25, Jun 2024
"… roll less serious!" Shen Yue stared at nine heavy way "how do you didn’t come back at this time? What time is it? !”

In the face of Shen Yue questioning Li Tang and others eyes happen to coincide in nine heavy body!
"Ahem …!" Jiuchong scratched his head and smirked, "This … haha, I haven’t been out for a while. I forgot when I was playing a little crazy! Pay attention to it every time ~! "
"… you cheat ghosts!" Shen Yue turned into the villa.
Jiuchong rushed to Li Tang and others and waved his hand. "Well, you are tired after a long night. Go back and rest!"
"Yes!" Li Tang and others excused themselves.
Nine heavy into the villa came to the living room to see Shen Yuezheng sitting on the sofa pursed mouth I don’t know what’s going on? Asked with interest, "hey, what are we thinking about Miss Shen Da? Something on your mind? !”
“……!” Shen Yue took a deep look at the nine heavy immediately don’t away, "no … how are you doing? Did it go well? !”
Nine heavy shrugged proudly. "Do you still doubt it? Of course, it’s smooth for the leader to go out, and it can’t be smoother! You just wait for the sky to listen ~! "
"Ok, then I’m going to listen to God!" After that, Shen Yue got up and didn’t look at the nine eyes and went straight to the door to throw a sentence, "It’s getting late, go to bed early!"
"I …!" Jiuzhong looked at the back of Shen Yue’s departure and muttered, "The ancients honestly didn’t bully me … This woman’s face is really faster than turning over!"
I shook my head, took a shower and went back to my room to sleep!
The next day, Jiuzhong got up, washed up, ate breakfast and called Li Tang and others. Yesterday, Jiuzhong found that these dragon teeth guards really didn’t depend on it, so he had an idea!
"Eldest brother, what is it? !” Li Tang respectfully asked.
Jiuzhong directly asked, "Have you played the recently very popular simulation game" Era "? !”
"This … no!" Li Tang truthfully replied, "Although I heard that this game is very interesting and I wanted to play it, we have a heavy responsibility and can’t leave without leave!"
Jiu Zhongyi laughed. "If you want to play, then play!"
"Ah …? !” Li Tang didn’t react at the moment. I don’t know if Jiuzhong is testing him or telling the truth.
Nine heavy one serious way "I said I approved your" era "!"
"Ahem …!" Li Tang a little don’t "boss this is not good? If we all play games, who will come to see this dragon domain? !”
"This is easy!" Jiuzhong snapped his fingers and said, "There are 500 of you. Divide them into three classes a day. Each of you will work hours a day, leaving 16 hours to sleep. That’s enough. Come and play games in the next hour. It won’t delay anything at all!"
Li Tang don’t worry, "but the boss … in this way, the defense of Longyu is relatively weak. Once someone comes to sneak attack, it will be dangerous!"
"There is weak? !” Jiuchong said, "You, are you still the same now? You’ve cultivated the spirit of the old dragon magic, and now your strength has more than doubled compared with the original one! Even after the adjustment, the dragon defense is as strong as before! "
Li Tang suddenly realized, "Oh, yes, how could I forget this quarrel!"
"Well, that’s settled. Now, take someone to buy me back 500 game helmets at the expense of the meeting!"
"Yes!" Li Tang promised to go out as soon as possible.
Two hours later, Li Tang brought people back to buy helmets and distributed them to the Dragon Tooth Guards, and announced that Jiuzhong had formulated a new shift system!
After all this busy, the first batch of 150 Dragon Tooth Guards stood by in front of Jiuzhong, armed with game helmets and ready to go!
Looking at the dragons, tigers, fierce dragons, teeth and guards, Jiuzhong nodded with satisfaction and said, "Good action!"
When one hundred and fifty Dragon Tooth Guards led by Li Tang returned to Longyu Dormitory, they all went back to their beds and wore game helmets to enter Era together!
Nine heavy also back to the room with a game helmet to return to the game in the general office while frolicking with Luan son while waiting for news from Li Tang and others!
About three hours later, Jiuzhong received a voice call signed "Dragon Wars" and asked, "Who is it? !”
"Eldest brother is my Li Tang! One hundred and fifty people from Longya Guards have left the novice village and are now standing by in the central square of the main city, misty city. Please ask the boss for instructions! "
"Well, now you come out of the square and walk east along the main street. You can see a mansion called’ mighty general mansion’ on the north side of the road. Come straight in. I’m waiting for you inside. Come here quickly!"
The central square is not far from General Jiuchong’s Mansion. In a short time, Li Tang took a bunch of dragon teeth guards to the courtyard. When the guards entered the courtyard, they saw that the beautiful women were a little stunned and came to the wrong place!
Nine heavy emerged from the crowd and came to the Dragon Tooth Guards. "What are you doing here?" Never seen a beautiful woman? !”
Li Tang low heel nine heavy way "beautiful women have seen but have never seen so many beautiful women!"