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The man’s eyesight is also good, and he has already seen the dark clouds behind the golden awn. His fingers missed the golden awn, so he pinched the dark clouds directly, and he managed to hold them!

The man couldn’t help smiling, and didn’t put on airs, so he let the body surface return to normal again. His fingers brushed up along the dark clouds and pinched the little golden awn in his hand. Naturally, there was no lily.
"As I said, I don’t have the habit of apologizing to people who are lower than me. It seems that your strength is not enough to make me change my habit." Resolved the sneak attack of Xiao Wen, and the man pretended to smile deeply.
"Are you? I’m afraid you really have to change it today. "
"Ha ha …"
The man’s laughter came to an abrupt end, because he suddenly felt something uncomfortable in his right ear, and a strong sense of crisis completely enveloped him in an instant.
"I’ll give you one last chance, apologize, or you’ll never hear a sound in your right ear again." Xiao asked calmly.
Until then, no one noticed that a thin needle with faint red light was parked in front of the man’s right ear, which was the same size as that of the gold Se, but it was even more inconspicuous. At this time, the needle tip has even entered the ear of the person. Just a little further, naturally, the person’s right ear can be completely deaf. If Xiao Wen is more malicious, it is not impossible to let the dark red fine needle penetrate the skull …
After discovering this situation, everyone gasped in a gasp. How did Xiao ask? The conflict on their side has long attracted everyone’s attention in the garden, and half of them didn’t see what was going on at all!
Then everyone squinted at the end of the dark red needle, and sure enough, there was a filament thinner than spider silk! The filament was not directly connected between the end of the needle and Xiao Wen, but first went around the back of the man from the end of the needle, then led to the ground, and then reached Xiao Wen’s foot on the ground, and finally returned to Xiao Wen’s hand along Xiao Wen’s body.
Feelings, the gold needle Xiao asked just now was just a cover, but what he really killed was the dark red needle! This needle turns repeatedly, from an extremely hidden route to the man’s right ear. If it is not known in advance that Xiao Wen has such means, who can guard against it? !
For a time, many people were chilled, because they were the tall young people, and now they only had to admit it!
Emotion, the middle-ranking fairy, is a malicious angle, Se, not just boasting!

Chapter ninety Ridiculous (for recommendation)
"I didn’t expect that I could even use it against Friar Dandao without gold feet." Xiao asked some in distress situation, obviously speaking the truth.
Before the start of the fight, Xiao Wen didn’t know that the other party was a monk of Dan Dao, and as we all know, the physical defense of those who cultivate immortals in Dan Dao and Ghost Dao is the highest among the seven ways, and it is really difficult for ordinary needle-shaped immortals to pose a threat to them.
Xiao asked that it was a mistake to find each other’s death hole. Even if the man’s defense force is strong, he wants to come and can’t prevent it. Even if he can prevent it, he will be very fragile.
The man’s face se has become very ugly, obviously very angry, but dare not move.
"I don’t believe this, how dare you prick my ear!" The man was forced by a middle-ranking fairy, and he felt humiliated, but he couldn’t help shouting it out.
"That’s because you don’t know me. If you knew me, you wouldn’t say such a thing." Xiao asked motionless voice se tunnel.
Xiao asked although there was no expression on her face, but she really wanted to laugh in her heart, andao herself was quite bluffing now … But at this point, it is definitely impossible to be good, and Xiao asked not to be afraid to continue to be tough.
"Do you know who I am? ! How dare you blackmail me like this! !” The man has come up with a gentleman’s posture, pointing to Xiao ask big drink a way.
"I advise you to wake up quickly, no matter who you are, anyway, this is not your home, here is the trial peak of Ming Jianzong, and everyone here will take part in the next round of tests. Even if it passes, everyone is just a fellow disciple. Do you still want everyone to wait on you like a young master? " Xiao asked later, it was also a scowl. It was a bit degrading for him to confront such a cargo Se.
However, Xiao Wen didn’t know that his words came into many people’s hearts, and some self-aware testers immediately meditated, while those who were not willing to accept the reality suddenly stood on the opposite side of Xiao Wen, because Xiao Wen’s words were completely appropriate for them!
At this time, Xiao Wen was too lazy to talk nonsense. He wanted to scare the guy first and leave here immediately after the other party mainly.
He was about to let the barefoot needle move forward half a minute again. Without warning, someone at the right rear of the opposite person suddenly lifted his right hand, and a golden arc flew out quickly, just sweeping from the right ear of that person! The golden arc naturally swept through the dark clouds behind the barefoot needle, and when it flew upwards, it even took the barefoot needle up and flew away from the man before his ears were pierced!
Everyone didn’t expect this change. When Xiao asked to react, it was impossible to stop the man again, so he had to push it back.
Then, I saw that the golden arc was also taken back by a man in the right rear, but it was a familiar face, Tuoba Yan!
Xiao asked and TaBaYan didn’t say a word, but everyone belongs to the tester, looked up but didn’t look down. At least there was a little bit of friendship in it. He really didn’t understand why TaBaYan suddenly stepped in to help the guy who showed his loyalty.
Tuoba Yan went to Brother Nadan’s side in two steps, and stood side by side with the man, but looked at Xiao and asked, "Xiao asked, Brother Xiong is my new friend, please give me a face and let it go."
Xiao asked finally understand what’s going on, but he wanted to go further. This Xiong Xiong won’t be deliberately picked on by Tuoba Yan, will he? However, has he ever offended Tuoba Yan? Is it because the last round of testing completely overshadowed TaBaYan? God, he didn’t have to chase at that time …
Xiao Wen may not be afraid of TaBaYan, but now the other side is on the same front, that’s two high-order fairies, and he is just one of the middle-order fairies. If you try to be brave again, you will be a bit bit overreached.
What’s more, just now, Xiong Xiong was embarrassed and lost face. Now, Tuoba Yan has to stand out. Counting it, he made some money. Now he casually said, "Well, it’s a big fart anyway."
At this time, however, the Xiong Xiong didn’t like it. His lost face hasn’t been recovered yet. He is 100% sure that a fair fight will definitely beat Xiao Wen.
"No way! Xiao asked, do you dare to compete fairly with me in front of everyone? "
"Fair fight? Are you blind and can’t see my realm? "
Xiao asked if he was really too lazy to waste time with that guy. He directly withdrew the storage ring, swaggered towards the Xiong Xiong and Tuoba Yan, and soon passed between them, then moved on, apparently leaving the garden …
Ignore, this is a complete disregard …
At that moment, Xiao Wen really gave people a feeling of being too mature, as if he was not rare to fool around with them …
I worked as a slave in a black mine for more than half a year, and after I escaped, I successfully brought down the black mine owner and smashed it into mud by myself. Only these experiences are really enough to leave the vast majority of testers in the garden far behind.