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One is called "shoot" and the other is called "ah"

Several people in Bilgewater wanted to try it, and finally they all tasted the good taste of these two guns. I didn’t know how many years ago, I moved into the seaside cemetery in Bilgewater.
"A fair price of 3,000 gold coins, you know, you are a big shot in Bill Giwater." Planck rolled his eyes and didn’t continue the previous topic.
"I want him for four thousand gold coins." Miss Doom offered. She pointed to Chen Senran as she spoke.
"oh? Are you kidding? Planck put away his smile and narrowed his eyes. His dangerous eyes moved back and forth between Chen Senran and Miss Doom. Jack, do you want to go with her?
Chen Senran obviously felt two eyes moving back and forth in his body. He didn’t even want to promise that he would be thrown directly into the sea to feed sharks.
Even if you don’t say how much you feel about Planck …
"Oh, my dear captain, you gave me this life. How can I turn my back on you? Even if the world is destroyed, I will follow you." Of course, Chen Senran knows what to do at this time. He almost exaggeratedly shouted, "I will follow you to the death."
"Did you hear that?" Planck nodded with satisfaction and didn’t know whether he was satisfied with Chen Senran’s exaggerated performance or something else.
"No Jack, Mr. Jack, I know you are under pressure." Miss Doom is not discouraged at all. "You can come to my call girl whenever you want. My door is open at any time." She said the last sentence and moved slightly closer to Chen Senran and blew a mouthful of hot air.
That ambiguous gesture, coupled with the peach metaphor in the last sentence, even if Chen Senran realized that his concentration was extraordinary, it was a little hot at the moment.
"Hum-"Planck snorted. I don’t know if I was angry that Miss Doom dared to seduce her crew in front of her or something.
Just when he wanted to say something, thin proto suddenly climbed up from the bottom in a hurry.
"My great captain …" He almost jumped on Planck’s feet without breathing.
"What’s the matter?" Planck regained his daily dignity and gave proto a kick without looking up.
This damn dog almost stain his new clothes.
"Well …" proto scrambled up to whisper to Planck.
"This is my place. What are you afraid of?" Planck gave him another kick.
"Yes, yes, yes …" proto held his belly and said with pain, "We caught a spy …"
"Hey you let me go! ! !” His voice did not fall, and a rather immature, somewhat immature child squeaked out of the deck.
Miss Doom’s face suddenly turned a little ugly to be continued.
Page 15 You are still too kind.
"Hey, you shouldn’t treat a noble Kema like this."
"Hey, listen, you’re hurting me."
"Oh, shit, let me do it."
A constant, tender, shrill voice from the bottom of the deck
Although Chen Senran couldn’t see what kind of spy it was, he found a mass of extremely rich energy through spiritual world observation, but he didn’t know what it was. Otherwise, just relying on the purity of that energy, he could easily beat up two pirates who were driving him with extremely low energy purity in minutes.
As that mass of energy approached Chen Senran, it smelled a strong fishy smell, and it was sketched out from the spiritual world. It claimed to be a strange race …
Is it not human, but a marine species, a …
Although I don’t know what a fish man is, at that moment, Chen Senran suddenly flashed a strange image of a person with a fish head in his mind.
"Let’s see what kind of spies dare to sneak into my Planck ship?" Planck seems to be interested in letting the two pirates bring the spy to himself.
With the thump of a heavy object hitting the floor, a blue round head and a round brain with a fish-like head and a human figure, the traces of scales on the limbs have not faded yet, and the little guy was thrown in front of Planck.
That is really a fisherman.
"Oh, you rude and uneducated guys, you will all be punished. The sea will devour you." The poor little fisherman rubbed his round head and shouted at the two pirates who threw themselves.
"Mind your own business first, Little Fisherman. If I remember correctly, your name should be …" Planck looked at this charming little fisherman and laughed as if he were really amused.
Miss doom didn’t say a word, but her face turned sideways as if she were avoiding something.
"Fitz, my name is Fitz, and I don’t mind if you want to call me Kemal Fitz." The little blue fisherman proudly gave his name, and he forgot his pain and stood up like a little boy eager to be recognized.
"Enfitz Kemal Fitz is the naughty boy who has been getting into trouble recently, right? Well, then, Fitz, my child, what will you do in my boat? " Planck asked in a kind tone as if he had forgotten about the spy.
Miss doom’s face turned even worse, as if she couldn’t wait to escape from here at once.
"This is what he carried with him." proto threw a slender and sharp thing like a trident before the fisherman could speak. "It should be Li. This thing pierced two boards in the bottom and sneaked in. It just hid in the corner of the bottom and didn’t know what bad things it wanted to do."
"Oh, is that so?" Planck was surprised to pick up the slender and sharp trident from the deck and put it in his hand. "This looks like it’s not that bad …"
"No, it’s my treasure. It can pierce everything in the world. Give it back to me." Fitz jumped up like a child whose toy was not recognized when Planck said that. "It’s amazing. Don’t slander it. Give it back to me."
"that is to say, you are really the culprit who destroyed my cabin and caused me to be hunted down?" Planck’s face suddenly became colder. He was completely different from a moment’s indifference. He looked at the little fish like he would take out his waist musket and shoot it at any time.
"I …" Fitz seems to be scared. Generally, some people don’t know what to say. The poor little fisherman finally managed to organize the language after saying two me in a row. "I don’t know if this is not a game? They told me that if I won the game, I would be liked by everyone. "At the end of the day, the little fisherman smiled innocently like a child."
"They? Who? " Planck said that, but his eyes have turned to one side, Miss Doom.
The atmosphere suddenly sank into dreariness, and the sea breeze blew the sails and made a loud noise.
Everyone seems to be waiting for a population.
Miss doom
"Ah, that’s her, that’s her." Fishy Fitz finally found Miss Doom, and it shouted like a straw. "That’s why she gave me several gold coins and said that she would take me to play an interesting game. If she won, everyone would like me. Tell them quickly. Is this the case or … did we lose?" The last sentence, the little mermaid looked around at the fierce men and said piteously.
"Yes, I lied to this kid about his magical ability to locate you and keep attacking you." Miss Doom finally said that she turned to look at the little mermaid’s face and flashed a trace of guilt. "I’m sorry I lied to you. It’s not a game. Let it go. It’s a kid."
The last sentence she said to Planck