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After arriving at the primeval forest, he invited the food back to the spirit beast bag, then wandered around the primeval forest alone for a few days, making sure that there was no tracking behind him, before moving on and going deep into the area occupied by the monster beast in the late days of the gods.

Still looking for a cave of birds and beasts at the waist of the cliff, blocking and killing the birds and beasts in it, this cave will be Xiao Lingyu’s own.
The entrance to the cave is blocked, and it is fully blocked for more than two hundred feet. Then, silver moon’s broken knife is waved to deepen the cave, and only one person can pass.
After digging thousands of feet, Xiao Lingyu stopped.
No matter whether terms will continue to kill themselves, in order to have more self-protection capital in this celestial world, in order to find their relatives and friends in the future, in order to fulfill the last wish of the cheap master … Xiao Lingyu must improve his own strength, which is nothing to hesitate.
He stopped in the cave, then offered an eight-legged Tai Chi Ding and entered it.
This practice must not be disturbed. Although this cave is very long and hidden, it is not an absolutely safe place. Only by hiding in the sacristy can Xiao Lingyu really settle down and practice. After all, when he hits the sixth turn, there will be a lot of noise. This cave may not be able to hide everything.
Eight-legged Tai Chi Ding quietly landed on the rocks in the cave, motionless and without any breath overflowing, just like a furnace tripod with a strange shape.
Xiao Lingyu hid in the Eight-legged Taiji Ding. First, she meditated quietly and adjusted her state.
A few days later, he had another hearty meal. When he reached the peak, he was ready to start the sixth turn.
However, before the impact, Xiao Lingyu threw the flesh of two monster beasts in the period of emperor Shen into the bag of spirit beasts who ate goods.
I don’t think it will take too long to practice this time. Instead of letting the foodies sleep and wait in the spirit beast bag, it is better to let them practice at the same time.
Eating goods naturally won’t be polite. Although these two monster beasts are very large in flesh, they still swallow them all into their stomachs after a cup of tea, and then, as Xiao Lingyu expected, they fell into a deep sleep.
This deep sleep of eating goods is the most effective way to cultivate it, and there will be no problems. Xiao Lingyu is very envious of this, but he can only envy it.
After waiting for the state of eating food to be stable, Xiao Lingyu entered his own cultivation with peace of mind.
Xiao Lingyu has stayed in the chaotic deification period for a long time, and it is early to hit the sixth turn. Now he is well prepared, but he knows that the success rate is still very low.
It is difficult to break through every turn of this nine-turn chaos tactic, but Xiao Lingyu also narrowly missed five turns, and he believes that the sixth turn will be able to pass smoothly.
First, all kinds of materials were treated with chaotic fire. This step alone took nearly a hundred years to complete.
The reason why it takes so much time is because Xiao Lingyu can’t do it in one go. Every ten days and a half, he has to eat once to ensure that his state does not decline.
But for so long, there is no abnormal situation outside, which also makes Xiao Lingyu feel at ease.
The foodies are still asleep at this time, and it seems that they can’t wake up in a short time.
After the material was processed, his mind surged, and piles of sacred stones appeared in the eight-legged Taiji tripod, surrounding Xiao Lingyu’s body and emitting fluorescence.
The eight-legged Taiji tripod has a large internal space. At least Xiao Lingyu takes out all his magic stones, and it is still not crowded.
When the stone is ready, he will either smear the disposed materials all over his body or take them directly …
Taking a deep breath, Xiao Lingyu spread out his arms, and the palm of his hand issued suction, which acted on those sacred stones and sucked the power of the gods contained in the sacred stones into his palm.
The power of those gods poured into Xiao Lingyu’s body through the ribs of Xiao Lingyu’s arm. After a big cycle, they fell into the abdomen and gathered around the chaotic baby.
Chaos baby has also been running the practice of nine-turn chaos tactic, two small hands are constantly pinching, and the force of chaos is pouring out, which affects the power of those gods to form an energy vortex that is constantly accelerating.
Because the physical quality has improved a lot, Xiao Lingyu’s body and channels can accommodate more energy, and the impact of these gods’ forces entering body form has no influence on him.
However, the most dangerous moment is approaching.
It took more than a hundred years for Xiao Lingyu to absorb enough power of the gods. In fact, it doesn’t take so much time to absorb the power of the gods, mainly because after absorption, it needs to be refined and transformed with the power of chaos.
The dangerous moment finally came. When enough chaotic forces gathered around the chaotic baby, they poured into the chaotic baby. The chaotic baby in the chaotic phase could not bear so many chaotic forces at all, and then it exploded directly.
Chaos baby explosion, forming a huge energy shock, swept away towards Xiao Lingyu’s whole body.
Xiao Lingyu is also prepared for this. Most of the materials prepared before are used to stabilize his body at this time, and he also upgraded his physical quality to the level of top-grade artifacts before. He can still withstand such energy shocks.
The energy shock formed by the explosion of chaotic baby god stops only after a breath, and then the energy stops in the body channels and never returns to the abdomen.
It is worth mentioning that the self-explosion of the chaotic baby god did not make the lotus seeds of the six poisonous lotus seeds fracture, but they were just blown to the corner of the abdomen. After the energy impact stopped, they reunited and formed a circle composed of six points.
The next step is to swallow the lily of nature into the stomach, and the energy it contains spreads out in Xiao Lingyu’s stomach, wandering around Xiao Lingyu’s whole body, affecting those energies to reunite to Xiao Lingyu’s abdomen.
After all, those energies are exploded by the chaotic baby, and they all have the characteristics of Yuanying, and the lily of nature has the special effect of stabilizing and moistening Yuanying, so it can gather these energies.
With the help of the energy of the lily, the chaotic baby exploded and slowly appeared in Xiao Lingyu’s abdomen.
In the process of the re-formation of the chaotic baby, there are also six petals with different colors, which gradually appear on the top of the chaotic baby’s head and slowly rotate.
As long as the chaotic baby is successfully remolded and the six petals become solid, Xiao Lingyu’s impact on the sixth turn is half the battle.
Only if we succeed in this half first can we make a breakthrough in the other half.
Originally, there were lilies of nature, and the first half of the practice should be very smooth. The chaotic baby and the six petals could be solidified as expected, but at the last minute, the chaotic baby was no problem, but the six petals showed signs of breaking up.
The reason for this is that the quality of the natural lily is not high, or the natural lily was not well preserved before.
Just to Xiao Lingyu’s surprise, the six petals just showed signs of breaking up. The lotus seeds of the six poisonous hearts rushed up uncontrollably, and seemed to want to devour the six petals.
At present, the chaotic baby is still in a muddled state, and will not help the six petals. Xiao Lingyu is also in a state of cultivation and can’t act casually. She can only use her mind to look at the six petals and the lotus seeds of the six poisonous hearts fighting each other.
The six petals showed signs of breaking up, and they were just formed, and they didn’t get any support. Naturally, they were no match for the six poisonous lotus seeds, and they were completely absorbed by the six poisonous lotus seeds before long.
Xiao Lingyu felt a little desperate at the moment. The six petals were swallowed up, and he failed if he just walked halfway through the shock.
What surprised Xiao Lingyu, who was almost in despair, was that after the lotus seeds of the six poisonous hearts swallowed the six petals, they all slowly grew into a small lotus flower.
Six small lotus flowers with different colors grow gradually, from the size of a thumb to the size of a palm before stopping.
They are suspended above the head of the chaotic baby, and they are surrounded in a circle, rotating slowly, and at the same time they cast coils of colored light to cover the chaotic baby.
"That’s ok? !” Xiao Lingyu was surprised and happy.
However, for the impact of the sixth turn, this is just halfway through, and the next problem is the same as the impact of the chaotic deification period. Xiao Lingyu must rely on his own understanding of chaos to make a breakthrough in the realm, so as to successfully advance to the sixth turn.
Last time, it was the gray-black iron sheet that helped him, and it was also the gray-black iron sheet that helped him tide over the difficulties when crossing the chaos. From this, Xiao Lingyu can be sure that this gray-black iron sheet is of great help to the soul. As long as it is within its tolerance, it will protect its own soul.
So, Xiao Lingyu didn’t intend to be passively tested this time. He first took out the soul Kim of the monster beast in the period of the emperor, and sank it into the sea of knowledge. When he found that the gray-black iron piece hidden in his soul Kim would still absorb the force of this part of the soul, he simply detonated his soul Kim.
This is a risky move. If the gray-black iron piece is no longer like last time, then he will only be stunned.
Don’t take risks, Xiao Lingyu has been making rapid progress, and his understanding of chaos and wisdom can’t keep up with his actual state. He can only find another way to solve this problem.
The gray-black iron sheet didn’t let him down. When his soul Kim burst open, the gray-black iron sheet suddenly burst, absorbing the force of his soul together with all the monsters in the emperor’s period. Please remember the website, if you like the "Nine-turn Chaos Tactics" written by Brother Fei.
Chapter 680 Chaos Tongxuan Period
? Chapter 680 Chaos Tongxuan Period
Don’t take risks, Xiao Lingyu has been making rapid progress, and his understanding of chaos and wisdom can’t keep up with his actual state. He can only find another way to solve this problem.
The gray-black iron sheet didn’t let him down. When his soul Kim burst open, the gray-black iron sheet suddenly burst, bringing the power of his soul together with that …
Chapter 681 Flocculation Mountains
? Of all the map jade slips, only one is carved with a relatively large area, which cost Xiao Lingyu nearly 50,000 Chinese precious stones to buy. Not all stations are the first romance, just search 151+ Reading Network and you will know.
This jade slip is centered on Duhu City, and it depicts the locations of hundreds of cities around Duhu City, as well as the route maps between them.
The cities carved in this jade slip are all small towns like Kuncheng except Duhu City, and only Duhu City is an intermediate city in the divine world.
Xiao Lingyu wants to seek greater development and see a wider world. Now it is the best choice to go to Duhucheng.
Ordinary small towns are almost as few as Kuncheng, so it’s no longer meaningful to go to such a small town.