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Even if Qiao Linger doesn’t believe this kind of remarks in his heart, he still has a certain influence involuntarily.

So I saw that Qiao Linger first had a surprise of reunion with an old friend and was a little worried.
Day before Joe shine smiled without a hint of hostility, "shine if I want to kill you which still need to wait until today"
Qiao Linger saw that the attitude of the day was a heart temporarily released, and the expression of the day now really didn’t look like killing people.
"Nezha was trapped by Zhenyuan Daxian in Wuzhuangguan. I came here today to be important and just know that you came to see you in Wuzhuangguan."
In order to prevent Joe shine from thinking too much, he also specifically said the reason why he would appear here.
When Qiao Linger heard it, he asked slightly, "The Buddha said, but the great god of the Three Tanhai Association, Nezha Santai?"
Hezhou in Xiniu is a Buddhist site. Most of the people in this state are Buddhist believers, but Nezha Santai Sanjie is well-known. It is always inevitable to understand the myth of Dongtu from Nezha Santai.
Joe shine also heard of Nezha’s name.
"Exactly" nodded lightly and admitted.
Although it is clear that Qiao Linger is not a Tathagata Buddha, he can’t help but treat Qiao Linger as a Tathagata Buddha and is happy to chat with each other on an equal footing.
"Shine Sun Wu went to Lingshan to make a scene, but I have arrived at the Griffin Cave. Tang Sanzang didn’t get caught by me, but he didn’t know when he would come back. If you don’t want to leave Wuzhuangguan, I can take you home."
God treat Joe shine like an ordinary friend of his own.
He knew Qiao Linger didn’t want to stay in Wuzhuangguan, but if no one personally sent him home, Qiao Linger couldn’t go back to Qiaojiazhuang himself.
Wuzhuangguan is the Dojo of the immortals’ ancestors. Although it is the boundary, it is definitely the realm where mortal law reaches.
It doesn’t seem that it will take long for Tianhe Guanyin Bodhisattva to come to Wuzhuangguan by cloud, so it can appear in front of Wuzhuangguan in a blink of an eye.
But in fact, if you keep walking, a mortal can walk out of the boundary of Wuzhuangguan all his life from his youth.
Not to mention that you may encounter wolves, insects, tigers, leopards, monsters and ghosts along the way.
Tang Sanzang and others can go to Wuzhuangguan mainly because Wuzhuangguan is a doom for westward journey.
Chapter seventy-five Tathagata reappears the realm of heaven
Although Qiao Linger wanted to go home, he didn’t say anything about going home after hearing the story. Instead, he hurriedly asked, "Is Elder Sun Tianshi OK?"
Sun Wu forcibly took him away from Qiaojiazhuang regardless of his wishes, but Sun Wu was also of one mind. He was malicious to him and Qiao Linger was kind. He was very worried about Sun Wu at this time.
Heaven said, "He’s fine. I took him and didn’t hurt him."
Qiao Linger breathed a sigh of relief after learning about Sun Wu’s situation. He was still thinking about Tang Sanzang, so he asked, "What happened to Elder Tang?"
The sky doesn’t hide that "Sun Wu wasn’t around when I caught him. He should have been hiding."
God can really catch Tang Sanzang, and he can’t escape, but Tang Sanzang and Sun Wu are different. God can count on Tang Sanzang’s every move. In that case, it is better to let him do things outside.
At that time, even if Sun Wu comes out of the Griffin Cave and Tang Sanzang is dragging his feet, he can at least know what he is doing to them.
Qiao Linger considered a way: "Buddha, please take me home after I say goodbye to Zhenyuan Daxian."
He means to say hello to Sun Wu and Tang Sanzang before going home. It depends on the present situation. Sun Wu and Tang Sanzang will not come back for a while.
According to his mind, he also wants to save Sun Wu, but he knows very well that his weight and Sun Wutian’s hands are not worried about his life.
Simply Qiao Linger from a not these.
Sun Wu and Tang Sanzang firmly believe that the devil is dead, and they have tried to persuade Qiao Linger, their natural enemy, several times before, but they have not been convinced by Sun Wu and Tang Sanzang that he is confused by the sky.