staying was bombed by shells, but then the whole five-story villa collapsed in three seconds.

Ishikawa and Tang Long were dying. They were hiding behind a tree and moving towards the mountain. Suddenly, accompanied by Ishikawa’s stuffy hum, Tang Long saw Ishikawa fall in front of him.
Tang Longma fell down on the spot. He saw clearly that a bullet hit Ishikawa’s heart directly. Obviously Ishikawa was dead.
Tang Long rolled into the roadside drain on the spot.
There are drainage ditches near the asphalt road of Lincheng Villa, which is to prevent the mountain rain from flowing from the asphalt road because it is too heavy.
Although the ditch is not deep, Tang Long is not tall enough to roll in.
Lin Cheng jumped out of the window and performed the flashing Tai Chi step. No one can be sure of the direction Lin Cheng took.
Lin Cheng knew that he jumped out of the window and at least five sniper rifles were pointed at himself, but he jumped out of the window too fast. These people didn’t react.
Therefore, Lin Cheng’s pace swayed from side to side, but the speed did not decrease until he stepped into the Woods. Lin Chengcai breathed a little sigh of relief because the sniper rifle was gone at this time, and he didn’t know what was waiting for Ishikawa and Tang Long. Therefore, Lin Cheng accelerated his pace and he also wanted to lead people over.
Not long after Lin Cheng ran into the Woods, he felt that he was being watched by wild animals.
Lin Cheng hunted with his grandfather and father since childhood. At that time, there were many wild animals. Now, with the expansion of population, wild animals are scared away by popularity. Therefore, he has the courage to realize the danger. This is not a wild animal, but two masters, two masters of the same level with himself. Lin Chengbu’s mind immediately became indifferent. Now that he has been locked, he will not be so easy to leave today.
And took a few steps forward Lin Cheng suddenly saw two men in black sitting and standing just blocked Lin Cheng’s detour.
It is reasonable to say that this forest is quite vast, not to mention that two people, even 200 people, may not be able to block the forest, but these two people Lin Cheng actually said that he was blocked by these two people when they finished the road.
Lin Cheng’s previous sense of crisis was largely brought by these two men.
This is definitely not a moment of friendship. Lin Cheng knows that today is the end of immortality. He stepped in the previous step and stared at these two peerless masters.
Both of them are about fifty years old. One of them is wearing a black one with two big iron guts in his hands, and the other is wearing a brown shirt with his hands. This person looks a few years older than the one who practiced in black before, but the age of martial arts practitioners can’t be seen only on the surface, especially for boxing practitioners. The age limit is not so obvious.
The man dressed in black and with big iron courage is called Yin Qingshan, and the man in brown clothes is called Li Chaozong. Both of them are superb masters, and their skill is higher than Lin Cheng’s.
This time, they were invited to deal with a young man under the age of 30. They all felt a little angry, but they couldn’t afford to offend them when they were invited. They were all angry in their hearts because they came all the way from Beijing to deal with a ru brat. Do they still have to dispatch their own series masters?
You know, the two of them are not the top figures in the kung fu world, and they all made a big splash in the past twenty years. Although they don’t care about the world in these years, they are serving you in Xishan. It is considered that the government has left two super bodyguards in Xishan to maintain these old revolutions and big families. It can be said that the most stringent place for China’s prevention is not Zhongnanhai, but Xishan Xishan, which is the center that can control the whole Chinese power.
Lin Cheng stepped forward again. Although he was nervous in his heart, his face smiled. "After studying, I went to pay my respects to the two seniors!" Say that finish and bend down.
Yin Qingshan and Li Chaozong came to despise this trip very much. Although the great man said that the object was a young super player, they still didn’t believe it so much. You know, the master and the young base are young on the opposite side, so they won’t be masters and they won’t be too young.
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315 last moment
Although both of them are masters, they have lived in the mountains for twenty-four or five years. It can be said that the mountains and Woods are Lin Chengjia, and his familiarity with mountains and trees is cheaper than his own.
At this time, it’s getting late, and it’s the worst time for people’s sight, but their eyes can see the situation in the dark by the faint moonlight. This is also the case that Lin Cheng practiced seeing things at night, and the enemy, although these two masters don’t take the darkness seriously, can’t come like this. If you want to practice this skill, you must have great wisdom and great difficulties to say that you have occupied the day again.
Just now, Lin Cheng successfully won the favor of Li Chaozong with his wisdom and courtesy, which occupied some people and
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But this time, when Li Chaozong and Yin Qingshan saw Lin Cheng, they didn’t feel really a hero. This man is only in his twenties, but his kung fu is inferior to his own. It really is a rival network.
If one of the two people comes today, it is impossible to keep him.
Li Chaozong glanced at his mouth slightly. "Are you Lin Cheng?"
Lin Cheng bowed and looked at the unarmed middle-aged man. "Xiaozhi, why don’t the two masters come in since they came to my house?"
"You can’t sit down because it’s not a polite time. Today, the two of us came to take your life to Yin. Remember a word, some people can’t be offended forever." Li Chaozong had a good impression on Lin Cheng, a modest and polite boy who was similar to his kung fu.
However, this is not a good impression on the house, and that doesn’t mean that we can become friends. You know, Lin Cheng offended people, but if you don’t live, you have to live.
"Then please ask the two masters to shoot together?" Lin Cheng made a gesture of asking the two to make moves together.
This is not because Lin Cheng is so arrogant that he feels that he can fight the two masters alone, but this is also his strategy. At this time, the invitation is to make the two people feel humble and polite, so as to avoid the situation that they are attacked on both sides together.
The more polite you are, the more embarrassed you can feel. This is the experience gained from Lin Cheng’s birth and accession to the WTO. Lin Cheng is not a martial artist. He is obsessed with practicing martial arts. He will soon have to make friends. However, it is common for a military man to be a man of character.
It can be said that martial arts people have few enemies, so don’t practice martial arts and lose the pursuit of the highest realm.
"Stop talking nonsense and hurry up!" Yin Qingshan took iron bravery in his hand with an impatient tone.
Yin Qingshan knew his main direction when he said this, that is, Yin Qingshan’s brown man was quite polite to himself, but this black man in latte was unsmiling and wanted to finish it.
If Lin Cheng attacks Li Chaozong’s side, Yin Qingshan will make a move, but if Lin Chengxian takes Yin Qingshan in turn, Li Chaozong will leave three points of strength even if he makes a move, and leaving these three points of strength is his hope of extricating himself from trouble.
Although both of them are great masters, they have lived in the mountains for twenty-four or five years. It can be said that the mountains and Woods are Lin Chengjia. His familiarity with mountains and trees is cheaper than his own. At this time, it is late, which is the worst time for people to see things in the dark. This is also because Lin Cheng learned to see things in the dark by moonlight, while the enemy, although these two masters don’t take darkness seriously, can’t come like this. If you want to practice your skills like this, you must have great wisdom and great difficulties. Just now, Lin Cheng succeeded in winning Li with wisdom and courtesy.
It can be said that I have the right time, the right place and the three account for a lot of hope of getting rid of natural difficulties. Although Lin Cheng will go all out even if there is no hope, isn’t it more combative with hope?
"Be careful!" Lin Chengyi warned that he rushed to Yin Qingshan’s palm and clenched his fist, which was a moving hammer.
Lin Cheng is still using his wisdom to occupy more people and warned him, "Be careful!" This point is nonsense. You just don’t want people to be careful. People have to be careful to compete. Who doesn’t want to be careful, bold and cautious? If you don’t tell people to be careful, they won’t let you fight easily.
It’s nonsense to say Lin Cheng, but this nonsense sounds to Li Chaozong’s ears, but he feels that this young man is forced to be physically and mentally good, and such a young man is at an innocent age, so there is absolutely no such thing as scheming. Li Chaozong’s heart has a deep affection for Lin Cheng.
Lin Chengyi’s thumping is directly a move to block the hammer and hit Yin Qingshan.
Yin Qingshan has long been secretly on guard. He is not so accommodating as Li Chaozong. Being fooled by this young man in a few words is almost the wrong camp.
Yin Qingshan went to Lin Cheng with a single blow. "Bang!" Two people shook Lin Cheng’s body at the same time. Yin Qingshan was motionless through the momentum acceleration. It was two people diamond cut diamond but Lin Cheng knew that he was actually inferior.
Previously, Lin Cheng rarely met anyone who could match his skill in the Jianghu, but in the past two days, his skill has surpassed his master, just like mushrooms after rain. In just ten days, Lin Cheng met two skills higher than himself, and one was almost the same as himself.
What does this mean? Lin Cheng also knows that he is really annoying people.
You know, fighters are proud and unyielding to money and expensive, but this money and expensive are graded. So-called fighters are unyielding to money, that is, the amount of money is not enough to be unyielding to expensive, that is, the level of expensive is not up to ancient times, but there is a saying that they learned amazing art and sold it to emperors.
Yin Qingshan’s capability is high. He immediately delivered the iron bravery to Lin Chenglun with one hand and one hand.
Yin Qingshan’s skill is high, and Lin Chenggang just made a reckless fight with Yin Qingshan. He was shocked by Yin Qingshan’s qi and blood and just replied. Although it took less than a second, this second can decide life and death. For a master of domestic boxing, it can be said that this second can continuously kill dozens of people. Just now, Yin Qingshan’s fight is really his own underestimation.
Although I have made my debut and won every battle, there are countless masters hidden in the people’s masters. I have never met them. If I can escape this time, I must travel all over the world to visit the masters.
Former Lin Cheng never felt so urgent, but at this moment he knew that if he died on the spot this time, the next few minutes would be his last.
It’s usually a few minutes for a master to fight, or it’s not uncommon to say more for three or five seconds to see the outcome.
Suddenly an explosion came.
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