13, Jun 2024
"psst!" Once again, the field sounded a breath.

A year? !
No company has ever promised such an amazing price commitment!
Are you sure this isn’t the year in "Hook and Hang for One Year"?
What should I do if there is an energy crisis? What if there is inflation? There are too many unexpected factors.
Aren’t you afraid of losing money?
Mechanical worm "…" (where? )
("Who wants to see me?" )
Before everyone finished digesting the information, Chu was raining again.
"Money is a number for our chairman, Mr. ghost captain. He doesn’t know how many books he has.
Unless you think he can print money and make a wish to himself … "
Chu Xiao Xiao’s little joke provoked a well-meaning smile from all the people.
Yes! Limiting money means that his family issues printing machines, and he just wants to make money and print them directly, but this is meaningless.
Is the New Year’s benefits … true?
"You … you are confusing the concept! You can help us if you don’t have money. Let us be controlled by others! This is naked economic aggression and strategic monopoly! " Saudi prime minister short of breath way
Supermarket crazy discount Ma Yun sent a red envelope saying it was a New Year’s welfare when I didn’t know it was all a routine?
No matter what you say, I don’t believe a punctuation mark anyway!
It’s a bit far-fetched for him to say that he is subject to people. ghost captain’s naval guns are floating overhead. It seems to be as true as it is. We are also a little embarrassed …
"Ahem! As a special adviser on earth development, at the same time, a … Hmm! Atlantis, a company with a strong sense of social responsibility, is committed to promoting the progress of humanities. "
Chu xiaoxiao’s face was a little red when he said this, and the audience’s face was a little weird.
A socially responsible company?
Who doesn’t know that Atlantis Company implements a "limited liability system" …
It seems that I feel that my moral integrity is worth something, and I will get into the business quickly after I say this.
"So we decided that all the profits generated by Prometheus project will be returned to the local infrastructure such as energy network after the establishment of the’ Earth Development Public Welfare Fund’ national unit!"
Everyone is dumbfounded, and the Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia is completely stupid.
Lie in the trough!
Others talk to you about monopoly, and you talk to others about human progress and cultural development.
I talk to you about money, and you talk to me about public welfare and feelings?
This day … Can we continue to talk? !
I’ve done everything. Can you point to a charity and say that he engages in monopoly?
There is no such thing in the international anti-monopoly law!
As soon as this plan comes out, I’m afraid no one can refuse such tempting conditions except a few countries
Everyone can see that the Atlantis energy promotion plan … is unstoppable!
It turns out that everything in red envelopes is weak!
The ultimate marketing … Is it a public good …
The Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia looked defeated, but it was a pity that it was so painful to understand …
Chapter four hundred and fifty-nine Spirituality
After the meeting on energy diffusion, high-level officials from various countries held urgent consultations on today’s meeting.
Miguo hexagonal building
"At present, dozens of countries have expressed great interest in the Atlantis energy network. According to the current situation, I am afraid we have tried to prevent each other from controlling the earth’s energy!"
"I really didn’t expect the other party to be willing to give up such a big piece of cake and let all the benefits go out. In this case, it is not good for us to make a response plan beforehand."
"well! The other side did disrupt our deployment, but it brought us many benefits and could make up for our loss in energy output. "
"But now the strategic advantage we have accumulated for decades is gradually losing, which is very unfavorable for our competition in other countries!"
"The other party first acquired a large number of iron and steel industries, and now it is engaged in the energy field. One is the most important basic industrial raw material, and the other is the driving force of industrial production. I am worried that the other party will gradually erode our foundation!"
"I agree with each other that this is a frog boiled in warm water. We must be vigilant.
I suggest that we should never agree to include the United States in each other’s energy network. If we take the lead in refusing, we should be able to win over a group of allies and refuse to join this plan!
Next, asking us and OPEC to increase crude oil production and invest more in a number of new energy technologies can also reduce energy prices.