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A middle-aged man next to him frowned and said, "Qian is not polite."

Girl cold hum a no longer say more.
The middle-aged man said with his fist, "Yes, we are going to the Dojo of Guangwu Shenjun. Is the little brother going, too?"
Xiao Yu laughed. "Exactly, but I don’t know the way. Can I go with you?"
The middle-aged man laughed. "If you don’t mind, you can naturally see the little brother coming all the way."
Xiao Yu laughed. "When I went out to experience the four seas, I suddenly heard that Guangwu Shenjun was seriously ill and called Tianqiang. I was curious and wanted to see it."
The middle-aged man asked, "What? There are no elders around the little brother? "
Xiao Yu shook his head and said, "All the elders in the family have suffered, and the younger generation is left alone."
"This “`"
Middle-aged man a burst of apologies.
The girl grunted coldly, "You can tell by a look that a head is hanging on your shoulder that it is not a good person to continue to make up" qR1.
Xiao Yu left shoulder crack day devil face zheng wry smile don’t fall.
Chapter one thousand two hundred and ninety-four Meet the magic lizard family again
Middle-aged male eyebrows a wrinkly sink a way "qian son"
The girl snorted and tilted her head to one side.
"Brother, my name is Li Changfeng. We are from the Li family. To tell the truth, our family power is not small, but I am not afraid of your jokes when I am squeezed out." The middle-aged man said with some self-deprecating smiles.
"Xiao Yu Sect" Xiao Yu blinked.
"It is no wonder that so rude to break into our bow hum turned out to be the family died early no one taught? That is, you met us, or you would have been crushed to death if you met someone else. "
Next to the girl once again sarcastically said
Smiled Xiao Yu mind naturally too lazy to pay attention to her, he can calm down and talk with this group of people, of course, also has the strength to kill them all at any time.
In his eyes, this group of people is like floating clouds, and there is no need to be as knowledgeable as her.
Xiao Yu suddenly looked at the other three men and one woman on the boat.
A burly man laughed. "Brother Li Gang just called me."
The woman leaned slightly weak smile "Li Re water"
When it was the turn of the last black-robed youth to introduce her, the girl said first, "This is the top ten talents of the Li nationality who have been practicing for less than 50 years and have been practicing Hinayana." Is it shocking? " A proud look at Xiao Yu filled her with disdain.
The young man in black gave a wry smile and said, "Li Yan" qR1.
Xiao Yu smiled "Pepe"
He glanced at the girl and saw that when she looked at the black-robed youth, there was an indescribable color in her eyes, which was worship and even a little girlish affection.
Shook his head Xiao Yu walked the planking and found a place to sit up and didn’t want to say anything more
The girl sneered, "See no one else, but they are as disdainful to talk to us as uncle."
She looked at Xiao Yu full of discontent.
Crack day Lord smiled bitterly and looked at the girl full of pity and lament.
This girl is really reckless. Such a malefic borrows the road. She is incredibly cynical. If it weren’t for this malefic, it would be reasonable at ordinary times. This girl would have died many times ago.
"I hope this girl’s vision will stop provoking this malefic, or else a boatload of people will be killed. These people together should not be enough for this little beast to plug his teeth."
Crack day demon Lord heart andao
One-inch squatting Xiao Yu’s right shoulder, big eyes flashing and looking around, full of curiosity
The girl saw Xiao Yu ignore it, but she was angry and cynical, and she was dissatisfied with it.
Li Changfeng looked at Xiao Yu and then at Xiao Yu’s shoulder. The Lord crack day’s face was puzzled, but there was no interruption in his heart.
The treasure ship broke away all the way, and the light rolled. Xiao Yu sat around all the time and ignored everything around him.
After two days in a row, all of a sudden, there was a boom and a muffled sound, and the whole treasure ship shook violently, and the lines were activated and the light shone brightly.
Deck Li Changfeng, Li Yan and others all face qi change.
"Bad how met this group of monsters!"
"Be alert!"
Li Changfeng and others drink and are full of tension.
Xiao Yu’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled and he woke up from his meditation, his eyes closed, and he swept away to see a huge lizard boat in the distance. It was full of black flags and a boat full of monks with a rolling face.
These monks are all covered in green skin, ugly face, grinning hideously, holding their long tails and rolling in Shaqi.
A friar still holds a blood in his hand. Linlin’s head buckles his eyes to his eyes and drinks the blood inside. It’s bloody and cruel!
Magic lizard!
This race again!
Xiao Yu eyes couldn’t help cold light fills the air corners of the mouth with a radian low say with smile "it’s fate that the stars come from the sea. I just want to kill your headquarters, but I didn’t expect to see you here again."
This huge lizard ship approached quickly and crushed the sky with rolling pressure. There was terror everywhere, which made people feel desperate and almost suffocated.
The faces of Li Changfeng, Li Yan, Li Gang and Li Ruo all changed. This kind of terrorist pressure struggled to support the whole body with cold sweat, like water rushing, and the whole body was soaked.
The girl named Qian’s son turned pale and panting directly, and her eyes were black, so the terrorist pressure seemed to be crushed alive.
"Ha ha ha “`"
Suddenly, the huge lizard ship came with a burst of loud laughter and shaqi rolling, and it was dark for half a day.
In the eyes of a magic lizard monk, the scarlet tongue was sticking out and licked his lips with a grimace of a grin. "Another boat full of lambs, and two pink ones, or a mother? Hey hey, I heard that these mothers can ravage them at will before eating."
The girl’s consciousness of Qianer is almost blurred, and panic is more difficult than blanching. "Run away, Uncle Changfeng, take me away, I don’t want me to be eaten."
Li Changfeng struggled to support such a horrible ShaQi root that he couldn’t even move his mana. What’s more, he said that he wanted to escape.
Their hearts are sad and desperate to the extreme.
Xiao Yu sat there motionless, his face cold, and his eyes suddenly flashed with a divine light, calling the magic solution to work instantly.
A mysterious force swept away from Xiao Yu in an instant, and the interest swept directly towards the huge lizard ship ahead.
Suddenly the ship’s magic lizard monks were affected, and their faces were Zheng, and a violent shaking in their heads turned upside down and a piece of white appeared.
Then the poor dreamland followed, and the complexity was more overwhelming than the margin, which was instantly submerged in their minds.
Their bodies were suddenly motionless, their faces were dull, and their eyes seemed to be suddenly lost.
Xiao Yu grew up and looked cold and scanned the ship. The Godsworn called the magic solution to read their memories. Suddenly, everything in these Godsworn’s mind was exposed to Xiao Yu’s eyes.
Secrets are full of Xiao Yu!
Including their headquarters, how many people there are, how talented they are, and everything was discovered by Xiao Yu.
Just then!
Suddenly, from this huge lizard ship, there was a terrible and unpredictable breath, dark and obscure, like the doorway of hell sweeping the whole world.
Suddenly Xiao Yu’s magic solution was forcibly interrupted, and a horrible force attacked Xiao Yu’s mind along the path of magic solution.