15, Jun 2024
Niu Mowang counterparts followed Dayu back far away and said, "I will never shoot one of my own."

Dayu said, "If Hou Yi gets angry, I have to stay away from him."
Hou Yi’s quiver is strange. There are three arrow feathers in one quiver, one red, one white and one black. I don’t know where the other quiver is, but I can’t see an arrow.
Niu Mowang asked, "Hou Yi’s arrows are hidden anywhere, and he can send them at will when he takes them."
Dayu said, "Where you hide your strength, his arrow will be hidden there."
Niu Mowang seemed to understand "Oh" and then said, "Do you want to wake up when Dapeng is still near?"
Dayu said, "He’s clever, and he’ll know for himself later." Niu Mowang thought about it for a while before he felt wrong. Does Dayu mean that he’s not clever?
At this time, I saw the two old monks take out their spears, the clean-headed monk took out a magic wand, and the tea-headed monk took out a eyebrow stick.
Hou Yi closed his eyes for a moment, opened his eyes and said, "Come!"
The two monks drew two strange arcs in one left and one right, and quickly attacked Hou Yi.
Hou Yi placed the huge bow horizontally in front of him, and tapped it with two fingers in his right hand, but he saw several thin lights coming from the strings, and the strings clanked like a sonorous ancient tune.
This thin light gradually solidified and coarsened, and the sharp arrows blocked the two monks’ road ahead and Hou Yi. If this arrow didn’t shoot people, they would lose their pace and slow down their approach.
Sure enough, the two of them slowed down while walking, and I don’t know where Hou Yi’s arrow came from. It seems that it has not dried up. Generally, it is no longer possible to connect beads and arrows, but more than ten dancing arrow chains are strung together in the connection of the head and tail of the arrow.
This arrow chain swings more and more, and Houyi’s tea-headed monk and net-headed monk are almost full of arrows.
The second monk is not an idle generation. When they see that they are in a place where they can avoid dancing, their lance will knock off the melee arrows. Fortunately, this move will weave a chaotic net when the arrows collide.
Dapeng had to retreat further and further outside the original war circle, but the two monks were in a hurry, but the arrows were extremely dense, so they couldn’t hide in the past. They simply danced the lance to protect the whole body, and they couldn’t protect it again. Occasionally, two or three arrows were shot by two people to protect themselves. It turned out that the arrows were dense and naturally had little power because they were shot too fast. This is also a cover-up for Hou Yi.
The second monk was neither angry nor angry. Although he knew that this kind of arrow was not a big threat, he was still on the defensive step by step and slowly moved forward to Niu Mowang Road. "These two bald donkeys would be cunning."
Dayu said, "To be kind is to be foolish."
Jiu Ling Yuan Sheng looked for a long time and said, "I can’t beat these two people."
Dayu said, "But not necessarily."
"Oh?" Hearing something in Dayu’s words, Jiu Ling Yuan Sheng asked, "Does Dayu’s elder have a good opinion?"
Dayu said, "It’s wise to say no to these three old monks. Although they have little experience in fighting, you may not be defeated if you fight against one person."
"The other day, Jin Zhuan Mountain came to help me get rid of my difficulties. It was three old monks in gray. I don’t know if it was these three."
If Dayu realized that "even if it is not the same vein, what difference does it make? Many Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the Western Heaven have sent three unfamiliar faces to play well as expected."
Niu Mowang said, "You mean … they are fighting for soldiers?"
Dayu said, "Maybe so." Then Dayu raised his voice and said, "It’s fighting to raise troops!"
When Hou Yi heard this from Dayu, his heart was sharp, so the arrow changed suddenly. He pulled the giant bow with heavy strings and suddenly let go to listen to "om". One ring and two arrows went straight at the two old monks.
The tea-headed Buddha suddenly felt that the previous small arrow had faded away, and another extremely sharp arrow came. He suddenly jumped up and made a move to split Huashan and hit the arrow.
Although this arrow has been castrated urgently, it is still flying faster and faster. When the Chatou monk approaches, it suddenly stops and disappears. Although the Chatou monk’s Qi Mei stick falls, it is still smashed to the heart. This is just a cover-up. I didn’t know that this stick was smashed, and then it penetrated the flesh. This arrow directly passed through the Chatou monk’s thigh.
The monk with tea head frowned and still kept his face unchanged. As if he were a normal person, he lifted the martial arts for a moment and his leg was completely injured. Niu Mowang exclaimed, "What spell is this?"