3, Jun 2024
Duan Yan clenched her little fist, and her heart was at war with nature fiercely.

The girl version of Duan Yan pointed to Duan Yan, who was obviously mature at the age of 23, and said angrily, "You obviously miss him so much. I like him so much that I finally met him today. Why don’t you talk to him more and tell him the truth? "
Mature Duan Yan sat on a small stone pier with her chin propped up in her hands. She was not angry at all, and said with a bitter face, "What can I do if I say it?" It is impossible to be together after all. "
Duan Yan, a young girl, was angry: "How did you know without saying? Maybe there is a little chance, but if you don’t say it, there is not even a little chance. "
"Said is a little chance, but it’s too slim. And once I fail, I’m afraid I can’t even be friends. If you don’t say it, He may come to see us again in the future, but after he was rejected, he never saw us again. " Mature Duan Yan put her hands on her face, painful tunnel.
"You know you know you’re not him, how can you know what he thinks? What if he says yes? Even if you don’t promise, he may not see you forever. You are not ignorant of his character, and maybe he will come to see you more frequently because he sympathizes with you. "The girl Duan Yan screamed at her waist.
"…" Mature Duan Yan was really in pain. Her hands held her hair hard and she didn’t know how to interface.
"It’s so worthless. Are you poor yourself? You are also beautiful, silly woman. You like her so much. Why don’t you make good use of your own conditions? If I were you, I must have rushed up and hugged him hard just now, deliberately not letting go for a long time. "Girl Duan Yan shame tunnel …
"I was right. Do you really want to do that? Do you regret it now? Be sure to catch the meeting next time. Tomorrow, "continued Duan Yan, a young girl.
Mature Duan Yan is not stupid after all. She shook her head and said, "It’s not abrupt to do that at night, but it’s too deliberate to do it tomorrow."
"That’s right … alas, you are so angry."
After all, the next night’s meeting didn’t happen any accident. Xiao Wen teleported out of Xijing with Duan’s family of five, and then flew and teleported. It took him half a night to a small town in the north-central part of Tianlan Demon World, where he casually stopped at an empty courtyard.
After dawn, people are not used to living in other people’s homes after all. After a little inquiry, they rented another empty courtyard, which is really settled down.
Then Xiao asked the super busy man in the eyes of everyone that he didn’t leave immediately, but decided to stay with them for a few days.
It’s no secret that Duan Yan likes Xiao Wen, so Duan Changchang and others are all happy to create opportunities for Duan Yan and Xiao Wen, regardless of whether they can succeed in the end. They are definitely going to help Duan Yan.
Xiao Wen has been touched by Zi Yan. I also wanted to contact Duan Yan again and gradually deepen the feelings between the two, so it was very cooperative in the eyes of Duan’s family, which really exceeded their expectations.
This evening, Xiao Wen and Duan Yan walked side by side by a stream outside the town, chatting one build what did not build, and the sunset dragged their shadows long, and their shoulders were so close. Those Duan Yan really felt dizzy with happiness.
Her eldest brother Xiao is a man with a story, modest and simple. In fact, I have done a lot of great things, and I am much better than those who are about to be cocky with a little achievement. So when her big brother Xiao told him what happened these years ago, even a long time ago, she listened very carefully, and from time to time she should answer or ask a question. And her Xiao Dage is obviously not perfunctory. When she smiles, he will laugh with her.
Looking at the sunset and sunset on the horizon, Duan Yan really wanted them to stay there. The sun should never go down, even if it lasts for a lifetime.
But Duan Yan didn’t know. She is not an ordinary girl in Xiao Wen’s eyes, but she is so attractive.
What Xiao Wen likes best is her clear distinction between right and wrong and persistence. Now she has become a lot more subtle, but her mind is still exquisite. In her eyes, what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. And her persistence really made Xiao Wen have to admire him. He asked himself that he could not like a person to that extent. Willing to spend a lifetime waiting regretfully, but she can.
There are many other advantages in her xìng lattice, but there are few shortcomings. If the inner beauty can also be seen intuitively, then her beauty will definitely surpass most women in this world.
In fact, her appearance is also beautiful.
Today, she specially wore a long white Se dress, which looked as pure as ice. It makes people feel ashamed.
But after all, she was surrounded by her eldest brother Xiao and her sweetheart, so when she walked by the stream, she didn’t put on airs like those rich girls at all. But with the most natural attitude in communication with Xiao Wen.
When talking about happiness, she would even take two quick steps over Xiao Wen, then turn around and walk backwards with her hands behind her back, but she could always look at Xiao Wen’s face with a smile. Today, she didn’t tie her hair up, but let it hang naturally behind her back. Her hair is black and bright. When the wind blows from behind her, a few strands of hair will be lifted and gently swayed in front of her face. She didn’t know it. Her smile and her gently fluttering hair quietly touched Xiao Wen’s heartstrings.
The reunion is always short-lived, and if you wait too long for a certain reunion, then that reunion will only appear shorter.
A dreamy eye, Xiao Wen has been with Duan Yan for five days, and he has to formally say goodbye to Duan’s family, so he should go and see the situation of Zhengxian Society and Jieshen League first.
For Duan Yan, it is particularly annoying that her eldest brother Xiao can teleport, which makes her even expect to see her off. Only in the small courtyard and her Xiao Dage looked at each other for the last time, waved, and then her Xiao Dage just disappeared …
But at that moment, her heart didn’t become completely empty after all. She not only had more memories of these five days, but also had a novel feeling for the first time, that is, her eldest brother Xiao not only didn’t hate her, but also liked being with her. So, he will definitely come again.
I’ll wait for you.
Xiao Wen, who teleported to the sky, didn’t know what Duan Yan was thinking. He only knew that he had some disappointment at this moment.
The five days spent with Duan Yan felt wonderful, which he had never experienced in his life.
That’s how two of a kind feels?
Among thousands of people, in thousands of years, in the wilderness of time, it is not easy to meet someone who you like and who just likes you.