6, Jun 2024
Qiao Yun looked up. "What can I do for you?"

Xiao Nan stared at him. "What don’t you care?"
"What do you care?" Xiaonan suddenly spoke Qiao Yun a face of Meng force.
Xiao Nan hummed "Care about other people’s eyes"
Huh? Joe cloud water "what eye?"
Even Liu Xing followed and asked, "Xiao Nan, what do you mean?"
Xiao Nan grinds her teeth. "I woke up a long time ago that you can’t do something and it won’t be recognized. Did you Qiao Yun listen?"
"Wait a minute" Liu Xing is not too white "What is it?"
Qiao Yun suddenly understood "You mean … me and Mo Ran"
"Otherwise?" Xiao Nan is coldly right.
Liu Xing also laughed in vain. "What are you doing with Qiao Yun?"
Qiao Yun lift jaw Xiao Nan coldly "yes you Xiao Nan what matter"
Two to one Xiao Nan suddenly sneered. "You are really good brothers. Then why don’t you two stay together and have to go to Huohuo others?"
Lying in the trough, Liu Xing cursed, "What the fuck are you talking about?"
Xiao Nan ignored Liu Xing. "I woke up several times that you two men fell in love without fruit. You didn’t listen to licking yourself and kissing your seniors. Qiao Yun, why do you like to fight people so much?"
Qiao Yun thought of something in his heart. "Did you see me kissing Mo Ran?"
Xiao nan cocked his neck and seemed to be drained. "I saw you seduce the seniors and let them touch you. Do you still have to face?"
! ! !
Liu Xing and Qiao Yun both had an epiphany at the same time that night in the old campus-
"Are you the fucking king?" They have different opinions.
Xiaonan gently scoffs at the corners of her mouth, if there is a slight hook.
I’ll beat Xiao Nan if I raise my hand by swearing at your mother Liu Xing.
Qiao Yun stopped him. "Calm down and ask first."
"He acquiesced and asked nothing!" Liu Xing’s eyes suddenly became bloodshot. "It’s not because he won’t leave school. I swore to catch Wang and skin him immediately."
Fist landed in Xiao Nan Liu Haifang ten centimeters position Qiao Yun grabbed Liu Xing "let him say" coldly grind Qiao Yun hands are trembling.
Two people’s anger failed to make Xiaonan have a little convergence.
He is still a pair of contempt crazy sample cocked his head to despise two people.
"What do you want to know?" Xiao Nan blinked his eyes lightly. "Want to know how I hinted one by one that you should not ruin your seniors?"
"-it’s ridiculous. It didn’t stop you. Qiao Yun still went his own way and pushed the seniors into the abyss step by step."
Qiao Yun face more and more heavy.
Xiaonan simply glanced at him and continued, "Do you know what the group of people in the library say about seniors? Sick and indecent … How harsh! Every word is like a sharp sword and stabbed into the chest of the senior. "
"-Fengyun C big computer god! Mo ran! Once reduced to the laughingstock of the school, isn’t it all thanks to you, Qiao Yun? True story. "
Qiao Yun grabbed Liu Xing’s hand more and more shaking.
Liu Xing was so angry that he almost fainted.
"What the fuck are you doing, Qiao Yun? I’m sorry you came to the knife at this time?" If it weren’t for Qiao Yun and Liu Xing, who supported each other, it would be fucking angry.
But Xiao Nan is so-called that the more angry they are, the more Xiao Nan laughs.
Laughter makes people feel cold. "These criticisms are that others say that he Qiao Yun is sorry, not that I am a stranger, but that he is selfish and lives in a strange vision. It is him-"
"get out!" Qiao Yun finally couldn’t help biting his teeth and interrupting Xiao Nan. "Say one more word and I don’t guarantee that I will beat you."
At this moment, the one-year classmate relationship has come to an end.
"Wait a minute" Liu Xingxian put aside the question of Ivan and raised his forehead. "I seem to have missed a question when I say that."
Liu Xing looked up and stared at Xiao Nan "-do you like being strange?"
It’s a declarative sentence
Xiao Nan’s so-called face instantly arouses waves, and his eyebrows are tight and fleeting.
Liu Xing caught his breath lightly. "It’s really been a long time. Are you fucking in love and can’t be the demon?"
This Monday Qiao Yun suddenly wanted to fan a big mouth.
Not Xiao Nan, but himself.
Recalling Xiao Nan’s speech, it is obvious that Qiao Yun didn’t think about it in that way.
I’m even more fucking outrageous, and I’m pushing Xiao Nan to design games with my man every day?
Qiao Yun punched Xiao Nan.
But in a second, I am in the middle.
"Get out of 54 and I’ll give you three seconds." This is Qiao Yun’s last face to his roommate.
But Xiao Nan so-called crazy laugh "Yes, I like Mo Ran, and I like it earlier than all of you, but what did I say? Did you do anything to him? "
Qiao Yun was shocked directly.
He saw Xiao Nan’s eyes blazing with fire, which made his heart very uncomfortable.