2, Jun 2024
"Ahem … young people are really sharp-tongued, and we old people can’t beat you." Ji coughed and slowly got up.

a moment
The sunset is really beautiful
Beautiful sunset
With a strong blood color
Smoke is still hovering in the battlefield.
The war is not over yet
The stalemate continues.
The Noxas didn’t beat the Ionian Coalition, and the Ionian Coalition didn’t beat the Noxas
This is an unexpected ending for both sides.
The two sides have been entangled in this area near the sea for a whole afternoon.
Bleeding, injury, death, roar
Beat the powder gun to a jam and scream in a low voice
It’s really like a minor that sings until you lose your voice.
"clang-"sword and axe collide
I don’t know how many collisions.
Dreius was in a mess at the moment. His scarlet cloak had been torn to pieces. His scarlet armor was covered with sword marks and his face was covered with tiny wounds.
He is breathing.
Irelia is also breathing.
She was equally embarrassed, her bright red armor was also covered with unbearable wounds, and her face was covered with sticky sweat.
Her jaws have completely cracked.
Confronting a terrible opponent like Dreius, that horrible penetration is a desperate shock.
They are all very tired.
But they finally failed to tell a winner.
The soldiers are running at a constant roar.
The whole battlefield is as long as a drama without end.
"It seems that today is endless." Graves looked at the battlefield of absolute exhaustion and also showed a little tired expression.
He never made a move.
He has no reason to do it.
Chen Senran also didn’t mean to let him do it.
This time, he came here more like a tour to get some battlefield knowledge.
It’s kind of a life experience
After all, watching thousands of people die in front of you is not everyone’s luck.
If that’s luck.
"Isn’t that good news?" Chen Senran stretched himself. "If you want to stop this wave of attacks on Knox Sass, their momentum will be reduced by half."
Although he said this, he didn’t feel lucky at all, but the taste was more inexplicable … expectation?
What do you expect?
"I hope so." Graves patted the horse’s head and lit a cigar.
The retreat horn has sounded, and the generals of both sides have also understood the situation.
No one can really beat anyone.
Calling again can be a lose-lose situation.
That’s the theory that no one wants to see the picture.
The Ionian Coalition carefully contracted its formation.