4, Jun 2024
See here, heaven can’t help but feel a little depressed. His two companions are rich in wealth, and Lingbao is a complete set. The flag in Yuan Heng’s hand is the best Lingbao, and the faint Lingbao with signs of taxiing overhead, which sends out great power, makes him a little scared. He is almost sure that this will never be an ordinary Acura Lingbao!

I looked at the seal of heaven on my hand, and I became more and more depressed. This is the top grade Lingbao.
Even, if it weren’t for the original achievement of Heaven Avenue, this associated Lingbao was refined and upgraded, otherwise, I’m afraid it is still the bottom of the top-grade Lingbao.
"Heaven and earth, arrival!"
More think more depressed heaven, finally broke out!
At this time, on the other side of the distant sky, the small world accompanied by heaven began to fluctuate violently with the call of the Lord of the world.
The infinite small world began to shrink slowly, and the chain of laws and rules unique to the small world rushed out directly and wrapped the small world.
From a distance, at this time, the whole small world is like an incomparably huge pale silver ball, and the nine colors on the periphery shine incomparably brightly!
Jiucai is the best evidence to measure the world level, and Jiucai … is already in the first-class small world with excellent potential.
Legend has it that once the small world breaks through the 12 colors, it will have the opportunity to break through the limitations of the small world and become a big world. You know, the universe … also belongs to the big world!
After that, this small world shrank directly from a giant sphere to a fist-sized bead at an extremely fast speed, which is a veritable world bead.
Among them, the small world with a complete connotation is full of infinite power. Not Lingbao, but better than Lingbao.
Each side of the small world … which must contain the rules of time and space!
According to the number of space-time rules contained in it, the quality is preliminarily judged. There are many space-time rules, which are not necessarily of high quality, but of high quality, and the space-time rules must be relatively complete.
In response to the call of the Lord of the world, the world of heaven broke through time and space, but in a short moment, it came to the edge of the battlefield, and then shone directly into the sky.
"Ha ha, get out of here!"
Feel the world coming. Heaven is not stingy with the fierce outbreak, and suddenly it will tear and break up the vast dreamland set by the magic in front of it. Heaven will generate, and the vertical mark between the eyebrows seems to come alive, and the eye of heaven is like concealed.
"Hey, finally!"
The beads transformed by the heaven world float in front of the forehead of heaven, emitting misty nine-color gods.
Directly to the heaven world income in the body, heaven suddenly only feel infinite strength to bless yourself, combat power soared countless times. The injury on the body will heal directly between the moments, which is terrible and energetic.
This is why, as a top fiend, heaven is only accompanied by an ordinary top grade innate Lingbao! Nothing more than the balance of the road, with a small world accompanied by heaven. Its blessing source has been located at the top of many celestial fiends. It would be too unbalanced to give another top Lingbao.
You know, even Yuan Heng’s heel is very deep. The supernatural fiend reincarnated by Zhuling in chaos bead, HarmonyOS, is only a half-step treasure-this is his own thing …
God looked straight ahead at many mixed members, and after a pause. Look calm and terrible, all the many magical powers that hit me are directly collapsed by the infinite strength contained in the small world, and they are not allowed to get close at all.
"When you destroy the small world, there will be karma. Now, under the power of the small world, you will be wiped out!"
After the voice of heaven was spoken, the will of heaven filled the whole body suddenly, and with a small world containing the origin of heaven, the power that heaven can exert is even more terrible.
The sky is killing, dragons and snakes are landing, people are killing, the heavens and the earth are repeating, and the heavens and the earth are United, and everything is changing.
Heaven is a "human" at the apex of living things, and it is also the embodiment of heaven. This time, it is a small world, which can be described as a true unity of heaven and man. It has infinite mystery and infinite power. Under the full outbreak, every blow can almost lead to the blessing of nearly ten small worlds.
In less than ten breath, the number of mixed yuan members who died at his hands was no less than a hundred!
"Ha ha, in that case, my purple sky is coming!"
When Zixiao saw the outbreak of heaven, he also felt that the Lingbao fetus within the jade die was more and more round and complete, and it seemed that there was a posture of hatching at any time, and his heart could not help but be overjoyed. emotional contagion, who was affected by heaven, could not help but take an interest at this time.
"Sanyuan San Xuan, Avenue Hongjun, Three Realms Balanced!"
Put away the Zixiao Palace and the Jade Dies. Zixiao doesn’t know how to use the occult technique, and its power has soared. Its power seems to be no less than that of heaven. It kills people, and the speed is so fast that it actually catches up with heaven directly.
"Ha ha, deity, I’m here!"
Yuan Heng’s special member finally arrived, and without delay, he became illusory and re-integrated into Yuan Heng’s body.
"It’s a windfall. It seems to be relaxing."
Yuan Heng fully distributed the pillar of the avenue and blocked such a large area of Chineydy. In fact, it was not an easy job, and it had to give a lot of effort to maintain it, so that his strength was discounted.
This is also a helpless thing. After all, if the blockade is lifted, maybe this guy will run away directly.
Nowadays, this busy person is integrated into the noumenon, and it goes without saying that his strength has soared, which has actually reduced his pressure by less than half.
"Sure enough, this past busy mysterious infinite, I haven’t completely cut it, it is so mysterious, if …"
Yes, this special busy place is actually an incomplete busy place in the past that Yuan Heng cut. Its strength is almost more than 90% of Yuan Heng’s strength, and it is not far from the complete body.
It’s really good to go all out after a war. In the past, these top fiends converged their own strength one by one and wanted to break out with all their strength. Since their birth, it has hardly happened several times.
Nowadays, not only all of them have burst into full combat power, but also one or two have used a lot of tricks. If nothing else, the "heart" alone has gained a lot …
You know, so many free targets are hard to find!
"Be good and be suppressed by us!"
Sanqing Tianzun and Ziweixing God looked far away, in the area blocked by the glorious Lord.
"Give this god a break!"
Roars rang all over the boundless Chineydy, and the void was shaking. Unless the place where it was located was firmly blocked, otherwise, I am afraid that the whole starry sky there would be great turmoil. "Ah … you can’t stop me!"
"Can’t stop me!"
The roar oscillated back and forth. Even if it is an ordinary pick god statue here, it may be directly detonated by this voice!
"What an amazing god!"
Ziwei felt the pillar of the avenue that kept shaking overhead, and was amazed. He didn’t expect that the four top fiends were willing to spend life’s core monuments’s energy to suppress the seal, and their resistance was so terrible.